At we take pride in bringing excellent products right to your fingertips. In our quest to make house-hunting easier and more user-friendly we have introduced various new features that customize your search. We give you, the customer, the power to look for what you want, rather than showing you what we have.

In continuing with this effort of making the customer the true center of the Housing experience, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation- New Projects- which lets you look at the house of your future before it’s even built!

We present to you 3D models of the latest buildings that some of the top developers in the country are coming up with- it’s as good as the real thing.

Tell us what you think! And remember, you don’t need 3D glasses for this :)

New Projects

Like the unique nature of this section, we’ve designed our new projects page to look quite different from the rest of our website. Click on it and you’re transported to a sleek, elegantly designed interface which allows you to quickly peruse the various projects coming up around the city.


Select one of these and you’ll be redirected to the project’s home page which, in addition to giving you a closer look at what its going to look like, you can use to navigate through the different pages of that project using the tabs at the bottom.


As always, we’ve been thorough with the details and specifications for each project. You want a brief overview? We’ve got that. You need to know about the flats? We’ve got floorplans and details for every single BHK configuration. You want to talk flooring? We’ll talk flooring.


We cover the details of each project at three different levels. At its most basic, you have an overview of the building with its key facilities listed. After that, you can go take a look at the information we’ve compiled on each of the BHK configurations available. You need a walk in closet, no problem, we’ve already checked this out and you can quickly check this out without having to make a trip across the city.

And then once you’re done looking at the flats, you can check out all – and by all we mean all – the amenities on offer. Right down to whether or not your building has advanced security systems and power back ups.

But where have the maps gone?


Relax. We’re still fond of our map interface. But we’ve gone and made this one a little bit special.

You see, instead of having a blue building icon floating around on the map, we thought we’d put an actual rendering of the building and the society area on the map. So when you open a project on the map, it automatically goes to building view and shows you a 2.5D view of the building on the map.


But there’s a lot more than being able to see where the project is in relation to the city.

There’s a commute tab and a neighbourhood tab, which allows you to explore your neighbourhood commute options and your neighbourhood facilities. As always, you can alter the radius within which these are located to get an idea of how convenient living there will be.

Aerial View


Its hard to take pictures of something which is still being built, so this bit’s all high quality renderings to give you a sense of what the finished product’s going to look like. Close up. Where we can, we’ve included pictures of what the apartments will look like inside. Look on and enjoy.


In addition to high quality renderings of the building and its interiors, we also allow you to explore the area in which the project is going to be built using our Aerial View. The Aerial View is a series of snapshots stitched together to create a panoramic view of the area and its surroundings, which you can explore from ev using a control panel at the bottom of the screen.

That little something extra

Say you want to buy a flat in one of these projects as an investment, but you’d like a little bit of expert advice before you decide to buy. Not unreasonable right?


That was our reasoning too when we included a section on expert advice and a review of price trends in the neighbourhood. Our expert reviews look at a variety of criteria and points out both the strengths and weaknesses of each project. Couple that with the neighbourhood price trend graph and you’ll be able to tell whether or not investing in a particular project is for you or not.


And once you’re sure you’re interested in a project, you can contact the builders directly from our page without clicking away.

It really doesn’t get much more easier than this.

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