9 Things to look for while Renting a Place in Pune



If you’re considering a possible move to Pune, then let me give you a heads up right at the start: You’re taking a really good decision!  Pune is considered as one of the best places in India to live in. It is less polluted and congested than its big brother on the west, Mumbai, but with plenty of fun and activities.

Since it’s a student haven, accommodation is readily available with plenty of choices. But like other Indian cities, it has its own quirks. So, before moving into your dream accommodation keep the following points in mind.

1. Auto Stand

It’s best to face the facts right at the start, everything else might be great about the city, but unfortunately one thing that is not is the transport system. Majority of people rely on two-wheelers to commute. If you have your own vehicle, that’s great, but it’s good to have a backup option. Hence, always find out how far the nearest auto-rickshaw stand is from your proposed future residence. If you don’t have your own transport then auto-rickshaws are probably your ONLY bet at commuting in Pune. Having an auto-stand near your apartment will save your time (and a lot of energy) in the future.

Auto_Rickshaw_Service_at_Pune_Railway_Station copy

Now, you might ask, “What about alternate modes of transport?” Which brings me onto the next point.

2. Bus Stand/Route

The buses that ply in Pune city may not be the best ones, but are an important part of public transport system. Though, there are plenty of bus routes managed by the PMPL, not all areas are well connected. So, before renting a space, do a thorough survey to figure out the frequency of buses from your neighbourhood.

3. Water Supply

This is something that is overlooked a lot, but is extremely important before renting a place in Pune. Ensure that your apartment has uninterrupted water supply. In a lot of places there is irregular water supply and the housing societies depend on hired water tankers. Always do the legwork before putting pen to paper; ask the neighbours or ask the paanwallahs around your prospective flat about the water supply. I am sure that you don’t want to wake up in the morning and find no water in the washroom, just because the tanker didn’t come in the morning.

4. Markets & Restaurants

Try to find an accommodation near a proper supermarket. Nowadays, a lot of housing societies in Pune are coming up far away from the main roads. People living in them have to travel quite a distance, even to buy basic amenities like bread and butter. Hence, make sure the area you choose has enough places to grab hold of things that you can’t live without.


In the same vein, you’ll want to order out at least once or twice, so try and ensure that you have some food joints near your prospective house that deliver food.

5. Road Conditions

The monsoons are probably the best time to be in Pune; paeans have been written about how beautiful the city is during the rainy season. Unfortunately, city roads don’t agree with it; one burst of rain and Pune roads become muddy, and sludgy. Either they will be waterlogged or will be filled with a pool of slush.
Pune is a hilly city–if you’re living at a lower level, most probably, the roads will get waterlogged and if there’s a lot of dust or ruts already in the dry season, keep in mind that it’s going to become a World War I trench, come June.

6. Safety

On the whole, Pune is a very safe city, but in the end, it’s always wiser to take precautions. Take a good look around the area you are planning to move into and ask as many people as you can about the security scenario. Visit some shops around, and take a stroll around the area to get a general vibe of the place. Also, try and visit the area a bit later at night, because that would probably give you a better idea of the safety scenario.

7. Society Good/Bad?

I lived in Pune for three years in a rented flat, and I saw a lot of my friends being told to leave their societies. In some cases, they were at fault and in some cases, the society just had a beef to pick with them.

Before moving in, research your society well as a lot of housing societies in Pune are against bachelors and students. Try and talk with your landlord and understand the rules and composition of your prospective future society. Don’t get put off, if rules are a passé for you because there are a lot of places which are very accommodating; you just need to find them!

8. Construction Around

Pune is a hotbed of construction activity nowadays. There are residential and commercial projects coming up everywhere around the city. With land being leveled, cleared, dug and other construction activities on most of the time, there is a high chance that you will face a lot of air and sound pollution.

9. Near The Airport

If you’re not aware, Pune has an Air Force Station, in Lohegaon, which is close to Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park. If you’re looking at living nearby, remember that you might have planes flying over making a huge din. It might seem like a very small thing when you’re deciding to rent a flat, but trust me; being woken up on a Sunday morning at 7 AM due to the cacophony of planes above you is definitely not the most pleasant way to wake up!


Another Additional Tip: Wherever you decide to stay, do get your police verification done. A lot of individuals overlook this critical piece of action. Don’t be one of them. Get your police verification done right at the start. It’ll help you in future, just in case something goes wrong.

With a little smart thinking, you can easily find a great place to live, in one of India’s best cities!

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