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PNJAB REALTY PVT. LTD. is an accomplished real estate firm which deals in “Omicron II Locality”, Drawing from their years of experience they bring a strategic yet personal approach to the home buying, selling and renting process. Over the years, PNJAB PROPERTIES PVT. LTD. known as a Punjab properties has built a reputation for providing seamless experience to customers to secure them their dream home.
20 years
Active Properties
Firm Ownership
Area of Operation
Sector 75
Sector 92
Sigma III Greater Noida
Sector 31
Sector 26
Sector 45
Omicron I Greater Noida
Sector 23
Sector 120
Noida Extension
Sector 128
Sector 129
Sector 61
Sector 3
Sector 39
Sigma IV Greater Noida
Delta II Greater Noida
Delta I Greater Noida
Sector 31
Sector 46
Sector 70
Sector 119
Sector 93
Delta III Greater Noida
Jaypee Greens
Sector 41
Sector 121
Alpha II Greater Noida
Sector 20
Sector 105
Sector 137
Sector 82
Sector 27
Sector 100
Sector 50
Sector 55
Sector Xu 1 Greater Noida
Sector Xu 2 Greater Noida
Sector MU 1 Greater Noida
Omicron III Greater Noida
Sector 122
Chi V Greater Noida
Sector 108
Sector 93B
Sector 150
Sector 74
Sector 76
Sector 27
Sector 48
Sector 30
Omicron II Greater Noida
Sector 33
Alpha I Greater Noida
Eta I
Sector 107
Omicron 1A Greater Noida
Sector 29
Sector 44

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