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Complete Property & Tenant Management Services

Finding Your Tenant

Property listing, Tenant verification, Broker coordination, Negotiation, Agreements

Tenant Management

Rent agreements, On-time renewals, Owner privacy, Tenant support, Seamless tenant replacement

Rent & Deposits

Collection of advances, Deposits, On-time rent, Exit settlements, Maintenance fee management

Interiors & Maintenance

Complete Interiors management, Inventory check, Regular inspections, Maintenance of property, Move-in checks, Monitored exits

Dedicated Property Manager

Get a dedicated property manager to manage your property right from listing it on Housing to ensuring you get your rent on time


Trusted Partners

Propdial is a Gurgaon headquartered Property and Rental Management technology start-up founded in late 2016  by Engineering Graduates from IIT, NIT, REC with prior large experience of Corporate and Startup world. Propdial has established its brand value and expanded operations in multiple Indian cities especially Tier-1, have built customer base from 50 plus countries with high Customer satisfaction Index.  

T  E S T I M O N I A L S

What our users say

I am availing Property Management services of Propdial for my flat in Gurugram. They have a thorough professional approach for property management activities, whether it is L&L agreement, its renewal, tenant verification, rent cheque deposit or periodic inspections. I am very happy with their professional approach and excellent management skills. 

Property in Gurgaon

Hitesh Kapur from Qatar

I live in Australia and am using Propdial's service for my apartment in Pune. Propdial team is very professional and responsive. Unlike other companies, Propdial has a structure where you only need to talk to your consultant for rental, maintenance etc so you know what is happening on the ground and can coordinate things better. Special Thanks to Akash for taking very good care of my property in Pune. I would highly recommend their service in Pune.

Property in Pune

JP Swain from Australia

I had a new flat ready to be rented out & I was trying to find tenants. Propdial offered a solution to these problems and as a result, I had my flat rented in no time. I appreciate the prompt and excellent services provided by Propdial for my properties in Delhi. I am very happy that my property is safe and secure.  Thank you Propdial!

Property in Delhi

Rakesh Kumar from USA

An excellent property management company...I would like to thank Abhinav for immediately responding to the maintenance issue in my home when i was away...would recommend any house owner to choose propdial.

Property in Gurgaon

Ajay Singh from Japan

Propdial provides hassle free, systematic and trustworthy channel for property management. I commend the field manager Akash for all his efforts in managing my property. Highly recommended service for NRI’s and folks staying remote from their property. Best Wishes to Propdial.

Property in Pune

Prashant Srivastava from USA

Good experience, prompt response, reliable team. I recently engaged them for my property in Bangalore. The have been very cooperative and collaborative in accommodating my requests. They do an amazing job and I can’t get anyone else to compensate their place.

Property in Bangalore

Rizwan Mustaffa from Australia


Frequently asked questions about Property Management

  • Who is Propdial?

    Propdial is our partner and a leading Property and Rental Management company that offers bucket of services as part of PMS package to home owners, helping them to manage their properties without hassle.

  • What is PMS?

    PMS stands for Property Management Services that we provide to our customers, and this includes :

    Single point of contact for your property management needs

    Renting/Leasing – we will find the tenant if you want to let out

    Tenant background verification and rental agreement

    Rent collection and Bill payment

    Quarterly property inspection with pictures

    Maintenance as needed (painting, plumbing, electrical work etc.)

  • What do I need to avail PMS?

    You need to show your interest and provide requisite details about your needs in the portal. Our partner will reach out to you and further guide on next steps.

  • Do I need to sign any agreement ?

    Yes, you need to sign a simple PMS agreement with our partner, which authorise them to work on your behalf while managing your property. This means enabling him to your property for tenant visits, regular property inspection, maintenance work supervision etc.

  • Do you help in finding tenant ?

    Yes, we do tenant discovery for you as per your preference and further a complete Tenant management including but not limited to tenant background check, rent collection, move-in, move-out facilitation etc.

  • What’s procedure for police verification of tenants?

     We ask for Passport/Aadhar Card/ Driving licence/3 photographs and certificate of Permanent address. All these documents are submitted in POLICE STN.

  • Why Propdial if I can use other brokers for renting?

    There are many benefits of using Propdial services instead of a typical broker, some of them are:

    As individual you can work with one broker at a time as he has to keep keys to show your property to prospective tenants wherein Propdial works with many brokers at the same time, taking care of key & visitor management, hence improving  renting possibility by multi fold

    Propdial provides you advantage of on-line and off-line both. It advertises your property in it’s own portal as well other partner’s portal, while offline connecting and sharing property leads with authentic brokers network. 

    Propdial will work with you and tenant for background check, police verification, property handoff and inventory assessment. We also work at the time of tenant move out and provide a final assessment of the property to the owner. 

  • Can Propdial provide only Rental service

    Propdial is a Property Management Service company, that offers PMS as a whole on a nominal annual charge, Rental service is part of PMS but as such not provided separately and just only as we believe creating valued partnership with our esteemed property owners than just engaging with them for a transaction relationship.

  • Is PMS a chargeable service

    Yes, PMS is a chargeable service, Propdial charges a nominal amount on annual basis. The charges are dependent on the size of the property.

  • Do I need to pay any brokerage fee for renting?

    Propdial will charge a nominal brokerage fee equivalent to 15 days of rent only if tenant is from Propdial platform. If tenant is from your own source or from any other broker there will be no charge by Propdial.

  • Why brokerage fee and can I avoid it? 

    As soon as property comes for rental, to fast track and get it rented quickly, Propdial engages its brokers in the area to find a suitable tenant for your property. This brokerage amount is passed to the broker who works for your property on a priority basis. 

    You can avoid brokerage to Propdial, if you find a tenant from your own source/reference, or if existing tenant is renewing the contract then there is no brokerage fees charged.

  • Since how long you are in this business?

    PropDial is in Property Management business since October 2016

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