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Tenant Verification Services

Identity Check

Verify your tenant's IDs like Aadhaar, PAN card, Passport, Voter ID, etc. to ensure they are genuine.

Police Verification

Just upload the details online and get the police verification of your tenant done in a jiffy. (***Available only in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune)

Civil/ Criminal Record

Verify your tenants, for past evictions, criminal records, civil litigations, or any other legal issues that you need to know before agreeing


Tenant Verification done right

Applicable in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

For other cities, please scroll down

₹ 89


  • ID Verification 

₹ 199


  • ID Verification
  • Civil & Criminal Record Check

₹ 499


  • Police Verification

₹ 699


  • ID Verification
  • Civil & Criminal Record Check
  • Police Verification

Tenant Verification done right

Plans from other cities

₹ 89


  • ID Verification 

₹ 149


  • Civil & Criminal record Check

₹ 199


  • ID Verification
  • Civil & Criminal record Check

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Benefits of Verifying your tenants

Smart mobile app

Ensure Safety

Avoid tenants with questionable track record

Call booth

Get rent on time

Avoid the risk of payment default or unlawful possession

Smar devices

Know your tenant

Get detailed background verification of the tenant


Download Sample Reports

Download and get to know a sample of all the information that you will receive in the tenant verification report

ID Verification

Get your tenant's IDs like Aadhaar, PAN card, etc. verified

Police Verification

Get police verification check done before onboarding your tenant 

Civil/ Criminal Record Check

Verify your tenants, for past evictions, criminal records, civil litigations, etc.

T  E S T I M O N I A L S

What our users say

I got Police Verification & Criminal background check done and I got to know the tenant I was onboarding had an eviction case in the past! 

Shrikant Sharma, Delhi

I am glad I got the tenant verfication done before finalising the rent agreement. This Tenant I was onboarding had an eviction case due to non payment of rent for more than 6 months. 

The ID verification & court check service is super helpful and easy

Reena Roy, Kolkatta

I had to rent a floor and I was worried about the stranger who would live in my house. So I got this verfication done and it helped me finalise on the tenant. It's a great screening method. 


Frequently asked questions about Tenant Verification

  • Q1 What are the verifications that should be done while onboarding a tenant?

    Identity and reputation frauds are quite common in tenant onboarding. Tenant verification is a must to ensure that the prospective tenant can pay rent on time, is genuine and not associated with any criminal litigation. The following checks should be conducted:

    • Criminal Record Check
    • Identity verification
    • Police Verification etc.
  • Q2 How long does it take for Tenant Verification?

    Once the document is submitted our tenant screening partner will help to initiate the necessary checks for authentication and conclude the verification processes for you. The Tenant Verification Reports will be shared after 3 days and within 4 days from payment and receiving of documents.

  • Q3 How can I verify my tenant's identity?

    Identity (ID) Verification is an important step in authenticating that the tenant is who they say they are. This involves producing digital or original copies of the National ID’s like PAN, passport, Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter ID etc.

  • Q4 Why to conduct a credit check for your tenants?

    This check considerably reduces the risk of on onboarding a troublesome tenant , delinquent on rent and help to add appropriate protections into a lease agreement to prepare the owner better against defaults, or in some cases impact an owner’s ability to borrow against their asset.

  • Q5 Is it compulsory to do Police Verification for tenants?

    This process ensures that the tenant’s name does not exist in any of police records with respect to any misdemeanor or criminal litigation. For Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. the process is online, and Housing can help to expedite this Verification by submitting the duly filled form with requisite document proofs, taking away the document headache from the owner.

  • Q6 How do you ensure the data shared is secured?

    Your data is safe with us. Our partners are GDPR compliant and ensure full data encryption while sharing a tenant’s IDs across our system.

  • Q7 I have an issue with my verification order/ report, who can I contact?

    Please write to us with your queries at support@housing.com and we'll be happy to help.

Tenant Verification

Why is Verification of Tenants necessary?

In the current times, it is not as difficult to select a Tenant for your Property as it used to be

earlier. This is especially valid in Tier 1 Cities where the gap between Supply

and Demand, especially for 2 BHK Properties is rapidly decreasing. At the same time, it has

become important for the Landlords to conduct thorough Tenant Screening and Police

Verification process. It is of paramount importance to check the background of the Tenants in

order to ensure safety and avoid any unwanted troubles that may arise in the near future.

Law makes it mandatory for conducting the Police Verification of Tenants without fail.

Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which pertains to disobedience of order duly

promulgated by public servant, an offender may be "punished with simple imprisonment for a

term which may extend to one month" or with a fine which may "extend to Rs 200".

What are the benefits of opting for Tenant Verification & Police Verification Services

Online on Housing.com?

Opting for the Tenant Verification process on Housing.com ensures that you conduct detailed

background check and screening of your Tenants without breaking a sweat and requiring to

step out of your premises. The process is completely online. There are several packages that

are offered depending on range of services you opt for. One can simply select any service,

make the nominal payment to ensure peace of mind and safety. These services are available

in all major cities of India like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai,

Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad among others.

Police Verification process by traditional channels can be conducted by visiting your nearest

police station, filling in the police verification form and submitting the same. On most of the

Websites of Police Stations, one can find the Police Verification form. But all this hassle can

be simply avoided by opting for Police Verification Services on Housing.

Are there any Governmental Mobile Apps for conducting the Tenant Verification?

Yes, state of Uttar Pradesh had launched UP Police Citizen Service in 2016 for

verification of tenants and domestic helps. Uttarakhand Police and Nashik Police have also

launched similar such Tenant Verification Apps.

Still want to risk your home to a stranger?