Values @ Housing
As Housing leapfrogs into the future, we make the most of our present. We are a group of ambitious and fun-loving people, many of whom have come from across the globe and made it to the Housing family. The only thing that matches the enthusiasm of our employees is the audacity of what we do. While we don’t sweat the small stuff, we don’t compromise on quality either. Check out what drives us.
Excellence is not just a word. It’s that restless feeling in the gut. That feeling of wanting more. Wanting to be great.
We don’t work in a company. We are the company! Its face, its soul, its voice. Its flesh and bones. So, let’s embrace it. Make it personal. Make it heart.
Respect yourself. Respect the one sitting next to you. Respect the one not sitting next to you. Respect him. Respect her. Respect. Because till you don’t give it, you won’t get it.
Walls are meant to be broken. Boundaries are meant to be blurred. And we are meant to be all for one and one for all.
We are always looking to improve, to change, to disrupt. Because with change comes unseen possibilities.
Trust & Integrity
We stand by our words. We say what we believe. And we do what we say. So, let’s, talk the talk. And walk the walk.

Business Team

We bring the money home in exchange for empowering enterprises and individuals within the ecosystem. We like to suit up and talk the talk and we absolutely love to gather intel and work our magic on it. Finding us is never a task. We are the most pumped up, aggressive and loud folks in the house.

मार्केटिंग टीम

We are not just marketers, we are storytellers. Our work is as much art as it is science, and while we love data, we also listen to our gut. From Social to Mobile, from Radio to TV, we do it all. Our mission is to help home buyers discover their dream homes in a smart, simple and stress-free way.

Finance Team

We are the bean-counters of the company and forever driving revenues and achieving cost-efficiencies. After all, we want to see the money coffers grow! You will see us say ROI whenever we talk. We are driven by our passion to support the organization as it grows exponentially, invest in the right areas and deliver shareholder value.

HR Team

Our company is our people. We are not your regular HR. We don't sit by the sidelines. We bring in awesome folks at break neck speed and enable them to develop the happiest workplace ever.

Product Team

Little interactions which make a user smile, and solving real life problems - our days are filled with such adventures. You'll usually find us scribbling on whiteboards, tables and chairs, racking our brains to weave out the simplest of solutions to the toughest of problems. If you don't, we’re probably chasing engineers to ship, or users to test.

Technology Team

Like someone said, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. We call it the 10x way. Be it Maps, Data Science, Drones, Augmented Reality, we are always hungry to explore and deliver. Legs folded, comfortably seated and snacks at an arm's distance, we code away to glory!

डिजाइन टीम

We bring spunk and jazz into Housing while we defy status quo every day to craft the most functional and appealing products, which empower the world. Apart from saving the world, we are pretty serious about the pranks we play now and then.

Operations Team

We pride ourselves on being the only online real estate portal in the country to promise verified homes, with more than 100 checks on each listing. Not to mention pictures of every room, in every house. We are the troop that helps provide its users ' Verified Homes'.