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Last updated: Jun 16, 2020

3 BHK Apartment

Royal Pavilion Apartment, Punjagutta Officers Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad
1.4 CrEMI starts at ₹81.85 K
₹7.00 K/sq.ft
Living Room Image of 2000 Sq.ft 3 BHK Apartment for buy in Punjagutta for 14000000Living Room Image of 2000 Sq.ft 3 BHK Apartment for buy in Punjagutta for 14000000
Living Room Image of 2000 Sq.ft 3 BHK Apartment for buy in Punjagutta for 14000000
Kitchen Image of 2000 Sq.ft 3 BHK Apartment for buy in Punjagutta for 14000000
+ 14 more
2000 sq.ft
Build Up Area
₹7.00 K/sq.ft
Avg. Price
12 Year
Age of property
Ready to move in
Possession status
of 10 floors


Project Name
Royal Pavilion Apartment
No Charge
1.4 Cr
More than a month ago
About Property
Planning to sell my flat at Royal Pavilion Apts, Ameerpet. Spacious 2000 sft, East facing 3 BHK on 9th floor (Total 10 floors) with 3 Bathrooms, 3 Balconies, Living Hall, Dining Hall, Kitchen and Pooja Room. All 3 Bedrooms fixed with AC's and geysers. Complete woodwork done. Excellent ventilation and 24 Hrs water. Excellent view overlooking Hussainsagar Lake and Metro Mall. Flat in very good condition and ready to occupy. Location : Royal Pavilion Apartments, Lane Opp : Big Bazaar, Next to RBI Qtrs. Calm location in the heart of the city. Strategically located between City and Hitech City. Happening location with places like Hyderabad Central, Begumpet, Banjara Hills within 1 to 2 KM radius. Just 400 mts to Punjagutta Metro station and Mall. This is a small Gated community with about 250 flats. Has children's play area, Gym, Badminton court, Super Market, 24 hrs Security and Amphitheatre. The entire building would be painted in next 3 months by the MC (WIP).
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Society Amenities

Kids Area
Gated Community
Water Supply


Explore Neighbourhood - Map View

Food and Drinks
Sigree Restaurant700 m
Oh! Calcutta Restaurant700 m
Water Front Restaurants2.1 km
Silver Salt Indian Cuisine Restaurant2.5 km
Spice 6 Global Cuisine Restaurant2.6 km
Tease Bar (Vivanta By Taj Hotel)1.7 km
Torque - Hotel GreenPark600 m
Mustang - Hotel GreenPark600 m
Harry''s The Pub - Aditya Park600 m
Mystique - Marigold By GreenPark600 m
Apollo Pharmacy300 m
Apollo Pharmacy500 m
Yash Agencies200 m
Deep Medical General Stores100 m
Doctor Rama Pharmacy200 m
Aster Prime Hospital600 m
Yashoda Hospitals - Somajiguda1.2 km
Nizam's Institute Of Medical Sciences.1.2 km
Rainbow Children's Hospital2 km
Rainbow Children’s Hospital2.1 km
Chandana Brothers200 m
The Chennai Shopping Mall300 m
Hyderabad Central Mall700 m
Babukhan Mall800 m
GVK One Mall1.5 km
Ratnadeep Super Market1.1 km
Rationwala Super Market1000 m
Daman Organic Living2.8 km
Hyderabad Goes Green1.5 km
Banjara Super Market300 m
Sanjeevaiah Park1.7 km
Kbr National Park2.8 km
Welkin Park2.3 km
senior citizen park100 m
Panja gutta colony Park300 m
Axis Bank ATM0 m
Bank Of India ATM200 m
Vijaya Bank ATM300 m
HDFC Bank ATM300 m
Karur Vysya Bank ATM400 m
PVR Cinemas (Next Galleria Mall)400 m
PVR Cinemas (Next Galleria Mall)1.5 km
Imax Prasad Cinemas2.8 km
Gokul Cinema Hall 70mm2.8 km
Sheeshmahal Cinema Hall300 m
Panjagutta metro station500 m
Ameerpet metro station600 m
Begumpet Railway Station1.1 km
Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar metro station1.3 km
Nature Cure Hospital Railway Station1.5 km
Kitchenkraft Bus Stop500 m
Pushpak Airport Liner Bus Stop700 m
Sri Nagar Colony-bus Stop800 m
Maitrivanam Bus Stop800 m
Panjagutta Bus Stop1.1 km
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport21.7 km
Begumpet Airport3 km
Old Terminal Building2.9 km
CRPF Helipad13 km
DRDO Helipad12 km

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