5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers

In an era where everything from your phone to books is a smart appliance, it is only understandable that one would also be looking for a ‘smart’ home. What exactly this entails is a lengthy narration, but here are a few appliances that we think could essentially make your life much simpler and more comfortable.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


1) A Smart Home Security System

Moving to a new home can sometimes be daunting. When working adults leave home for office, the kids are still learning their way around the new environment. Another instance is, if you go away on a weekend getaway or vacation, you tend to worry about your home security in the new neighbourhood. In such situations, a Smart Home Security System comes in handy.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


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With the help of such a device, you can keep watch over your house and your kids’ safety all the time. You can get a 100 percent wireless Wi-Fi security camera equipped with night vision, to give you crystal-clear high-definition video around the clock. In most cases, these cameras are the size of your fist, are weatherproof and work smoothly even after continuous usage. Some of these home automation systems use cameras that are battery operated, so you can set up the camera wherever you want to without worrying about finding a power outlet or the hassle of inconvenient power cords. You can not only watch live streamed or recorded videos but also control this system with an app on your mobile phone from anywhere.

2) Internet-Enabled Smart Switch

A Wi-Fi enabled Switch lets you turn on or off your electronic devices from anywhere. These switches provide a wireless control for TVs and stereos, lamps and heaters, fans and coolers, all by using your existing Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is download the free WeMo App on your smartphone or tablet, plug the switch into an outlet at home and plug any device into the switch. These smart home appliances give you wireless control of your other electronic devices and gadgets.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


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The switch also operates over mobile internet, which means you can control home devices from anywhere in the world. The app makes it easy to set schedules for appliances and electronics in your smart home. Use your smartphone or tablet to program a fan to turn on or off at a certain time of day, at sunrise or sunset. So now you can switch on your music system to go full blast every morning to wake you up! Or you can program your AC to start cooling when it is time for you to come home from work or school.

3) Smart Cleaning Robot

Our busy lives often don’t give us enough time to do our house cleaning. When we do make time rarely, we easily get tired of dragging the heavy vacuum cleaner to all corners of the house. In such cases, a robot vacuum cleaner comes to rescue you. These home automation robot vacuum cleaners look like a sleek black disc. Using a pair of rotating extractors instead of brushes, this robotic device acts as your own house-cleaning UFO, ridding your floor of all kinds of dirt and debris. At the bottom end, there’s a discreet compartment where all the dirt collects. All you have to do is empty this when it’s full; it easily pops out and clicks back in place.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


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One can also schedule such robotic cleaners to clean at a specific time. Say, if you want it to vacuum every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 pm, it’s just a matter of pressing a couple of buttons to schedule this. You will be amazed at the ability of this cleaner to clean along corners, around furniture legs, under the beds, rough edges and all kinds of nooks and crannies, letting you relax while it takes care of all your house cleaning chores!

4) Smart Lighting

Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work. As you sit down on your favourite armchair and switch on the lights, your favourite songs start playing in the room. These newly arrived LED Bulbs make this scenario possible. These pearl white, easy-to-install speakers make for quirky LED lamps in your room. Just plug these smart home appliances into your regular bulb holder and play music through any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Both the light and speakers operate independently, so you can switch off the bulb while still playing the music or vice-versa.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


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There is also an infrared-connectivity-based remote for changing the sound track. So once you set your soundtrack with your smartphone initially, you can control the music directly using the remote control after that.Unlike other Bluetooth-based speakers, this doesn’t require any charging and runs on electricity. The LED bulb comes with low power consumption and features two colour modules – cool white for high brightness and light yellow for soothing mood lighting. Here’s an appliance that’s both smart and cool!

5) Wi-Fi Enabled Air Conditioner

Indian summers can be very tough! The hot and humid climate along with the harsh blazing sun sucks the energy out of people. However comfortable your new home may be, one just cannot escape the heat waves. A smart solution would be to get yourself the newly launched Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Appliances for Home Buyers


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Your home automation is incomplete without these Wi-Fi enabled ACs which use your home’s Wi-Fi network to connect with your phone and also works on 2G, 3G and 4G data networks. They can be controlled from anywhere through your phone, if you have a working internet connection. The AC connects to your phone like it would to a remote. The ‘away’ mode on the AC tracks your smartphone’s current GPS location and accordingly switches the AC off to conserve power if you are out of range. You can also use your phone to turn on your air conditioner before you reach home, so when you reach home tired and sweaty from school/college/work, you are greeted by a cooled room. These smart ACs are here to stay!

With even one of these devices tucked under your belt, life is sure to become immeasurably more comfortable and fun. You personalise your desktop, phone’s wallpaper, workstation desk and bedroom décor. With these smart home appliances, you have the opportunity to personalise your entire lifestyle as well!

Which are some of your favourite home automation products?

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