BWSSB online payment: How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline

We examine how residents can use the BWSSB portal to pay the Bangalore water bill in easy steps

What is BWSSB?

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board –BWSSB is an autonomous body in Bangalore that serves water to the entire 800 sq km area of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

The services offered by the BWSSB for the citizens of Bangalore include:

  • BWSSB online payment
  • BWSSB new water connection
  • BWSSB water quality test report
  • BWSSB link ration card
  • BWSSB grievance redressal
  • BWSSB Sakala services ( replacing meters, testing faulty meters)
  • BWSSB rain water harvesting

If you are resident of Bengaluru, you have to pay your water bill to the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) using BWSSB RR number. BWSSB authority issues water bill to households on a monthly basis. The BWSSB water bill has to be paid before the due date, to avoid penalty and interest. To avoid long queues, consumers can make a BWSSB online payment for the BWSSB water bill, as there are many authorised BWSSB online payment apps and wallets to accept water bill payment. BWSSB Users can also use the Karnataka One portal, to make the BWSSB water bill payment in Karnataka to get instant confirmations and BWSSB receipts.

BWSSB login with RR number

Karnataka One is a unified portal for the residents to check information related to various schemes, apply for Aadhaar card, pay for essential services challan and penalty, access municipal services, etc. To pay BWSSB water bill, follow the following procedure:

* Visit the Karnataka One portal and click on the ‘Online Services’ tab from the top menu.


BWSSB water bill


* You will be redirected to a new page. Click on ‘Utilities’ and then select ‘Water Bill Payment’ option.


BWSSB bill payment


* For BWSSB online bill payment, click on ‘Avail Online’ and click on ‘Pay Now’ under the Bengaluru tab.


BWSSB online payment


* Enter your login details and submit the BWSSB RR number in water bill, to fetch details such as consumer name, BWSSB water bill number, BWSSB water bill amount, etc. You can select the payment mode as per your choice and complete the transaction.

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BWSSB RR Number: How to make BWSSB online payment?

Consumers can also make their BWSSB online payment by following these simple steps:

* Visit the BWSSB portal and scroll down to find ‘Pay your bills’ option.


How to pay BWSSB water bill in Bengaluru?


* Enter the 8-digit BWSSB RR number in water bill to fetch details from the system. Once details are displayed post entering the RR number in water bill is, proceed to make the payment.



How to pay BWSSB water bill in Bengaluru?


BWSSB: How to make BWSSB online payment through payment apps?

If you are a frequent user of online payment apps, you can clear the BWSSB online payment for water bill dues through any of the following services.




Consumers need to enter the BWSSB RR number or the RR No in water bill to get the bill details and complete the transaction in their account. The BWSSB bill payment invoices can be downloaded from the ‘Orders’ section of these apps/portals.

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BWSSB: How to pay water bill offline

If you do not wish to pay the BWSSB water bill online, you can search for the nearest BWSSB water bill payment centre on the Karnataka One portal. Here is how to find closest centre in your city:

* Visit the Karnataka One portal and click on ‘Utilities’. To pay the BWSSB water bill select ‘Water Bill Payment Bengaluru’ and click on ‘Avail at BangaloreOne centers’.

How to pay BWSSB water bill in Bengaluru?


* Click on ‘View Centers’ to get a list of available offices near your home.


How to pay BWSSB water bill in Bengaluru?


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BWSSB: How to check water bill dues in Bengaluru

BWSSB consumers can check their water bills using their BWSSB RR Number on following the portals:

  • Karnataka One
  • Freecharge
  • PayTM
  • Mobikwik

To check the BWSSB water bill dues, users are required to use their BWSSB RR Number to fetch details from the system. The latest BWSSB water bill generated will be displayed on the screen, along with the pending dues, if any.

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BWSSB online payment using mobile app

You can pay the BWSSB water bill using the mobile app that can be downloaded from play store.

BWSSB mobile app

With the BWSSB water bill app, you can pay bills and also register BWSSB complaints and track its status.

BWSSB mobile app

To pay the BWSSB water bill, click on ‘Bill Payment’ and proceed. Enter the RR number and press submit to proceed with bill payment.

BWSSB Bill payment

To file a BWSSB complaint, click on ‘Lodge Complaint and proceed.

Then, enter the details like photo proof of the complaint, mobile number, subject, description, select the complaint category from the drop down box and then press submit.

BWSSB Lodge complaint

You can track the complaint filed by either entering mobile number or entering the complaint number.

BWSSB complaint track


BWSSB: Application for new water connection

On the BWSSB page, click on ‘New connection’ under the services tab. Login with your mobile number and enter the OTP received in your registered mobile number.

An application form for BWSSB new connection will open up. Fill it by providing all details and also the water requirements and submit.

Then, proceed to make payment for the new BWSSB water connection. Now, upload supporting documents like building plan, sale deed, Khata certificate, photo of the building with the owner and rain water harvesting adoption document if the property measures 1200 sq ft or more

Once this is done, the BWSSB board will check your application and will decide on the status of the new BWSSB water connection. You can track the status of your new BWSSB water connection application with your application number.


BWSSB: Water charges in Bengaluru

According to BWSSB water charges 2021, a domestic consumer pays Rs 7 per kilo litre (kl) for up to 8,000 litres of water; Rs 11 per kl from 8,001 to 25,000 litres; Rs 25 per kl from 25,001 to 50,000 litres; and Rs 45 per kl for 50,001 litres and above.

BWSSB: Grievance redressal

If you have an issue with your BWSSB water bill or BWSSB online payment or any other thing, you may highlight it to the BWSSB.

On the BWSSB website, under services click on ‘Lodge Complaint’. You will reach

If it’s a new BWSSB water complaint like BWSSB bill payment, then you have to fill in the BWSSB consumer details on the form like BWSSB consumer name, email address, contact number, address, latitude and longitude. You also have to mark the BWSSB customer location.


BWSSB online payment How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline

BWSSB online payment How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline


Then, you proceed to fill details like category, sub category, RR no in water bill and describe your complaint and press the submit button.


BWSSB online payment How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline

BWSSB online payment How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline

If you have already registered a BWSSB complaint, click on ‘ View Complaint’ button at the top on the right hand side of the BWSSB page. You will reach


BWSSB online payment How to check & pay Bangalore water bill online & offline


Enter your BWSSB complaint number and the captcha text and press on search to get the BWSSB status.



BWSSB: Contact Information

For more information on any BWSSB related queries, you can contact:

2nd Floor, Cauvery Bhavan,

Kempegowda Road,


Email id:

Toll free 24 x 7 helpline: 1916


Can I pay BWSSB water bill using UPI?

Yes, BWSSB online payment can be made through UPI apps.

Can I pay BWSSB water bill if I have lost the physical bill?

Yes, you only need the BWSBB RR number to pay your water bill.

Can I make a partial payment of BWSSB water bill?

No, one cannot pay a part of the BWSSB water bill and keep the remaining BWSSB water charges due. BWSSB bill payment need to be made in one go.

Can I use net banking to pay BWSSB water bill?

BWSSB bill payment through net banking is not accepted for BWSSB Water Bill.

How to print my BWSSB water bill?

You need to log into the BWSSB portal and click on ‘View and Pay Bills’. Enter RR number in water bill and click on ‘Proceed’. Select the tab with the details of your BWSSB water bill and click on the ‘Save’ option to save your current bill. You can also save BWSSB water bills up to the last six years.

Where can I lodge a complaint regarding BWSSB water bill?

You can lodge a BWSSB complaint at for any issue regarding your BWSSB water bill.


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