Mumbai is quite organised for home registrations: Singer Shibani Kashyap

Singer and performer Shibani Kashyap talks to News about buying her home in Mumbai’s Versova, which is amidst green surroundings and the compromises that she had to make, while shifting from Delhi to Mumbai

According to singer Shibani Kashyap, Mumbai is definitely a place where one should have one’s own house. Kashyap bought her house in Versova, after selling a property in Delhi, as she did not want to take a loan. “I was fed up living on rent in Mumbai and felt it was better to buy a house. Mumbai is an owner’s paradise. Also, financially, it makes sense to own a place than pay rent. The experience of house hunting was exciting, because I was moving from Delhi to Mumbai, to a new environment and a new city. I wanted a house that had greenery, open space and was not congested,” the singer recalls.

House-hunting was easier, due to a good agent

Kashyap reveals that she saw numerous advertisements for apartments, in the newspapers and online. Her house-hunting process lasted for a month. Finally, it was through an agent, Asif Nabi that she bought her two-and-a-half-BHK house in Versova, which she converted into a two-BHK house. “Nabi has been an agent for many of my friends. He understood exactly that my requirement as a musician, was a house that was peaceful and close to nature. So, he showed the right properties to me,” she says.

Kashyap says that she fell in love with Versova (Andheri west), as the area has buildings that are surrounded by trees. “The moment I saw this house, I knew, this was the one that I wanted to buy. The registration was hassle-free, as the agent was quite meticulous and systematic. I bought the house from an architect, who had designed the house well.

Since the owners knew that I was coming from Delhi to finalise the deal, everybody was accommodating and punctual. Mumbai is quite organised, as far as property registration goes, although there was a little bit of waiting involved, which is no big issue,” she adds.

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Versova is a quiet residential area

“Versova is well-connected to Juhu, Bandra, south Mumbai and the airport, which is important for me, as I travel a lot,” says Kashyap, adding that everything, from restaurants and grocery shops, to bakeries, etc., are in the vicinity. She adds that she often visits a breakfast place called Scrumptious, which is at a walking distance from her house. Versova also has good gyms, beauty parlours and salons. The metro rail station is also barely five minutes away from her house.

“What I like about the house, is that it is surrounded by trees. Moreover, it is near the sea. So, it is breezy and well-ventilated. It gives you the feeling of a little hillside cottage, as every window overlooks the trees. There is a park right outside my house, where I often go for walks and jogging. Even though my husband Rajiv Roda and I are used to far bigger spaces in Delhi, we love our home in Mumbai,” she maintains.

Muted décor with a soothing ambience

Kashyap made a few changes in the house and followed basic Vastu Shastra principles, for the décor of the house. The home is largely done up in muted colours, except for the dining area, which has one wall in a burnt orange colour. The area also has an interesting bar, in the shape of a boat. The open kitchen seamlessly merges with the living room, which makes the home appear more spacious. Most of the furniture, she says, was bought from Pepperfry. The house has warm lighting, with numerous lamps all over. “I like the colourful, soothing effect of lights, which adds to the charm and romance at home. Even the washrooms have stylish LED lights. In terms of artifacts, since I travel so much, wherever I go, I pick up something from that particular country. There is one wall, which I have adorned with items that I have picked up from my travels. There is a mask, pyramids from Egypt, musical instruments and artifacts from various countries, including a rain stick from Canada and a Didgeridoo (a wind instrument) from Australia,” she explains.

Kashyap’s favourite place in the house, is besides the bay window in the living room, which has comfortable cushions, where she sits to gaze at the trees.

“During the monsoon, it is fabulous. Everything appears greener and it feels like one is in some resort. I like to sit near the window, with a cup of coffee and relax, chatting with my husband or play my guitar and do my riyaaz there. It is my relaxing zone. My home is my haven, my own nest where I can unwind,” she concludes.

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