Housing.com introduces COVID-19 relief package for all its partners

In a bid to encourage its business partners across the country, Housing.com has launched a unique offering called Housing Cares. It is meant to be a relief package for all business partners, so that they can make the most of lost time

The COVID-19 impact on businesses across the globe has been unparalleled. Never before were people so inexplicably taken aback, as they are now, owing to the unfathomable consequences that the Coronavirus pandemic has wrecked. Be it transport, automobile, fashion and lifestyle, hospitality, traditional education, or real estate – all these industries are discussing some pertinent questions about how to minimise losses and revive the economy.


Real estate to benefit from a digital shift

While the RBI gave some relief to cash-starved individuals, by offering the option of a three-month moratorium on term loans in March 2020, various industries are pressing the government to increase its spending on relief and realignment measures. For the real estate sector in India that was just beginning to look up after a prolonged slump, the COVID-19 pandemic could be a stroke of bad luck. However, in India, real estate players have for long been working around technology and this looks like the perfect time towards a 100% digital shift. While most consumers are comfortable with e-commerce, much of this was also because the token money involved was small. With real estate purchases commanding a higher amount, almost everyone prefers a physical inspection of the property. While digital was the way to go, when prospective buyers decided to research, study, compare and decide, sales always took place on the ground.

With a shift in the way people work and learn about a product offering today, we are staring at a shift in the way people shop for homes. This will require the entire real estate industry to be transparent, technologically adept and diligent, when it comes to updating their official websites or putting the right information out in the right space. Housing.com has already rolled out its offerings for businesses in the real estate sector. Our endeavour is to strengthen our business partners, so as to revive the momentum in the market.


Housing.com launches Housing Cares relief package  

Keeping in mind the disruption across big and small businesses and resultant liquidity issues, Housing.com has launched the Housing Cares package for all business partners. This will entail heavy price discounts on ad packages, benefit of extension of all packages for existing and new clients, a moratorium and attractive discounts on visualisation products. The packages have been designed in a way that brokers, sellers and home owners looking to sell their property, can avail of maximum benefits, resulting in better chances of business continuity.


About the Housing Cares package

Housing.com has nurtured long-standing relationships with its partners and at this crucial juncture, our effort is vested in ensuring that the COVID-19 pandemic does not pinch the wallets or the economy. Therefore, some of the very popular packages have been extended:

Heavy price discounts

For new and existing customers, Housing.com has launched a host of benefits in terms of ad packages and extended validity. At a time when our partners may be worried about an anticipated liquidity crunch, we are all set to ease the burden.


Business continuity

We have designed and extended popular packages to ensure that all our partners make up for lost time. These packages that typically come with a validity of three to six months, have now been extended by anywhere between 15-30 days. Our partners can use this to gain traction and benefit from the impressive footfalls that we receive from our high-intent domestic and NRI buyers.


Launch moratorium

If you are waiting to make the best of these packages and wish to launch the services at a later date, a moratorium benefit is also available. We have ensured that such partners, brokers and builders, will have the flexibility to activate the services anytime till May 31, 2020.


Virtual TechAid

The world is moving to digital platforms and adopting technology like never before. Housing.com is prepared for this, to enhance your business chances. Attractive discounts on our visualisation products can help you connect with prospective buyers and ensure steady business from the comfort of your home.


Keep a note of changing trends

Tips to strengthen brokers and sellers

In these unrivalled times, keeping pace with the trends is the need of the hour. In our endeavour to support you, we are constantly giving you tips to function successfully amid a difficult investment climate. You can visit Housing.com News  for the latest information on everything about the real estate sector and tips to make the most of this time, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.


Continued discussions with veterans

We are spearheading various discussions with real estate veterans and enabling the seller community to interact with trend watchers. This will help our partners prepare ahead and prepare better for times to come. Don’t forget to tune into our webinars and stay in-sync with the latest happenings that affect you and your business.


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