Industrial growth around Talegaon boosting its residential market

Talegaon, an emerging housing destination is scoring better than its higher-priced peers like Mumbai and Pune, on the back of the improved economic prospects

Where there are industries, growth follows. The same is the story of Talegaon’s residential market. Not much space is left in metropolitan and big cities, to accommodate new industries. There was a time when several industries were located in and around Mumbai but now most of them have turned into residential complexes or shopping malls. Pune is also expanding its periphery and its industrial spaces are shrinking. However, Talegaon is one such city that is close to Pune and Mumbai that provides vast opportunity for industrial development. The presence of industries and warehousing in Talegaon, has also benefited in the local residential market’s robust growth.

Suppose you are looking for a new place to start a business, set up an industry or are searching for a new job. Talegaon can offer you a huge opportunity. Suppose you want to buy a home in Talegaon whilst having a new business idea in mind, exploring the brimming opportunities in this town and being a part of a thriving community, is a win-win offer.


Talegaon is now the hub of the warehousing market

According to Colliers India 2019’s report on the Indian Industrial and Warehousing Market, “The consistent growth in demand for industrial and warehousing space in Chakan, has led to a surge in land prices. This has led demand to move to Talegaon, which has developed into a mature warehousing location and complements Chakan, to provide a good mix of industrial and multi‐purpose warehouses. The Chakan‐Talegaon cluster is characterised by huge demand for manufacturing plants and associated warehouses, as well as multi-purpose warehouses catering to the demand from e‐commerce and 3PL operators, who are looking to lease out large contiguous warehouse space”.

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Growth opportunities in Talegaon

Chakan is within 25 kms from Talegaon. It allows a big opportunity for many ancillary units to find affordable land and infrastructure to set up their base at Talegaon. Big companies like JCB, General Motors, Peri, L&T, etc., are already present in Talegaon.

“Talegaon has great infrastructure support, in terms of roads, 24-hour electricity and water supply. There are reports that the government of Maharashtra has signed an MOU with different countries, to set up industries in the state and a large chunk of this FDIs is expected to flow into Talegaon. The entire Industrial development will also benefit the local residential market, in alignment with the exceptionally growing future of flats in Talegaon. With an increase in job opportunities and a substantial boost to money flow through businesses, people will require better residential options as well,” says Raj Shah, director, Namrata Group.


Why should you buy a home in Talegaon?

If you work in Mumbai, Pune, or anywhere close to these cities and are looking for an affordable home that can offer you value for money, you cannot ignore Talegaon, especially if you have to work from home. At a fraction of the cost of buying a property in Mumbai or Pune, you can buy a much bigger residential property in Talegaon.

Talegaon’s properties offer continuous water supply, 24-hour electricity, well-developed social infrastructure, including schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, etc. Despite weak property demand in many big cities, Talegaon has shown good stability regarding the demand and supply of properties. Whether you are looking for a plot to construct your own house or looking for a developer-built apartment, all the options are available in Talegaon. The famous Mumbai-Pune Expressway passes through Talegaon and the distance to Pune is only 40 kms, whereas the distance to Mumbai is around 115 kms. There is excellent bus and railway connectivity to both, Pune and Mumbai. So, if you are looking to buy a home, invest in real estate, or want to start your new business, then just head to Talegaon!

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5 reason for sustainable residential market growth in Talegaon

  • Great existing and emerging opportunities for industries.
  • Robust social and physical infrastructure matching that in metros and big cities.
  • Excellent road and railway connectivity to Pune and Mumbai.
  • Big industrial investment proposed through FDIs.
  • Availability of properties at attractive prices.


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