Rajasthan waives stamp duty on gift of immovable property from husband to wife

The Rajasthan government has decided to scrap the stamp duty of 1 per cent that is charged on the transfer of immovable properties from husband to wife as gift

The Rajasthan government has decided not to charge stamp duty on transfer of immovable property from a husband to his wife as a gift, according to an official statement. Till now, 1 per cent stamp duty was charged on such transfers. While reviewing the issues related to revenue, chief minister Ashok Gehlot recently took this decision.

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Under the present system, 2.5 per cent stamp duty is charged on the market price of the property in case of its transfer in the name of the father, mother, son, sister, daughter-in-law, grandson or daughter as a gift. In case of transfer of immovable property in the name of wife and daughter as a gift, 1 per cent stamp duty on the market value of the property, or a maximum of Rs one lakh (whichever is less) was proposed.

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