Superstar Rajinikanth’s home in Chennai

In spite of having some of the most successful movies under his name and being the highest-grossing actor in Tamil cinema history, Rajinikanth’s financial position and his real estate investments are quite modest. Here is a look at the ‘Thalaiva’s’ homes in Chennai and Pune

Rajinikanth, also known as ‘Thalaiva’ or ‘Thalaivar ’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular personalities in India, with millions of fans globally. While his popularity can be attributed to his unique style and dialogue deliveries, his life is also nothing short of inspirational. In fact, he is the only Indian actor to be featured in the school syllabus of one of the leading Indian education boards. Rajinikanth recently announced his intention to not contest the upcoming legislative elections in Tamil Nadu, which came as a big shock to his supporters. With some of the most successful movies under his name and being the highest-grossing actor in Tamil cinema history, superstar Rajinikanth’s financial position and his real estate investments are very modest.

According to media reports, the ‘Thalaivar ’ (the boss or leader) owns residential properties in Chennai’s Poes Garden, Bengaluru and Pune. Apart from this, he also owns a wedding hall in Chennai, for which he reportedly paid Rs 6.5 lakhs as property tax to the Greater Chennai Corporation in October 2020.


Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam

Source: Raghvendra Marriage Hall official site


The Poes Garden property is Rajinikanth’s permanent residence and is currently valued at Rs 35 crores. This is one of the affluent areas in Chennai, where most of the properties are owned by politicians, judges, industrialists, etc. The average rate per sq ft in this area is Rs 35,000, which may go up to Rs 40,000, depending upon the plot size, location and type of the property. Thalaiva has two daughters, Aishwarya and Soundarya, who are married to Tamil actors and producers. They are often seen at the Poes Garden home, visiting their parents.


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Rajinikanth is known for his simple living and modest lifestyle. He still owns one of his first cars and often uses it to ply across the city.



A few years back, during the launch of his movie ‘Kabali’, a picture went viral that showed Rajinikanth’s daily life in his space, his home. He was caught on somebody’s camera, while reading a book on his bungalow’s terrace. Although he is a superstar, Rajinikanth loves to live his life in a simple way.


Superstar Rajinikanth’s home in Chennai



Rajinikanth’s home’s interiors are very simple, mostly in neutral tones.



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The sitting area, where the superstar receives all his guests, has a wooden panel where he has placed all the mementos and portraits. This includes one with former president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, where he is receiving the Padma Vibhushan, one of the highest civilian awards in India.

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Recently, Rajinikanth visited his brother who stays in Bengaluru, to seek blessings from him for his political life. It is said that Rajinikanth and his brother grew up in Bengaluru and before Thalaivar became a superstar, his brother supported him in everything. Even after Rajinikanth emerged as a star, his brother Satyanarayana continued to reside in Bengaluru and settled there with his family.




A number of media outlets have circulated and posted some random pictures of the bungalow, passing it as Rajinikanth’s Pune home. However, the superstar himself has denied having that type of home and said those pictures are fake. In fact, Rajinikanth’s family owns a land in his native village, Mavadi Kadepathar, which is close to Pune.



How much is Rajinikanth worth?

According to some media reports, Rajinikanth is worth $50 million.

Why is Rajinikanth so popular?

Rajinikanth is known for his larger than life movies but in reality he lives a very simple life.

What is Rajinikanth’s full name?

Rajinikanth’s full name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad.

(All pictures are sourced from Aishwarya, Soundarya and Rajinikanth’s fans’ Instagram accounts)


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