All about Telangana State Housing Corporation Ltd (TSHCL)

The Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited (TSHCL) implements the state government’s housing schemes

The Telangana State Housing Corporation Ltd (TSHCL) has been functioning as a separate body, since June 2014, with the aim of rehabilitating homeless families, by constructing pucca houses.


Telangana State Housing Corporation Ltd: Goals

The TSHCL’s primary goal is to work on housing schemes, especially for the economically weaker sections (EWS) and for those affected by natural calamities. It is also responsible for R&D in material management, collaborations for building constructions and gathering loans from the many financial institutions, for the successful implementation of the housing schemes.

Additionally, the TSHCL promotes the use of cost-effective and eco-friendly construction (CEEF) materials. Among its other responsibilities, the TSHCL, through the Nirmithi Kendras, provide training for upgrading skill sets.

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TSHCL ongoing projects

The ongoing projects under the TSHCL include Spillover (Pre Indiramma), Indiramma Phase I, Indiramma Phase II, Indiramma Phase III, GO 171 / GO 21 (2010-11), Rachabanda and Flood Housing (2009-10).


Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

As part of its initiatives, the TSHCL formulated the popular 2BHK housing scheme in October 2015. Telangana is the only state in the country to provide such a fully-subsidised scheme that has zero beneficiary contribution (no need to borrow a loan or contribute anything).

The TSHCL has currently taken up the responsibility of constructing 2.80 lakh houses in the state. Additionally, another three lakh houses will be provided by 2024, taking the total count to 5.80 lakh. In a first, the GHMC used advanced tunnel form technology, to accelerate the construction of 15,660 2BHK houses at Kollur and 6,240 2BHK houses at Rampally.

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Telangana Double Bedroom Housing Scheme plan

Units under this scheme will have 560 sq ft of plinth area and include two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen and two toilets. While the plot area is 125 sq yards in rural areas for an independent house, in urban areas it comes to 36 sq yards of undivided land share in G++ pattern houses. Thus, in this scheme land is provided for free along with the property unit.


Telangana State Housing Corporation Ltd (TSHCL)


Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

Images courtesy 2BHK Housing, Telangana


Mentioned below in the picture are the unit costs for the project.

All about Telangana State Housing Corporation Ltd (TSHCL)


Eligibility for TSHCL housing schemes

1) The beneficiaries will be selected, based on the overall caste composition, jointly by the concerned district collectors and commissioner, GHMC.

2) Applications received for 2BHK allotments will be verified with the beneficiaries’ data available, with the following documents being mandatory:

  • Name of the beneficiary should be present in the 2018 assembly voter list.
  • The Aadhaar card address submitted should be within the respective village or municipality limits.
  • A valid food security card in the GHMC limit.
  • Proof of address in the GHMC area.

3) Applicants who have already been allotted housing in the previous housing schemes like Rural Housing, Urban Housing, INDIRAMMA, JnNURM, IHSDP, VAMBAY, RGK, etc., in the state, will be excluded from this scheme by taking the help of the Telangana State Technology Services (TSTS).

4) Applications who have benefited under the GO 58 and GO 59, both dated December 30, 2014, of the Revenue Department, will be excluded from this scheme by taking the help of TSTS.

5) All the projects taken up in Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) have to follow the PMAY- HFA (U) guidelines and all required particulars, as per Form 4B, should be obtained from the beneficiaries.

6) There will be a reservation of 10% or 1,000 units for local beneficiaries, whichever is less per assembly constituency, wherever works are taken up outside the GHMC limits. Respective district collectors are responsible for selecting the beneficiaries from each constituency, according to the available data including the in-situ slum dwellers who were vacated for taking up the 2BHK works. They also have to select the beneficiaries under the local quota.

7) District collectors shall be responsible for allocating the units consumed – flat number, floor number, block number and housing colony – to the beneficiaries and the balance has to be forwarded to the sector in-charge, as per the mapping provided by the GHMC commissioner.

8) The district collectors / sector in-charge, will be responsible for allocating the units to all the beneficiaries from the various constituencies, according to the mapping provided by the GHMC commissioner.

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TSHCL contact details

The TSHCL can be contacted at:

phone: 040-23225018




How can I apply for Telangana 2BHK scheme?

Application forms for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme are available at MeeSeva centers across the state and the duly filled form also has to be submitted at any nearest centre.

What is the Telangana Housing Board website?

The Telangana Housing Board website is

How can I check my Telangana 2BHK status?

You can check your Telangana 2BHK status in the Meeseva portal.


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