Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

Choose the best tiles for your home improvement project. This article explains the different types of tiles for home walls and flooring.

If you are looking for one material for your home renovation project, installing new tiles can be a great investment. Redesigning the flooring and walls can dramatically transform the look of your house. Tiles have been traditionally used in home interiors, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. With evolving trends and technological innovation, tiles are now being preferred by homeowners for designing their living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces. Tiles for home walls and flooring are available in countless designs, styles, shapes, colours, patterns, and textures.

It is important to be aware of the different types of tiles available today so that you choose the right one to get the best results. Here is a guide.


Different types of tiles: Materials

Wooden tiles

Wooden tiles are emerging as a sought-after material for home décor. They are further classified as hardwood and faux wood tiles. Hardwood is a common flooring option and highly preferred for its aesthetic appeal. Faux wood tiles are the latest trend in flooring design. They are better than hardwood materials when it comes to durability. Besides being resistant to water, they can withstand termites.


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are a trendy variety of tiles. Besides their high durability, ceramic tiles are resistant to scratches and stains. Thus, they are preferred for designing bathrooms and kitchens. They are available in numerous designs, colours, and patterns. Among the other advantages of ceramic tiles is their ease of cleaning and installation. Thus, they are one of the best tiles for kitchen walls.


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

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Marble tiles

Marble is a natural stone used for centuries and is known for its elegance. It is available in a variety of colours and numerous finishes. Although marble tiles may be expensive, they are a good choice for designing walls and flooring for home interiors. As the material is prone to stains and spillage, it needs higher maintenance. Often, a sealer may be required to provide a protective layer to the surface.


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

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Granite tiles

Tiles made from granite, a natural rock, are preferred for their luxurious appeal. They are among the commonly used types of tiles in India. The speckled minerals and natural veining give the material a unique appearance. The material is durable and resistant to acids and scratches. However, they are prone to stains, just like marble.


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

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Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are commonly regarded as a type of ceramic tile as they have similar constituents. The material, manufactured from denser clay, is treated at higher temperatures. So, porcelain tiles are sturdy and resistant to any damages or extreme temperatures. Thus, they are the first choice for outdoor tile designs.       


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

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Mosaic tiles

These tiles comprise smaller pieces of tiles or glass arranged to form a decorative pattern as part of a large tile. Owing to their easy installation, they are suited for smaller spaces. These types of tiles in India are widely used for floors. Since they are moisture-resistant, they are also used for house exteriors like balconies.


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?

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Types of floor tiles

Ceramic tiles, including porcelain and vitrified tile materials, are usually used for living room flooring. These materials have high strength, thus suited for areas that see high movement and footfall. Other popular types of floor tiles used in living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, etc., are wood and marble tiles.

When looking at the types of floor tiles for the areas like the living or dining, it is important to ensure they have anti-skid properties, especially if there are elderly in the house. Another important aspect is the appropriate choice of colours. As compared to tiles of lighter hues, dark coloured tiles are easier to maintain. However, lighter coloured tiles give a spacious look to the room. So, the choice must be based on one’s personal style and needs.


Types of wall tiles in India

Tiles are not limited to flooring. With the availability of designer and textured tiles, they are also used for decorating the walls of living rooms and bedrooms. Terracotta, Italian marble, and porcelain tile varieties are used for walls to bring a classy effect. Tiles for home walls can also be used to create accent walls to achieve stylish interiors.

Before you go ahead with wall tiles to decorate your living room, make sure the material is moisture resistant. Also, they should be properly installed to prevent leakage, so they stay in good condition for many years.

A key point to note when selecting wall tiles for the kitchen is that the material should be resistant to stains and scratches. Ceramic tiles are among the best tiles for kitchen walls since they possess these qualities.


Types of tiles used for roofing

Roof tiles are installed for protecting a structure against rain and other weather conditions. They are generally made from local materials like terracotta or clay. Roof tiles of other types include:

  • Slate roof tiles
  • Metal roof tiles
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Composite roof tiles
  • Solar roof tiles


Types of tiles: How to choose tiles for home walls and floor?


Types of tiles: Sizes and shapes

Floor tiles Wall tiles
300 mm X 300 mm 200 mm X 300 mm
300 mm X 600 mm 250 mm X 300 mm
600 mm X 600 mm 250 mm X 350 mm
600 mm X 1200 mm 300 mm X 600 mm
800 mm X 800 mm 350 mm X 450 mm

Tiles are available in numerous sizes. Some popular sizes of tiles are mentioned above.

The right size of tile for your home will depend on the functional requirements and the size of the room. Using large tiles instead of medium-size tiles for smaller spaces will make the room look smaller. Tiles sizes also depend on the materials. For example, glass in mosaic work is smaller, around one to four square inches in size. Mosaic tiles are versatile and used in making numerous patterns, mainly borders and murals.

Choosing the right tile shape that blends well with your décor style for your home will help enhance the overall appearance of the space. The different tile shapes are:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Rectangular
  • Triangle
  • Plank tiles



How many types of tiles are there?

Tiles made of ceramic, marble, porcelain, wood, granite, mosaic, etc., are the different types of tiles in India. Other varieties of tiles include glass tiles, cement tiles, stone tiles and metal tiles.

Which tiles are best and cheap?

Ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles are some options of tiles that are economical and highly durable.


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