Vastu Shastra tips for buying a new home during the festive season

There are several ways, in which home owners and buyers can use Vastu Shastra, to add positive energy to their homes during the festive season. We look at some simple guidelines that one should consider

Home buyers nowadays, consider Vastu as a prominent factor, when they select a home. Often, people avoid projects or apartments that do not comply with Vastu norms. This is especially true during the festive period, which is considered as an auspicious time to buy a property. The real estate market witnesses fresh supply, offers and discounts during the festive period and in such a situation, it may be difficult for home buyers to figure out the Vastu Shastra factors that one should take into account, before finalising the deal.

“Vastu is the study of energy, with the aim of making our lives happy, energetic, successful and prosperous. If the energy is not balanced, it may cause dullness, sorrow, health problems, business problems, financial distress, etc.,” says Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO,



“The five directions in Vastu denote the five elements (i.e. Panchtatva). Everything in this universe is constituted of either or all of these five elements. Vastu aims to bring a proper balance of these five elements. So, if the Vastu of a house is proper, it will have a positive impact in our life,” he explains.

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Vastu tips for the festive home buying

Astro-numerologist Gauravv Mittal, points out that “Buying a house is a lifetime achievement for the common man. Some of the important basic points pertaining to Vastu, which need to be kept in mind while choosing a home (whether it is a row house or villa or flat) are:

  • In case of a row house or villa, the important parameters to consider are the area of the plot, soil, negative energies, etc.
  • The north/north-east side should be open and construction should be on the south/south-west side.
  • Landscaping should be in such a way that the north/north-east quadrant should be low and the south-west quadrant should be higher.
  • Try to buy a house, which has an entry from the north-east direction.
  • The master bedroom should be in the south-west zone of the house.
  • The kitchen should be in the south-east zone.
  • The puja room should be in the north-east, east or north of the house.
  • The north-west zone is ideal for the guest room or drawing room.
  • The basement in a villa or row house, should be under the entire house or if it is partial, it should be in the north/north-east zone.”

Experts believe that keeping the house clean and painting it properly, is also part of Vastu.

If you keep the home clean, then, it helps the positive energy to spread all over the house. This is reflected in the age-old practice of cleaning the house during the festive season. Selling the scrap and getting rid of useless materials is a good practice, as it re-energises one’s home.


Tips to create positive energy during the festive season:

  • Remove all cobwebs from home.
  • Grow plants like guava, neem, ashoka, etc., during festive periods.
  • Use white lights to brighten up the entire home during the festive period.
  • If you buy any new item, ensure that it is placed it in the right direction. Avoid making the north-east region of the home heavy.
  • Remove all unused utensils, newspapers, books, clothes, shoes, etc., as it creates a negative field.
  • Rearrange your cash box and get rid of useless papers and bills.
  • While painting the rooms, avoid black or red colours.

(Tips courtesy Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO of


Why do people invest in property during the festive season?

It is considered auspicious

The festive season is a great time to invest in property. During this period one can see greater enthusiasm and energy among prospective home buyers. Deals and discounts on home purchases drive lakhs of Indians every year during the festivals. Moreover, Indians also view the festive occasions of Dussehra and Diwali as auspicious.

It gives a sense of security

A property purchase is most essential to bring in a sense of security. With Diwali bonuses and the auspicious festive season, Indians prefer investing in real estate not only because of the added money in hand but also for the religious sentiments behind it.

Pleasant weather for site visits

October to December also brings in pleasant weather across the country and it is easier for prospective buyers to go for site visits, which can be difficult during the summer.

Deals and discounts are available

With lower interest rates on home loans this year, the festive season offers an added advantage. Apart from discounts and concessional rates, the overall low interest rates will attract more buyers this festive season.



Can I bargain on the quoted price of home in 2020?

This privilege is available to buyers throughout the year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the high supply of inventory, most developers are willing to roll out discounts and deals. As a buyer. you can make the most of this opportunity, especially during the festive season.

What is the home loan interest rate during the festive season in India in 2020?

The home loan interest rate in 2020 ranges between 6.8% RLLR to 8.90%, which is the maximum interest rate.

What is the significance of cleaning the house during the festive season?

Cleaning your house signifies that you are prepared to invite the deity home. Goddess Lakshmi resides in cleanliness and it is believed that if the Goddess is happy, she will reward the household with wealth and prosperity. In simple terms, a clean home is the abode of God and the festive season is the most auspicious time to keep your house prepared and fit for God’s blessings.

(With inputs from Sneha Sharon Mammen)


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