Vastu tips for children’s education and growth

How should home owners set up their children’s study area, to ensure that they are able to concentrate and excel in academics? We offer some suggestions based on Vastu Shastra

Some people believe that their children manage to do well in exams, without putting too much effort. On the other hand, others may feel that their children study all the time but they fail to perform well in exams. Vastu Shastra experts maintain that your home’s energy balance plays a big role in your child’s education and growth. While this impacts people of all ages, children are more influenced by it. As they grow and flourish in the home, forming habits and opinions, the Vastu of the house is instrumental, for shaping their future. If the Vastu and energy flow is right, then, it will support their concentration towards studies.


Which is the ideal place to study at home, as per Vastu Shastra?

The ideal place to study, depends on the age of the child, says Vikash Sethi, CEO and founder, “If the child is in secondary school, the best place to study is the north-east of the house and facing east, while studying. If the child is preparing for competitive exams or pursuing a professional course, then, the ideal place for them to study is in the north-west and facing towards north,” suggests Sethi. Ensure that electronic devices are kept in a separate area, as these can be highly distractive and hinder positive and helpful energy.

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Vastu Shastra colours for children’s overall growth

“Green and blue are colours are associated with freshness and positivity. Lighting is another key aspect – the lamps and lights should neither be too sharp nor too dull. Lighting that is aimed to the north-east, is known to provide optimal results. It is advised to avoid keeping gadgets in your child’s room, as much as possible,” says Shriya Kolte, founder, Imagination Inc.


Vastu norms for children living in a hostel, PG, or when studying away from home

Ensure that the room door is not facing the south direction. The study table should be in the north-east corner. The colour of the room should be green and when studying, the child should face the east or north direction.

Kolte further adds: “Simple modifications that can be made to your hostel room, for a positive effect. One should sleep in the south-north or east-west direction (keeping the head due south or due east). Try keeping the entrance as free and fresh as possible.”

Try to have as many windows as possible, on the eastern side, as this will ensure that your room is well-lit, early in the mornings. Also, it is important to avoid placing any beams or beam-shaped objects in the room. If this is not possible, avoid sitting or sleeping under it.

Cluttered and dusty rooms represent negativity and your child will absorb it from the surroundings. Above all, it is important to remember that a clean and organised room leads to a clean and organised mind.


Vastu tips for children’s study area

  • The ideal direction to study is the north-east.
  • There should not be a window directly in front of the study table.
  • Avoid setting up the study table or study area in a place, which has a beam running directly above it.
  • A square or rectangular-shaped study table, is ideal for children. Avoid round study tables.
  • Avoid keeping too many gadgets in the child’s room.
  • Avoid using red colour in children’s room or furniture.


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