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Home-buying is a landmark decision in one’s life and, as goes with every big decision, requires thorough research.

Our industry, the Real Estate sector, maintains an infamous reputation in India. Consumers lack trust and, subsequently, have a lot of reservations and doubts pertaining to Real Estate transactions. Whom do they go to with these questions? A developer has insights but has vested interests as a seller. Most of the brokers (of course not all) are hopeless advisers. Identifying this gaping hole, a discussion platform – Indian Real Estate Forum – came to be. Without this discussion platform, Home Buying experience is just INCOMPLETE! Such platforms have proven their values in different industries: IMDb for Movies, TripAdvisor for travel.

With IREF, we plan to revolutionize how real estate is perceived and conversed about. While IREF has always been an awesome platform, of late it was imploding because of lack of resources. Furthermore, it was suffering because of an intense marketing war from all the real estate classified players.

We wanted this awesome platform to thrive and survive.

Ever since we started work on IREF in December, things have been moving at stellar pace. Within two months we now have fully functional teams for Content, Product, DSL and Moderation. Moreover, we have lots of really cool people joining IREF in the coming months! We expect IREF’s comments, rating and content to power the truth across the entire real estate industry, including Housing’s competitors.

In  a nutshell, we have taken the onus to make IREF reach its zenith – Make  it 10x better – our core philosophy. We expect IREF to even cross Housing in terms of its value and impact on the society.

Currently, at a million users every month, IREF’s traffic has doubled since we took over. To me, as a guest user, IREF is very addictive. I remember I’d start reading a  thread and be immersed in it for the 100s of pages for every project. Funny part was, no matter what topic I’d start reading upon, threads would end with, “Builder chor hai.” :D

IREF is so much fun that we decided to keep it that way. Users can post any kind of question; they can shout and badmouth builders, brokers or even Housing or its competitors openly on it. It will run completely independent with its own office on the way.

Ravish, one of our co-founders, who has been a world-famous forum admin from his college time :) has taken over as the CEO of IREF.

We  invite all the well wishers of Real Estate to help us guide how to make this platform “The truth of real estate”. Please do email your advice and suggestions to ravish’at’iref.com

Wishing IREF team all the best and great success in their journey.

Welcoming The Truth of Real Estate – IREF


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