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Personal Loan For Salaried-employees Loan

As a salaried employee, you might have many financial obligations you might need to fulfill in your day-to-day life. But, sometimes, you might not have sufficient money to accommodate the expenses.This is where personal loans come into play. With quick personal loans and attractive interest rates, get the money you need to meet your financial needs.

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Features & Benifits

Instant Loan offer in 3 mins
24-hour disbursal
No collateral required
Loan upto 10 Lakhs
Paperless process
Attractive interest rates

Features & benefits of personal loan for salaried

Get personal loans from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,00,000

Get personal loans from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 and accommodate all your expenses without worrying about the cost.

Flexible tenure

At, you get an extended tenure of 9 to 42 months. You can choose the tenure period you are convenient with to repay your loan.

No collateral is required

Unlike other loans, our personal loan is unsecured and doesn’t require you to submit collaterals like property, gold, etc. You just need to submit some documents to get your loan approved.

Get loan approval in minutes

One of the best things about online personal loan applications is that you can get your loan approved in under 3 minutes. Once the loan is approved, your loan amount will be disbursed to your bank account within 24 hours.

Entirely digital process

Transparency is an important aspect of personal loans. Our entirely digital process keeps you updated on the status of your application. You also don’t need to travel between your place and the bank to apply for the loan.

Attractive interest rates

With interest rates as low as 12%, you can save money when you are repaying the loan.

Note: Your interest rate depends on your credit score and other factors. So, maintain a high credit score for lower interest rates.

Eligibility criteria

Understanding whether you fit the eligibility criteria before applying for a personal loan can help you avoid unnecessary hassle and loan rejections. Read the table below to understand the minimum eligibility for the salaried category.

Particulars Eligibility
Age limit

21 to 60 years

Minimum monthly income

Minimum Rs. 15,000/- per month

Credit score

Minimum 700




You should also meet your minimum income requirement as per your city of residence.

Documents required for salaried

Salaried employees are those who work for an organization and get monthly salaries. If you come under this category, you might be required to submit the following documents.

Proof Document required (any one in each category)

Photo Identity Proof

1. Aadhar Card

2. Passport

3. Voter’s ID

4. PAN Card

5. Driving License

Address Proof

1. Passport

2. Aadhar Card

3. Ration Card

4. Utility Bill(electricity, telephone, gas, water, etc.) - the bill should be within 2 months

5. Driving License

Income Proof

1. Salary slips (from the last 3 months) with Form 16

2. Bank statements showing salary credit (within 3–6 months)

Residence Ownership Proof

1. Property documents

2. Electricity bill

3. Maintenance bill

Tax Paid

1. IT returns (for 2 years)

2. Form 16

Proof of Job Continuity

1. Employment certificate of current job

2. Appointment letter of current job (if you have worked for more than 2 years)

3. Experience certificate (appointment or relieving letter from the previous employer along with job certificate)


Colored passport-size photo

Proof of investment (if any)

1. Fixed assets

2. Fixed deposit

3. Shares, etc.

Proof of existing loans (if any)

Payment track record & sanction letter


PL Tips & Guide

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What is the minimum CIBIL score required for personal loan?What is the minimum CIBIL score required for personal loan?
A good CIBIL score allows the borrower to get advantages in terms of interest rates and other benefits.
Geethapriya Srinivasan26 Mar '24
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How to get a personal loan without bank statements?How to get a personal loan without bank statements?
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What is the maximum personal loan amount I can get on my salary?What is the maximum personal loan amount I can get on my salary?
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Down Payment

I had been saving up for years to buy my dream home, but I fell short on the down payment.'s personal loan was a lifesaver, providing the extra cash I needed to close the deal and move into my forever home.

Amit S

from Hyderabad

Home Renovation

I needed to make some major updates to my rental property.'s personal loan gave me the funds I needed to make the necessary repairs and increase the value of my property.

Kavita M

from New Delhi

Medical Loan

I needed a personal loan to cover unexpected medical expenses, and came through with competitive rates and fast approval. I'm so grateful for their support during a tough time.

Vaibhav N

from Gurgaon

Wedding Loan

My wedding was just around the corner, and I needed some extra cash to cover the expenses. gave me the flexibility I needed to make my dream wedding a reality.

Rohit S

from Bangalore

Help & Support

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