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Instant digital rent receipts
Easy HRA and transaction history
Win big from home
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It only takes 30 seconds to pay your rent!
Provide your landlord's bank details
Pay your rent using credit card
Enjoy exclusive rewards instantly
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Housing.com never stores credit card details

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What our users say

Kritika Awasthi
I pay a rent of Rs 27,000 every month and while it has been a good part of my salary, I am excited now because I get rewarded as I can use my credit card! My credit score has improved too
Jitesh Kumar
Thank you Housing, I am a loyal customer now thanks to this credit card option! So far I have received a good amount of cashbacks and I’m so glad, highly recommended.
Aditya Sharma
I had often dealt with money crunch. My salary used to get credited on the 7th and my landlord was insistent that I pay the rent by every 2nd of the month. Credit card was the only way to deal with this
Anchal Pradhan
Never thought it would work so well! My landlord was notified when the rent was credited to his account. I did not have to show any proof - no screenshots, no chit chat!
Sahil Gupta
Instant tax compliant rent receipts made the HRA process a breeze

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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to pay through Housing Pay Rent?

Your security is our priority. Housing does not store any of your confidential information and all your transactions are secure and encrypted.

How do I benefit by using Housing Pay Rent?

Housing allows you to pay the house rent, office rent, security deposit etc through Credit Card. You will get to earn handsome cash-backs and reward points.

Are there any charges for using Housing Pay Rent?

We levy a small convenience charge when you pay through credit card. The amount is mentioned in the payment page and is included in the final payment.

How do I pay the house rent through Housing?

You will need to sign up and enter some basic details such as your landlord’s name, account information and your rent amount. This is a one-time activity only. The next time you will not be asked to enter all these details again.

Can I pay rent through Housing if my landlord is not registered on it?

Of course! Your landlord will receive the rent even if he is not registered on Housing. If you have entered the correct details of the bank, the transaction will be completed and the landlord will be notified on successful completion through an SMS.

How do I win rewards or cashbacks when I use Housing Pay Rent?

Offers, cashbacks, reward points, airmiles and much more await you when you pay through Housing. We have partnered with the best brands for the same. Credit card rewards vary from bank to bank. You can contact your bank to understand exactly how much you can expect when you spend your money online.

How will my landlord receive the rent through Housing?

You will be asked to enter your landlord’s bank account details. These details are verified and when you transact, Housing transfers the rent amount to your landlord’s account. The amount is usually transferred instantly. But sometimes, it may take up to 48 hours to reflect in the landlord's account.

How can I get the rent receipt after successful rent payment?

Rent receipts will be generated automatically and you will receive it on the email address that you have provided. You can also download it anytime from transaction history. Make sure that you have also provided us details such as your landlord’s PAN number and the rental address.

Will I be able to claim HRA if I pay through Housing?

Absolutely! You can submit the rent receipts to claim the HRA exemption. Housing generates receipts for all the payments you have completed.

What is Housing Coin?

For every user signing up using your referral code, you will get 1 Housing Coin which will be equivalent to 10% discount on your convenience fee.

How many coins can I use per transaction?

You can use only one Housing Coin per transaction

What will I get when I refer my friends?

You will be getting one Housing Coin when your friend will use your referral code to make their first payment on Housing Pay Rent platform

What will my friend get when I refer?

Any person who uses your referral code will get 10% off on the convenience fee.

Can I refer a friend who is already registered with Housing?

Referral code is applicable on first transaction only