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Benefits of Paying Rent with a Credit Card

When you opt to pay your rent with a credit card, you unlock a range of benefits, such as:

  • Convenience and Flexibility

    Paying rent with a credit card offers unmatched convenience. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a few minutes of your time to make the payment. You can also set up automated payments and relax, knowing your rent is taken care of. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of choosing your payment date to align with your own schedule, never having to worry about fund shortage.

  • Potential to Earn Rewards

    By using your credit card for rent payments, you can collect valuable rewards from your bank. Depending on which credit card you have, using it to spend a large sum of money every month is bound to earn you plenty of reward points, cash back or even vouchers.

  • Opportunity to Improve Credit Score

    Timely payments through your credit card can have a positive impact on your credit score. Each on-time payment adds to your credit history, leading to better credit terms and financial opportunities over time.

  • Consolidation of Monthly Expenses

    Managing multiple bills can be overwhelming. Paying rent with your credit card allows you to consolidate your monthly expenses into one payment. This simplifies your life, making it easier to track and manage your spending.


Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Rent with a Credit Card

Paying rent through a credit card is quite simple, especially if you make the payment via our Pay Rent platform. You can choose to pay your rent right here on this page or download our user-friendly app to make the payment. Here are the steps to follow:

Steps for paying rent through our app

  • Step 1

    Download the Housing app and login using your mobile number.

  • Step 2

    For home rent payment, click on the 'House Rent' option.

  • Step 3

    Enter the amount to be paid.

  • Step 4

    Provide the landlord's name, account details, phone number and PAN (optional). These details can be saved, preventing the need for entering these again for future payments.

  • Step 5

    Enter your credit card details and provide the OTP for verification. You can also save your credit card information for future payments.

  • Step 6

    Once done, click on 'Pay Now'. You will then be redirected to the final payment page, which will reflect the amount transferred as well as nominal convenience charges applicable. You can choose to generate an instant receipt. The rent amount will be transferred to your landlord's account within 24 hours.

Steps for paying rent through our website

  • Step 1

    Click on the 'House Rent' option available on this page.

  • Step 2

    Enter the amount to be paid.

  • Step 3

    Provide the landlord's name and account details, before clicking on 'Pay'.

  • Step 4

    Enter your credit card details and provide the OTP for verification.

  • Step 5

    Once done, click on 'Pay Now'. You will then be redirected to the final payment page, which will reflect the amount transferred as well as nominal convenience charges applicable. You can choose to generate an instant receipt. The rent amount will be transferred to your landlord's account within 24 hours.


Benefits of Paying Rent Through Housing

Our Pay Rent platform offers a range of advantages that simplify your rent payment process. Here's why choosing our platform is a smart decision:

  • Automation of Payments

    No more hassle of manual rent payments every month. With Housing, you can set up automated payments, ensuring your rent is paid on time, every time. No more worrying about missed due dates or late fees.

  • Rewards and Benefits

    Not only do you get reward points from your bank, but we have also partnered with top-notch brands to make our platform advantageous for you through attractive offers, cashback, airmiles, and much more. It's a win-win situation!

  • Generation of Receipts for Tax Deduction

    Our platform instantly generates digital receipts for each rent payment, making it easy for you to claim tax deductions on your house rent allowance.

  • Nominal Convenience Fee

    We charge a nominal convenience fee of just x% for our services, ensuring affordability while offering you a seamless rent payment experience.


Tips for Maximizing Rewards and Benefits When Paying Rent with a Credit Card

  • Choose a Credit Card with Relevant Rewards Categories

    Look for cards that offer cashbacks, travel miles, or reward points for everyday expenses, including rent payments.

  • Time Rent Payments to Coincide with Promotional Offers

    Keep an eye on your credit card's promotional calendar. Many credit card companies run limited-time offers that provide extra rewards or bonus points for specific spending during certain periods. Plan your rent payments accordingly to take full advantage of these promotions.

  • Utilize Sign-Up Bonuses and Introductory Offers

    When you apply for a new credit card, check for enticing sign-up bonuses and introductory offers. These can include substantial cashback rewards, travel vouchers, or bonus points for reaching a minimum spending threshold within the first few months. Paying your rent with a new card can help you quickly qualify for these attractive perks.

  • Combine Rent with Other Expenses

    Consolidate your monthly expenses to maximize your rewards. If your credit card rewards are based on spending thresholds, consider using your card for groceries, utilities, and other regular bills in addition to rent. This approach can help you reach reward milestones faster.

  • Avoid High-Interest Debt

    Pay your credit card balance in full each month to avoid accruing high-interest debt. The interest charges can quickly negate the value of your rewards.


More on Pay on Credit

Our Pay on Credit platform is your gateway to a hassle-free experience when it comes to your monthly rent payments. But that's not all! With Pay on Credit, you can streamline your financial transactions in more ways than one. Here's what you can conveniently manage and settle using this platform:

  • Security Deposit:

    When it's time to make your security deposit, you can do it effortlessly through Pay on Credit. No more complex procedures or multiple trips to the bank; just a seamless payment process at your fingertips.

  • Booking Token:

    Paying the booking token has never been more straightforward. All you need is your phone and your credit card to complete your booking token payment with ease.

  • Maintenance Costs:

    Stay on top of your property's maintenance expenses by using Pay on Credit. It simplifies the process of settling your maintenance bills, ensuring your property is always in great condition.

  • Brokerage Fees:

    Managing your brokerage payments is a breeze with Pay on Credit. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional payment methods and embrace the convenience of our platform.

Some questions asked

How to pay rent online using a credit card?

Tenants can easily transfer the monthly rent to their landlord’s bank account, using their credit card. For rent transfer, one should have their landlord’s bank account number and IFSC code. Once the bank details get verified, the user will be able to make the transfer. Once the transaction is completed, the landlord will be notified through an SMS on his mobile number. While the transfer may take up to 48 hours, the tenant can track the payment status on the link which is provided once the amount is deducted from his credit card limit.

How does online rent payment through creditcard work?

The credit limit provided by your bank can be used for online rent payment. The amount is deducted from your available credit line, and is directly transferred to the landlord’s bank account. A nominal convenience charge is levied to facilitate this credit card balance transfer which could be offset against the rewards point and additional deals earned as offered by your credit card provider.

What are the benefits of paying rent using a credit card?

First off, paying rent through credit cards can offer substantial relief to those who face fund shortage at the end or beginning of the month because of a variety of reasons. Using a credit card for rent payment allows the tenant to utilise unused credit limits and get other benefits and advantages, as well. Some of the other advantages of using credit card are:

  • Unlike cash transfer, credit card expenses earn reward points that can be redeemed, in exchange for flight tickets, shopping deals, etc.
  • Using credit card for large transactions can improve the user’s credit score. However, this has to be followed by timely payments.
  • Easy and timely payments can be made without worrying about the fund shortage.
  • Credit card rent payments can be easily automated for scheduled transfer every month on a certain date
  • Easy and timely payments can be made without worrying about the fund shortage.
  • Credit card rent payments can be easily automated for scheduled transfer every month on a certain date.

How to get rent receipts for online rent payment?

Rent receipts are generated automatically once thetransfer is completed. These rent receipts are sent on the email address provided by the user or can be downloaded from transaction history. For claiming HRA through these rent receipts, users would need to provide the landlord’s PAN and the address of the rented premise.

Benefits of paying rent online using Pay Rent feature enables quick transfers, along with loads of benefits and offers. Users can also generate rent receipts instantly, for claiming tax deductions on their house rent allowance. The Pay Rent feature is available for credit card, debit card and UPI payments. Along with this, offers exclusive rewards and deals from leading brands, against rent payment through credit card. This is over and above the credit card reward points that banks offer for credit limit utilisation. So, as compared to any other service provider, users get to earn additional discounts, offers and a lot more goodies,by using’s Pay Rent feature.

While the Pay Rent platform allows rent payment through UPI and other mediums, credit card payments are the most rewarding, if you are planning to pay timely rent without putting your cash flows under stress.

Is it safe to pay through Housing Pay Rent?

Your security is our priority. Housing does not store any of your confidential information and all your transactions are secure and encrypted.

How do I benefit by using Housing Pay Rent?

Housing allows you to pay the house rent, office rent, security deposit etc through Credit Card. You will get to earn handsome cash-backs and reward points.

Are there any charges for using Housing Pay Rent?

We levy a small convenience charge when you pay through credit card. The amount is mentioned in the payment page and is included in the final payment.

How do I pay the house rent through Housing?

You will need to sign up and enter some basic details such as your landlord’s name, account information and your rent amount. This is a one-time activity only. The next time you will not be asked to enter all these details again.

Can I pay rent through Housing if my landlord is not registered on it?

Of course! Your landlord will receive the rent even if he is not registered on Housing. If you have entered the correct details of the bank, the transaction will be completed and the landlord will be notified on successful completion through an SMS.

How do I win rewards or cashbacks when I use Housing Pay Rent?

Offers, cashbacks, reward points, airmiles and much more await you when you pay through Housing. We have partnered with the best brands for the same. Credit card rewards vary from bank to bank. You can contact your bank to understand exactly how much you can expect when you spend your money online.

How will my landlord receive the rent through Housing?

You will be asked to enter your landlord’s bank account details. These details are verified and when you transact, Housing transfers the rent amount to your landlord’s account. The amount is usually transferred instantly. But sometimes, it may take up to 48 hours to reflect in the landlord's account.

How can I get the rent receipt after successful rent payment?

Rent receipts will be generated automatically and you will receive it on the email address that you have provided. You can also download it anytime from transaction history. Make sure that you have also provided us details such as your landlord’s PAN number and the rental address.

Will I be able to claim HRA if I pay through Housing?

Absolutely! You can submit the rent receipts to claim the HRA exemption. Housing generates receipts for all the payments you have completed.

What is Housing Coin?

For every user signing up using your referral code, you will get 1 Housing Coin which will be equivalent to 20% discount on your convenience fee

How many coins can I use per transaction?

You can use only one Housing Coin per transaction

What will I get when I refer my friends?

You will be getting one Housing Coin when your friend will use your referral code to make their first payment on Housing Pay on Credit

What will my friend get when I refer?

Any person who uses your referral code will get 20% off on the convenience fee

Can I refer a friend who is already registered with Housing?

Referral code is applicable on first transaction only

How many friends can I invite?

There is no limit on the number of people you can invite to Pay on Credit. So go & invite your whole world. You get the benefits every time a person joins with your code. So, more the friends you invite, the more you benefit.

What is my Invite Code?

Your invite code is ****

How can I invite my friends if I or my friend don’t use Whatsapp?

No problem. You can share your code with any other medium like a direct message, Facebook, etc. Just remember, your friend needs to use your code before making their first payment for both of you to benefit.

How much cashback will I get?

You get instant 50% cashback on your last payment’s convenience fee. Up to ₹300.

When is the cashback credited into my wallet?

When your friend’s first payment is successfully transferred to their beneficiary, we calculate the cashback amount basis your last payment and credit immediately into your wallet.

What benefit will my friend get?

Your friend gets an instant 20% off on the fee. Up to ₹300.

Where can my friend apply the code while making their first payment?

After installing the Housing app & starting a new payment with “Pay on Credit”, your friend will see the option “Have an invite code?” before clicking on the “Total Pay” button. They need to enter your code and apply before making the payment.

Can I only invite my friends?

You can invite anyone who has an Indian phone number but hasn’t paid on Pay on Credit before.

Can I invite someone who already uses Housing Pay on Credit?

No. You will only get the benefit when you invite people who haven’t paid on Pay on Credit before.

What is the wallet? How can I use it?

Your Housing wallet is just like an actual wallet. Every rupee in your wallet, without any limits whatsoever, can be used for your payments on Pay on Credit.

Is there a limit on the amount I can use from the wallet?

No. There is no limit on the amount you can use from your wallet on your payments on Pay on Credit.

How it works

  • Provide your beneficiary's details
  • Pay using credit card
  • Enjoy exclusive rewards instantly
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