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Yahan Search Khatam Karo
Best-in-industry products to give maximum project and brand visibility
Site Take Over
  • Most premium slot with 100% visibility to all users visiting the home page
  • USPs of the projects can be showcased on the homepage itself
City Slot
  • Unique City slot ideal for Developer branding and showcasing multiple projects
  • Single slot per city with impactful placement
Top Projects
  • Dedicated project slots focussing on top projects for the entire city
  • Project USP’s can be showcased right on the home page to aid high user engagement
Featured developer
  • Developer specific slot that can be used for branding and showcasing paid project portfolio
  • Directs users to an exclusive microsite highlighting paid projects
Featured Projects
  • Premium visibility at a project level on the city page with ability to highlight special offers
  • Directs users to Project Details Page from the slot
Trending Projects
  • Enhanced visibility on Home Page
  • Directs users to Project Details Page from the slot
  • Reach out to all home seekers interested in the particular locality
  • Highest visibility on the search page
  • One Static slot per locality ensuring maximum visibility
Mini Billboard
  • Increased visibility on the search page
  • Reach out to all home seekers interested in the particular locality
  • Automatic rotation of static slots
  • Enhanced Visibility on the search page
  • Reach out to all home seekers interested in the particular locality/city
  • Impactful placement in the centre to garner high interest from users
Digitally sophisticated and patented in-house technology products
  • Real and Virtual solutions for all stages of project
  • Builds experience using panoramic photography and 3D renders
  • Advanced user-friendly design with mobile compatibility to provide quick overview of the project
  • Highest selling product from our content-suite
  • Eliminate traditional brochures through this high engagement solution
  • Engage users anywhere anytime. Can be installed in Corporate parks, client offices, Exhibitions etc.
  • Most popular product among developers
  • Bring your project to life with the 3D model of the towers
  • Online inventory showcase tool with an option to instantly book the property
  • Simple and intuitive way to showcase your property
  • Virtual tour of project interiors and exteriors
  • Highlights USPs and amenities of the society
  • Create multiple configurations with customizable interiors without having to spend on a sample flat
Virtual Reality
  • Technology creates and simulates a realistic experience for prospective buyers, allowing them to explore and interact with properties at remote locations
  • Remotely showcases the entire project site or apartments
  • Show the view from different points within the apartment
  • Premium differentiated platform to showcase project portfolio
  • Superior UX to maximize conversion
  • Effectively communicates the brand story
Engaging video content to bring together all vital aspects of the project or locality
Drone Interactive
  • Interactive VR product to give panoramic view of the project locality
  • Showcase project location from nearby landmarks
  • Ease of accessibility on all mobile/desktop devices
Area Wiki
  • Give clients a complete overview of the city and the project locality
  • Video combining digital animation and actual project footage
  • Highlight USPs of project locality in terms of facilities and connectivity
Short Videos
  • Enhance your sales pitch with visually appealing content which creates stories that engage users
  • Showcase project and society amenities
  • Help users visualize ready flats in multiple configurations through renders and panoramas
Video Connect
  • First-in-industry video call feature enabled project card
  • Best way to instantly connect with high-intent customers giving the communication a personalized touch
Housing Webinars
  • Most indispensable tool for Marketing Strategy
  • Reach out to high intent potential buyers and engage them effectively
  • Effective tool to make soft sales
  • Host webinar with one of the most trusted brand across country