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1. Finding a house

How to research for your dream home and location, and choose a property type that suits your requirements

How Do I Begin My Home Search?
The most important step of buying a home, is choosing a property that’s right for you. This involves several steps of research and due diligence. It's advisable to use a mix of resources for finding a home to stay informed.
Your quality of life will depend on the location you choose for your home. Choose a location based on:
  • Connectivity with your workplace
  • Ease of commute
  • Presence of basic amenities/markets
  • Future appreciation prospects
  • Social infrastructure
  • Explore More
Property Types
  • Under Construction Properties
  • Ready-to-move Properties
  • Resale Properties
Property price - Discount over market rate
Fund security- Risky
Possession delivery - Delays possible
Construction quality check - Verifiable at possession time
Social infrastructure - Not present
Physical infrastructure - May not be present
Return on investment - High
Loan facility - Depends on project
Overall risk- High
Suitable for – Investor
Under Construction properties appreciate faster, but ready-to-move flats can earn 1.5% to 2% (of the property value) per annum if you lease it.
Areas Explained
Carpet area
Includes wall to wall area, balcony and closets, not building's common spaces
Built up area
Generally 10% more than the carpet area. Property taxes in many states are calculated on the basis of built-up area.
Super built up area
Built-up area plus a portion of the building’s common areas, such as the lobby, gallery, staircases and elevators excluding terrace, garden, parking
Built up area is approximately 110% of carpet area. Built up area is used to calculate taxes.Loading Factor - The Loading Factor is a percentage added to the carpet area to come up with the Super Built up area: ‘Carpet area x (1 + Loading factor) = Super built-up area’.