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HDFC Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home Loan Bank Information

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Processing Fees
Kotak Mahindra Bank
1 - 20
Rs 20000
1 - 30
Rs 3000
Bajaj Housing Finance
1 - 20
0.3 %
LIC Housing Finance
0 - 30
Rs 10000
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HDFC Home Loans services provide its customers with the most suitable home loan policies with feasible interest rates.

What is a Home Loan EMI?

HDFC EMIs or Equated Monthly Instalments are the monthly payments that a borrower makes towards his home loan every month to the lender or the bank, in this case, HDFC. One can use a HDFC home loan EMI calculator online to check how much one has to pay every month and how to calculate the HDFC housing loan EMI. This online tool works on loan parameters like loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure.

  • This is the total amount paid towards the home loan that includes both the principal amount plus the interest charged, divided monthly across the loan tenure.
  • It is paid on a fixed date every month to the bank or the lender.
  • HDFC home loans interest rates start at 6.75% p.a..
  • HDFC offers special discounted rates to female borrowers.
  • HDFC home loan EMIs start from Rs.649 per lac.
  • It offers smart features such as top-up loans and flexible repayment options.

How to check your Home Loan EMI with the Calculator?

Any borrower can easily and readily use the HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator to find out his monthly home loan EMIs. One needs to input some necessary details based upon which the calculator tool will compute the EMIs one has to pay and display the results.
Here are the steps that one needs to follow to check one’s Home Loan EMIs with the help of this calculator.

  • Access the EMI Calculator tool online.
  • Enter the type of property required and the city of residence.
  • Enter the required loan amount for the home loan.
  • Enter the loan term needed.
  • Enter the applicant’s contact details like email ID and mobile number.
  • The applicant may be required to tick inside a check box that authorizes the lender and its partners to contact them.
  • Click on “Proceed”
  • The calculator will then display the EMI chart. It will also show the total amount paid towards the principal, the interest amount charged, and the total amount payable towards the loan.

How does HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator help?

Knowledge of the home loan EMIs is crucial for calculation of home loan eligibility. Buyers can then plan their home purchase better. HDFC’s Home Loan EMI calculator makes it easier for the home loan borrowers to calculate and estimate their EMIs for a given loan amount, loan tenure, and interest rate.

  • By using the calculator, customers can gain a clear understanding of the EMI that the borrowers need to keep ready every month.
  • This helps to make a judicious decision about the housing loan EMIs every month.
  • Customers can also estimate the loan amount they can get from HDFC. It helps to assess their finances as required for the property purchase.
  • This calculator is provided as a general self-help planning tool. The results for EMI calculation will depend on several factors, like loan amount, tenure, income, interest rates, etc. Hence, results vary from one user to the other.

What is HDFC Home Loan Amortization Schedule?

Home loan buyers can reduce the home loan debt with regular payments over the loan period with the process of Loan amortization. This is the process of payment of EMIs or the Equated Monthly instalments. The loan EMIs remain uniform throughout the tenure of the home loan. Also, the amount paid as EMIs is credited towards the principal amount of the loan and interest charged on it. Generally, the initial instalments contribute towards the interest amount. The later EMI instalments repay the principal.

The Home Loan Amortization Schedule gives a detailed table for month-wise calculation of EMIs. It represents the breakdown of the principal and interest amount paid towards the home loan every year in the form of the repayment amount.

With the help of the HDFC EMI calculator, one can get a clear picture and understanding of the proportion of the principal amount to the interest due that one has to pay. This will be based on the interest rates and the loan tenure. The HDFC Home Loan EMI calculator will also provide a Home Loan Amortization table showing the repayment schedule.

Factors affecting Home Loan EMI

  • Loan Amount – This amount borrowed from HDFC for a home loan by a borrower affects his home loan EMI. The EMI is high if one applies for a higher loan amount. With HDFC, you can get a home loan for a minimum of Rs. 5 lakhs up to Rs. 5 crores.
  • Loan Tenure – The number of years required to repay the home loan is known as the tenure of the loan. Low loan tenure, i.e., less number of years to repay, will mean higher EMIs, while long repayment tenure implies lower EMI. HDFC offers home loans for maximum loan tenure of 30 years.
  • Interest Rate – The interest rate is the rate charged by HDFC on the home loan. It depends on the type of loan and the nature of the applicant, whether salaried or self-employed, and the type of the property. If the interest rate is higher, the home loan EMI will also be higher, and so will be the total cost of the loan. One can calculate their EMIs using HDFC Home Loan EMI calculator before applying for a home loan.


Will my current debts affect my Home loan EMI?

It is advisable to evaluate your current debts or other EMI obligations before taking a home loan from HDFC. The amount of debts you will have will influence your EMIs and increase the burden on your repayments.

What is the eligibility to apply for an HDFC home loan?

The major eligibility criterion to avail one of the various types of Home loan schemes from HDFC is the age of the applicant which should lie between 18 to 70 years and the income which should be a minimum of 25,000 INR.

What is the maximum loan tenure one can get from HDFC Home Loan Services?

Customers can get a loan for the maximum tenure of 30 years as the scheme may permit and as per the Bank board discretion.

How much LTV does HDFC provide?

HDFC Bank provides an LTV of up to 90% of the amount.

Is the HDFC Home Loan EMI fixed or constant?

Generally, the HDFC Home Loan EMI remains fixed, subject to bank approval, unless the borrower repays the loan before term or there is a change in the tenure. However, if one opts for a floating interest rate on the home loan, the EMI will be variable.

I have just taken a home loan with HDFC. When does my EMI start?

The customer’s EMIs will start from the month after the month in which the home loan disbursement is done. For loans for under-construction properties, EMIs start after the home loan disbursement is complete. However, customers can start paying their EMIs just after the first disbursement. Their EMIs will increase proportionately with every subsequent disbursement. For cases where the whole loan amount is disbursed as a lump sum, as in case of resale, the EMIs will start subsequent to the month of disbursement on the total loan amount.

When will my HDFC Home Loan EMI be due?

Customers will have their HDFC Home Loan EMI due on a fixed date each month. This Bank will notify them the date at the time of loan disbursement. Customers will be required to pay their EMIs throughout the loan tenure till they have paid off their home loan.

What will happen if I miss paying my EMI?

A missed payment of EMI can be considered as a default. If has not made any payments in the last 90 days or more, it will be taken as a major default. It will get marked in the borrower’s credit report and will impact his credit score. This will impact his eligibility to get other loans in the future. Borrowers are advised to keep an emergency fund so that their EMI payments are not impacted.

Can I pay my EMIs ahead of my payment schedule?

Yes, HDFC Bank provides the option to repay the home loan ahead of its schedule. Borrowers can make lump sum payments towards part or full prepayment of the home loan. This is subject to the applicable prepayment charges and penalties.

What is the number of instalments for HDFC Home Loan disbursement?

After HDFC Bank receives the customer’s request for disbursement, the bank will disburse the loan in full or in instalments. The disbursement EMIs are not more than three in number. For under construction property, the bank will disburse the loan amount in instalments based on the progress of construction. The progress will be assessed by HDFC and by the developer.

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