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Checklist for buying a home

Buying your first home is a big decision you will be called upon to take. Your home is the biggest asset you will create, and therefore you need to spend enough time and effort choosing the right property, that will serve you and your family’s needs for long years ahead. It’s not just the finances you have to be worried about but you also need to see whether the house you can afford at this stage, is fulfilling all your needs.

Usually one is so harrowed while looking for the right property that fits one’s budget, that it’s easy to slip up on a few basic requirements that may turn out to be glitches in your lifestyle later. Just so you don’t fall into any such trouble at a later date, we have drawn up a comprehensive checklist that will give you better clarity on the things you need to keep in mind while choosing a property.





Is it a new or a resale property?


New                   Resale

How old is the property?


# Number of years:

How large is the property?


Small                  Medium           Large

Is the street on which the property located a quiet one?


Yes                     No

Have there been incidents of crime in the area?


Yes                     No

How many bedrooms does it have?


1                         2                     3               4+        

How many bathrooms does it have?


1                         2                     3+

Is there a bathroom in the master bedroom?


Yes                     No

Is there a separate dining room in the house?


Yes                     No

Does it come with a garage or a car park?


Garage               Car park           Neither

Can the seniors in your family access the house easily?


Yes                     No

How close is the house (in terms of distance kms) to:


Your workplace           Your spouse’s workplace

Public transport           Schools

Malls                          Parks

Recreation facilities     Restaurants

Places of worship        Hospitals

Police station              Fire station



When you are looking for the right property, it's wise to give yourself enough time. Take into consideration all the requirements and necessities of your family now and at a later stage. Don’t make any rash decisions or make severe compromises on basic requirements. Armed with this checklist that we have provided, we hope you will be able to make a wise decision as you shortlist properties that fit your budget. As a first time home buyer you need to put your foresight to its best use and think what your future will be like in this home! After all, the home is indeed where the heart is!