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119 Independent Houses & Villas for Sale in Mangadu

2 BHK Independent House (900 sq.ft)
48.0 L
Melma Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
3 BHK Independent House (1368 sq.ft)
50.0 L
Blessing villa, KK Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
4 BHK Independent House (2436 sq.ft)
1.5 Cr
Shriram Divine City, Then Colony, Mangadu, Chennai
2 BHK Independent House (1080 sq.ft)
70.0 L
KK Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
2 BHK Independent House (800 sq.ft)
42.7 L
Mangadu, Chennai
2 BHK Independent House (625 sq.ft)
41.0 L
Srinivasa Nagar, KK Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
4 BHK Independent House (1500 sq.ft)
72.0 L
MGR Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
2 BHK Independent House (1161 sq.ft)
73.0 L
Melma Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
5 BHK Independent House (5600 sq.ft)
2.0 Cr
KK Nagar, Mangadu, Chennai
2 BHK Independent House (840 sq.ft)
35.0 L
Mangadu, Chennai
Last Updated: May 15, 2021
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Independent Houses & Villas for Sale in Mangadu

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Buying an Independent House in Mangadu? offers 74+ 2 BHK and 21+ 4 BHK Independent House for sale in Mangadu. Choose from 58+ Resale House and 54+ House from Owners in Mangadu. ✓100% Verified Properties.Collapse
Gallery Cover Image of 1368 Sq.ft 3 BHK Independent House for buy in Mangadu for 5000000
₹50.0 L
EMI starts at ₹26.48 K
Build Up Area
1368 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹3.65 K/sq.ft
Special Highlights
Power Backup
Ceramic Tiles
Close to Bus Stop
Emulsion Paints
Property for sale in Porur, Chennai. This 3 BHK Independent House is located in Chennai's most promising location. This Independent House's price is Rs 50 L. The built-up area is 1368 Square feet. The property has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathroom. This property also enjoys power backup facility. Regular water supply is available. This Independent House is strategically located within close distance of famous healthcare centres such as Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital, Porur, and Venkateswara Homeopathic. Schools like Devi Academy Senior Secondary School, St Pauls Matriculation ...Collapse
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Gallery Cover Image of 2436 Sq.ft 4 BHK Independent House for buy in Shriram Divine City, Mangadu for 15000000
₹1.5 Cr
EMI starts at ₹74.47 K
Build Up Area
2436 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹6.16 K/sq.ft
4 BHK Independent House for sale in Chennai. This property is in Mangadu, which is a coveted investment location. This tastefully designed 4 BHK unit is among Chennai's best properties. Contact now for more details. Monthly maintenance charges come to Rs 12180. It is best suited for all kinds of families. Because this property is spacious, with a built-up area of 2436 Square feet. The carpet area is 1656 Square feet. This is a East facing property. It has 4 bathroom and 4 bedrooms. This property has lift. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy sports facilities provided in this project such as sports fa...Collapse
PPrime User
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Gallery Cover Image of 1500 Sq.ft 4 BHK Independent House for buy in Mangadu for 7200000
₹72.0 L
EMI starts at ₹38.13 K
Build Up Area
1500 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹4.80 K/sq.ft
Looking for a 4 BHK Independent House for sale in Chennai? Your search ends here. Buy this 4 BHK property in Chennai's finest location, Mangadu. This Independent House is available at a reasonable price of Rs 72.0 L. Maintenance charges in this property is Rs 0. The built up area of this property is 1500 Square feet. This property is South facing. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathroom. This property has power backup facility. Regular water supply is available. There are a number of reputed schools in the vicinity such as Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Padma Subramaniam Bala Bhavan Matriculation Higher ...Collapse
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4.38 km away34 properties

News & Articles around Mangadu
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Gallery Cover Image of 5600 Sq.ft 5 BHK Independent House for buy in Mangadu for 20000000
₹2.0 Cr
EMI starts at ₹99.29 K
Build Up Area
5600 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹3.57 K/sq.ft
Check out this 5 BHK Independent House for sale in Mangadu, Chennai. This 5 BHK Independent House is perfect for a modern-day lifestyle. Mangadu is a promising location in Chennai and this is one of the finest properties in the area. Buy this Independent House for sale now. The property's price is Rs 2.0 Cr. Residents in this property pay Rs 0 towards maintenance. This property is a modern-day abode, with 5600 Square feet built-up area. It is a East-facing property. The unit has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathroom. It is a safe surrounding with cctv facility. This property also has power backup facility...Collapse
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Gallery Cover Image of 1900 Sq.ft 4 BHK Independent House for buy in Mangadu for 7600000
No photo available for this property
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₹76.0 L
EMI starts at ₹37.73 K
Build Up Area
1900 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹4.00 K/sq.ft
A 4 BHK Independent House for sale in Mangadu, Chennai. This beautifully designed 4 BHK unit with all the modern-day comforts is one of Mangadu's most desired properties. Contact now for more information. The price of this Independent House is Rs 76.0 L. Each unit has a built-up area of 1900 Square feet. There are 4 bedrooms. This residential property is near Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Padma Subramaniam Bala Bhavan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, and St Mary Matri Higher Secondary School. It is also close to Lakshmi Hospital, Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, ...Collapse
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Frequently Asked Questions about Mangadu

What are the best areas to buy Houses in and around Mangadu, Chennai?

The best areas to buy Houses near Mangadu, Chennai are :

How many resale Houses are available in Mangadu, Chennai?

There are 58 resale Houses available in Mangadu, Chennai.

How many without brokerage Houses for sale are available in Mangadu, Chennai?

There are 59 Without Brokerage Houses available for sale in Mangadu, Chennai.

What is the price range per sqft. for Houses in Mangadu, Chennai?

The average price per sqft for Houses in Mangadu, Chennai is Rs. 5,119. The price range per sqft is Rs. 2,727 - Rs. 9,285. Know more.

How many Houses for sale are available in Mangadu, Chennai?

There are 145 Houses available for sale in Mangadu, Chennai.

How many Ready to move Houses are available in Mangadu, Chennai?

There are 129 Ready to Move Houses available in Mangadu, Chennai. See all!
Total number of properties: 119
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Gallery Cover Image of 2000 Sq.ft 3 BHK Independent House for buy in Mangadu for 9500000
₹95.0 L
EMI starts at ₹47.16 K
Build Up Area
2000 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹4.75 K/sq.ft
-Resale property 5 year old -500 meter from main road -Walkable from mangadu amman temple. -House sale with Full furnished including furnisher. -Car parking -Negotiable price -Duplex house -30 ft road -Bore water level 50 ft -Cmda approved -5km from kundrathur -6km from porur -1 km from poonamalle -800 m from main roadCollapse
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