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Omshakthy Homes (Madras) Private Limited was incorporated in the year 1991 with the sole purpose of consolidating land that would be used for projects in the future that can incorporate a plethora of options such as setting up of Industries, Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and most importantly residential space around prime locations in the city. In 1998, Omshakthy Homes (Madras) Private Limited took its first step into the Real Estate business as a contractor and executed orders from third parties. Its high standards of quality with utmost sincerity and professionalism has turned every property development into a success. Having successfully constructed and delivered projects in excess of 5 million sq.ft. since its inception and conforming to high quality with commitment to timely delivery, the Company's knowledge in land dynamics after having aggregated over 5000 acres has encouraged them to foray into Residential projects since 2006. The company's first project was a relatively small one in K.K. Nagar, Chennai and from there on it have grown exponentially and has set its aims at becoming Chennai’s top developers in the coming years. Omshakthy Homes (Madras) Private Limited is proud of the fact that its success is based on transparency and its in-house capabilities. In the thirst for knowledge upgradation and innovative methods, the Company is also adopting new techniques in construction. Its aim is to bring Omshakthy Homes as a one stop destination to cater to the various needs of the customers ranging from residential plots to high end villas.