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Convert Cent to Square Feet

One Cent is equal to 435.56 Sq Ft
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About Cent

Cent is an area measurement unit, used mainly in India's southern states along with other units such as Guntha, Ground and Anakanam. States where the unit is still sometimes used for areas measurement purposes include Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. However, in most parts, the units of the metric system are commonly used in real estate transactions.

One cent has been standardized as an area of 1⁄100 of an acre.

1 Cent is equal to:

0.01 acre

0.03025 bigha

0.605 katha

9.68 chatak

48.4 gaj

0.0004 murabba

0.01 killa

0.32266666666667 biswa

6.05 ankanam

0.4 guntha

0.08 kanal

1.5999941230703 marla

48.4 square yard

435.6 sqft

62726.440144922 square Inch

0.0040468603387248 hectare

0.1815 ground

0.4 gunta

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Hectares, acres, square meters and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India. While Bigha and Marla are commonly used in the North, terms such as Cent, Guntha and Ground belong to the South. Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State.

How much is Cent in Square Feet terms?

One Cent is equal to 435.56000000000000227374 Square Feet.

How much is Square Feet in Cent terms?

One Square Feet is equal to 0.00229589493999999986 Cent. Click here to convert
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