Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2021: Best dates for a house warming ceremony

A Griha Pravesh ceremony is believed to bring in positivity and good fortune, for the people who live in the house. Here’s your Shubh Muhurat guide so that you can plan in advance, for a perfect Griha Pravesh ceremony in 2021.

A ‘Griha Pravesh’ or a house warming ceremony, is performed only once for a home. So, it is essential to take care of every detail, to avoid mistakes. If you have recently bought a home, you will need to select the right date for the ceremony. It is better to plan the Griha Pravesh ceremony well in advance, to avoid problems in the last minute. Early planning can help you to lock in on the best Shubh Muhurat for your Griha Pravesh. Else, you may have to remain content with a normal muhurat, if you delay in finalising the date.

To make things easier for you, we have listed the auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in 2021.


Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurat dates in 2021

Narendra Jain, expert at Arihant Vastu, says, “For the Griha Pravesh, many people consider Kharmaas, Shraad, Chaturmaas, etc., to be inauspicious. The panchang may vary from region to region. So, one must consult an astrologer, before finalising the date as per the panchang followed in their area.” The auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in 2021 are as mentioned below:


Griha Pravesh DateDayTithi
9 January 2021SaturdayEkadashi
12 February 2021FridayDauj
14 February 2021SundayChauth
15 February 2021MondayPanchmi
20 February 2021SaturdayNavmi
22 February 2021MondayEkadashi
8 March 2021MondayDashmi
9 March 2021TuesdayEkadashi
14 March 2021SundayPratipada
15 March 2021MondayDauj
1 April 2021ThursdayChaturthi
11 April 2021SundayAmavasya
16 April 2021FridayChaturthi
20 April 2021TuesdayAshtami
26 April 2021MondayChaturdashi
13 May 2021ThursdayDauj
14 May 2021FridayAkshaya Tritiya
21 May 2021FridayDashmi
22 May 2021SaturdayEkadashi
24 May 2021MondayTeras
26 May 2021WednesdayPratipada (lunar eclipse)
4 June 2021FridayEkadashi
5 June 2021SaturdayEkadashi
19 June 2021SaturdayDashmi
26 June 2021SaturdayDauj
1 July 2021ThursdaySaptmi
17 July 2021SaturdayAshtmi
24 July 2021SaturdayPurnima
26 July 2021MondayTritiya
4 August 2021WednesdayEkadashi
12 August 2021ThursdayChaturthi
14 August 2021SaturdayChatt
20 August 2021FridayTryodashi
5 November 2021FridayDauj
6 November 2021SaturdayTritiya
10 November 2021WednesdaySaptmi
20 November 2021SaturdayDauj
29 November 2021MondayDashmi
13 December 2021MondayDashmi


Griha Pravesh dates in January 2021 (Magha)

  • January 9, Saturday – Ekadashi

There is only one shubh mahurat for Griha Pravesh in January 2021. You can consult the priest for more suitable dates as per your horoscope.


Griha Pravesh dates in February 2021 (Faghun)

  • February 12, Friday- Dauj
  • February 14, Sunday- Chauth
  • February 15, Monday – Panchmi
  • February 20, Saturday-Navmi
  • February 22, Monday- Ekadashi

While there are very few auspicious dates for the housewarming ceremony in February, these mahurats can be considered only after consulting with a priest.


Griha Pravesh dates in March 2021 (Chaitra)

  • March 8, Monday-Dashmi
  • March 9, Tuesday- Ekadashi
  • March 14, Sunday- Pratipada
  • March 15, Monday-Dauj

Since are very few auspicious dates for the Griha Pravesh ceremony due to Rahu Kaal, this mahurat should be considered only after consulting with a priest.


Griha Pravesh dates in April 2021 (Baisakha)

  • April 1, Thursday- Chaturthi
  • April 11, Sunday- Amavasya
  • April 16, Friday- Chaturthi
  • April 20, Tuesday- Ashtami
  • April 26, Monday- Chaturdashi

As there are very few auspicious dates for the housewarming ceremony in this month, these mahurats can be considered only after consulting with a priest. The above-listed dates are suggested as good days for Griha Pravesh based on generic mahurats.


Griha Pravesh dates in May 2021 (Baisakha/Jyestha)

  • May 13, Thursday – Dauj
  • May 14, Friday – Tritiya
  • May 21, Friday – Dashmi
  • May 22, Saturday – Ekadashi
  • May 24, Monday – Teras
  • May 26, Wednesday – Pratipada

Akshaya Tritiya falls on May 14-15 and is considered one of the most auspicious dates for housewarming ceremony


Griha Pravesh dates in June 2021 (Jyestha/Ashadh)

  • June 4, Friday – Ekadashi
  • June 5, Saturday – Ekadashi
  • June 19, Saturday – Dashmi
  • June 26, Saturday – Dauj

June 10 is another auspicious mahurat but due to solar eclipse you may need to avoid this day. You can consult your priest for more details.


Griha Pravesh dates in July 2021 (Ashadh/Sharavan)

  • July 1, Thursday – Saptami

You can consult the astrologer for more Griha Pravesh mahurats.


Griha Pravesh dates from mid-July to October 2021 (Sharavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik)

There are no auspicious dates during this period. Griha Pravesh during these months brings in negative energy and can result in financial losses and health problems. However, property owners can consult with their priest, to find a date that can be suitable for one’s home.


Griha Pravesh dates in November 2021 (Kartik/Margasirsa)

  • November 5, Friday – Dauj
  • November 6, Saturday – Tritiya
  • November 10, Wednesday – Saptmi
  • November 20, Saturday – Dauj
  • November 29, Monday – Dashmi

Deepavali in 2021 falls on November 4. You can consult your priests for more auspicious dates after the festival.


Griha Pravesh dates in December 2021 (Margasirsa/Paus)

  • December 13, Monday – Dashmi


Auspicious days for Griha Pravesh in 2021, month-wise

February12, 14, 15, 20, 22
March8, 9, 14, 15
April1, 11, 16, 20, 26
May13, 14, 21, 22, 24, 26
June4, 5, 19, 26
July1, 17, 24, 26
August4, 12, 14, 20
SeptemberNo good days in this month
OctoberNo good days in this month
November5, 6, 10, 20, 29


Auspicious festivals for Griha Pravesh in 2021

January 14, 2021Makarsankranti / Pongal
January 28, 2021Thaipusam
February 16, 2021Vasant Panchami
March 11, 2021Maha Shivaratri
April 2, 2021Ramanavami
April 12, 2021Hindi New Year
Apr 13, 2021Ugadi / Gudi Padwa / Telugu New Year
Apr 14, 2021Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu
April 14, 2021Tamil New Year
April 15, 2021Bengali New Year / Bihu
April 27, 2021Hanuman Jayanti
May 14, 2021Akshaya Tritiya
June 10, 2021Savitri Pooja
July 12, 2021Puri Rath Yatra
July 24, 2021Guru Purnima
August 30, 2021Krishna Janmashtami
September 10, 2o21Ganesh Chaturthi
October 6, 2021Navaratri begins
October 6, 2021Mahalaya Amavasya
October 14, 2021Navaratri ends / Maha Navami
October 15, 2021Dusshera
October 19, 2021Sharad Purnima
November 4, 2021Dhanteras
November 4, 2021Diwali
November 6, 2021Bhai Dooj
November 11, 2021Chhath Puja
November 19, 2021Kartik Poornima
December 12, 2021Dhanu Sankranti
December 14, 2021Geeta Jayanti


Days to avoid for Griha Pravesh ceremony

While most of the people prefer to perform the Griha Pravesh ceremony after consulting a local priest, there are few days which should be avoided for any kind of auspicious work including property purchase, house warming, etc. These include:

  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Lunar months (Consult a local priest for exceptions).

Note: According to religious texts like Dharmasindhu, the Griha Pravesh ceremony should not be done while Shukra Tara and Guru Tara are Asta or set. Also note, Griha Pravesh auspicious dates and timings are location-based (depending on sunrise and sunset time) and hence, one should consult with a local priest, before proceeding with the ceremony.


Important points to consider, for a Griha Pravesh ceremony

Vikash Sethi, CEO and promoter, says, “Before entering the new home and finalising the Griha Pravesh date, ensure that your home is ready to be occupied. Ensure that the home is not vacant and someone from the family lives in it, immediately after the Griha Pravesh ceremony.” Sethi suggests keeping the following points in mind, before doing the Griha Pravesh:

  • Ensure that there is no dwar vedh (obstacle) in front of your home’s main entrance.
  • Keep the house neat and clean on the day of the Griha Pravesh.
  • Light up the house and use flowers for fragrance, while decorating the home.
  • Perform the Griha Pravesh during the exact muhurat recommended by the astrologer/expert.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, you may perform the Griha Pravesh with your family members only. Once the lockdown is lifted completely, you can invite relatives and friends and, organise a big party on another date, as per your convenience. As you will not do another Griha Pravesh for the same home again, hence, avoid an unplanned entry. Take your time and decide the date carefully, while keeping all other details also in mind.


गृह प्रवेश शुभ मुहूर्त 2020

Types of Griha Pravesh pujas

There are three types of Griha Pravesh ceremony, according to Hindu traditions:

Apoorva: If you are entering your new home, it is called Apoorva Griha Pravesh.

Sapoorva: If you are re-entering your home after a long period of time, it is called as Sapoorva Griha Pravesh.

Dwandhav: If you left your home, because of a natural calamity and are now re-entering your home after a long period of time, you have to perform Griha Pravesh Puja Vidhi. It is known as Dwandhav Griha Pravesh.


Griha Pravesh invitation cards

If you are planning to send out cards for a housewarming ceremony or Griha Pravesh puja, you may follow these tips. to design a beautiful card for the event:

  1. Check out the trending cards on social media for inspiration. You can also choose from thousands of layouts available freely on the internet.
  2. You can design your own cards on self-designing platforms such as Canva. You can also try out video cards that are easy to create using video editing platforms like Vimeo or Inshot.
  3. For designing, you can choose a family portrait as a background image. Apart from this, you can opt for traditional motifs, to decorate the card.
  4. Always mention the complete details about the event including the new address, date and time. You can also add a link to Google Maps, so that your guests can easily reach the destination. If you are handing out physical cards, you can put a QR code on it, to link it to Google Maps.
  5. Mention the contact number of a family member on the invitation card, who can guide the guests about the neighborhood.


Tips for planning a stress-free housewarming party 

While a housewarming party is a perfect way to show off your new home, you need not fuss over the preparation. Here are a few tips for throwing a housewarming party without any stress:

  1. Wait until your home is in reasonable shape. Have the furniture in place and unpack some of the boxes. It is fine if it takes a few months.
  2. For party invites, you can draft a simple email or a message and you can send it out a few days in advance. You can also schedule your email and ask your guests to RSVP so that you can plan for food and drinks accordingly.
  3. Do not forget to invite your neighbours. This is the best way to get to know them and break the ice.
  4. If you have not unpacked completely, most of your cookware may still be in boxes. You can simply order bite-size foods that can be kept at room temperature, or cheese and cookie platters.
  5. Use sturdy paper plates made from recyclable materials for serving the meal. These are easier to clean and dispose of, once the party is over.


Tips for organising a Griha Pravesh pooja

  • Consult your priest, to find an auspicious date and time for the Griha Pravesh. This is to prepare everything beforehand and invite your near and dear ones, so that they can become a part of this auspicious moment.
  • Do not forget to invite the nearest neighbours. It will be ideal if you can invite them formally, as this would start a cordial relationship between the families.
  • Arrange comfortable rugs or mattresses for floor seating. Make sure these are clean. Since the ceremony can be long, people should not feel any discomfort, when they are participating in the pooja.
  • When the Griha Pravesh ceremony is completed and the guests are about to leave, meet everyone to express your gratitude. Send them off with sweets and thank them for taking the time to participate in the pooja.



Can you shift household items before Griha Pravesh?

No, you should avoid shifting anything apart from the gas cylinder to your new house before the Griha Pravesh.

How to do Griha Pravesh Puja for rented house?

You can do Griha Pravesh Puja for your rented house exactly the same way you do for your own house.

Is Saturday a good day for Griha Pravesh?

It depends on the Tithi and nakshatra of that day.

Why do we boil milk in new house?

According to Hindu traditions, boiling milk symbolises prosperity.

Is it unlucky to move on a Friday?

It depends on the Tithi and nakshatra of that day.

Is a hawan necessary for Griha Pravesh puja?

Hawan ceremony purifies the home and attracts positive energies. That is why people prefer doing a hawan during Griha Pravesh Puja.

(With inputs from Surbhi Gupta)


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