Griha Pravesh 2018: Your shubh muhurat guide

As home owners tend to attach great significance to auspicious days for shifting to a new house, we offer some suggestions on how to make griha pravesh in 2018, function as smooth as possible

A ‘griha pravesh’ (house warming) ceremony is an auspicious moment, when a home buyer enters his/her property for the first time, after getting its possession. There is a common belief that there should be no bad omens during the griha pravesh and hence, people take precautions like scheduling the ceremony during a ‘shubh muhurat’ and performing rituals like a puja, havan, etc., with the help of a pandit. Given below are five important points that home buyers can follow, for a flawless griha pravesh.

1. Dates for griha pravesh muhurat in 2018

Vastu expert Narendra Jain of Arihant Vastu, points out that the griha pravesh dates may vary, depending on the ‘panchang’ that you follow. “The list of important griha pravesh dates in 2018 are:

  • April month: 19th, 20th and 27th
  • May month: 2nd and 11th
  • June month: 22nd, 25th, 29th and 30th
  • July month: 5th
  • November: 8th and 9th
  • December month: A few dates are available but it is advisable to consult your astrologer.

The period, from July-end to the starting of November 2018, is not suitable for a griha pravesh. It is important to find out good dates for the griha pravesh in advance and also know the exact time that would be suitable, for entering the home on that date, as per chaughadia,” Jain explains.


2. Vastu Shastra compliance of the house

Before you enter your home, it is important to fix all the Vastu faults, as once you start living in the home, it may become difficult to make changes. Vikash Sethi, CEO and founder, says, “You must not ignore Vastu faults, while entering your new home. If there are any faults and your home’s energy balance is disturbed, then, you may not feel good after entering your home.

“It is easier to rectify Vastu mistakes, before the griha pravesh.”


3. Griha pravesh: Tips for the main door of the house

There should be no obstacle in front of the main door, on the day you plan to perform the griha pravesh. It is believed that any obstacle in front of the door, on the day of the griha pravesh, will disturb the peace of the home.

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4. Ensure that the home is completely ‘ready-to-move-in’ before the griha pravesh

One should decide to perform the griha pravesh, only after the home is ready in every aspect. Haphazard placement of things, uncoloured walls or unfinished flooring, may cause problems at the time of performing the puja at home. Moreover, after the griha pravesh, the home should not be left vacant and at least one person must live in it. So, ensure that home is complete in all aspects, before you enter your new home.


5. Decorating the home for the griha pravesh

A home that is well-decorated, invites positive energy and removes negativity from the environment. Hence, ensure that your home is properly decorated, well-lit and ventilated with a fresh aroma in the air, on the day you perform the griha pravesh.


Other important points to consider, for a griha pravesh ceremony

One should also consider how to accommodate guests and relatives, during the griha pravesh ceremony. “For the griha pravesh of our home, we decided to perform a puja and havan, with only our family members. We invited our friends and relatives at a different time. This gave us time to rearrange things and meet the guests without any difficulty. It is not easy to manage a puja and the invitees, at the same time,” says Neha Jain, a homemaker who conducts creative classes for children, in Thane.

The procedure followed for a griha pravesh, may vary from person to person, as per their belief and religion. However, it is an important ritual for everybody. You can invite friends and relatives, to participate and dine together. Make a list of the things that may be required and keep all such things ready for the griha pravesh.

Avoid postponing the ceremony, as you may not get other good dates for griha pravesh in 2018 immediately, if you missed it once.