Bhunaksha Maharashtra : How to check land survey maps online in Maharashtra?

We explain how to check Bhunaksha Maharashtra website, to find out information about land including land map before you make a purchase

Maharashtra is the second-largest state in India, in terms of population. In order to curb property-related fraud, the National Informatics Centre developed a comprehensive platform, where property buyers and sellers can check the Bhunaksha Maharashtra online. Operated by the Maharashtra Revenue Department, one can download the land map of one’s land or property, free of cost, from the Bhu naksha Maharashtra website. Also known as Cadastral Maps, these Bhunaksha documents are an important piece of information that all new buyers should check, before signing any property deal.

Checking the bhunaksha or land map in Maharashtra helps you to make informed property-related decisions. It also saves much of your time, given that you need not make frequent trips to the government offices to get a hold of these land map.

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What is Bhunaksha?

Bhunaksha is a cadastral mapping software for the digitisation of land records. Bhunaksha (or land map) is necessary for making a record of property ownership.

Bhu naksha offers a way to find and verify the legality of the land parcel. Buyers can easily find out all the information about the land including land map and its type. Checking the bhu naksha data can save from frauds. The most important function of bhu naksha, is to demarcate the exact boundaries around the land parcel, to prevent the unauthorised possession of land.

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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: Who can use?

The bhu naksha tool is available for anybody who is interested in obtaining details of land. There are no charges involved in using Bhunaksha Maharashtra.

Maharashtra government also provides the Mahabhulekh portal that allows property owners to find documents like Satbara utara (7/12 extract) online. The Mahabhulekh and maha bhunaksha website simplifies the process of accessing land records for the citizens.

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Land survey maps online in Maharashtra: How to check bhu naksha?

Step 1: Visit the official website, Maha Bhunaksha at

Step 2: Choose the category (of land)- whether rural or urban on Bhunaksha Maharashtra and then select district, CTSO, division, map type. Alternatively, you may proceed to ‘search by plot number’ directly on Maha Bhunaksha.


How to Check Land Survey Maps Online in Maharashtra?


How to Check Land Survey Maps Online in Maharashtra?


Step 3: You can also choose to see the property card and plot report. You can see the name of the street, locality, cadastral survey, etc in the Bhunaksha Maharashtra online property card.


How to Check Land Survey Maps Online in Maharashtra?

Source: Maha Bhunaksha, Map report

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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: How to get plot map?

A plot report is the map of an area where the plot is situated and you can see this using Bhunaksha. So,a plot in Pune can be checked using Bhunaksha Pune, a plot in Nagpur can be checked using Bhunaksha Nagpur and a plot in Nashik can be checked using Bhunaksha Nashik. This report can be printed and gives you all the information about the location, owner as well as the map. A plot report can be generated to any scale and overlaying layers. Quality of the map has improved post Bhunaksha 3.0.

Let’s take another example:

Suppose we search for the bhu naksha for the following location:


bhu naksha in Maharashtra


The Bhunaksha page throws up the following information depending on which khata number we have selected


bhu naksha in Maharashtra


bhu naksha in Maharashtra


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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: How to print the report?

A lot of people have asked whether the Maharashtra bhu naksha and report can be downloaded and printed. Yes, you can download, print and save bhunaksha for your future reference. Simply opt for the ‘Show Report PDF’ option on the bhunaksha page and you can either save or print it.


Bhu Naksha Maharashtra: How to print the report?


Bhunaksha Maharashtra: List of districts with online bhu naksha

Districts in Maharashtra including Pune, Nagpur and Nashik have bhunaksha Pune, bhunaksha Nagpur and bhunaksha Nashik online. The others include:

  • Ahmednagar
  • Akola
  • Amravati
  • Aurangabad
  • Beed
  • Bhandara
  • Buldhana
  • Chandrapur
  • Dhule
  • Gadchiroli
  • Gondia
  • Hingoli
  • Jalgaon
  • Jalna
  • Kolhapur
  • Latur
  • Mumbai City
  • Mumbai Suburban
  • Nagpur
  • Nanded
  • Nandurbar
  • Nashik
  • Osmanabad
  • Palghar
  • Parbhani
  • Pune
  • Raigad
  • Ratnagiri
  • Sangli
  • Satara
  • Sindhudurg
  • Solapur
  • Thane
  • Wardha
  • Washim
  • Yavatmal

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Bhunaksha Maharashtra online: Access through smartphone

There is no official Maharashtra bhu Naksha mobile app download facility. A number of third-party apps are available on the app store, for Android and iPhone users to access this information. However, it is advisable to check the details on the Maha Bhunaksha website, to avoid missing out on latest updates and additions. Also, one need to be very discreet in using such apps as its authenticity is not known and you may also end up with malware in your device. For accurate information, go only to the government website.

Maha Bhunaksha is platform-independent and can be accessed through the browser by a desktop, as well as mobile client.


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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: What should you do if the bhu naksha is unavailable online?

In case you are unable to find the bhunakasha or city survey map online or plot report online, perhaps the authorities are still working on it and have not made it available online yet. In such cases, you can approach the concerned department. You can also write to to understand other alternatives.

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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: Benefits 

It is important to double-check plot details on Maha bhunakasha for the following reasons:

Is the plot legal?

Understand the legality of the plot and its allottment by the government, for public welfare, etc., through bhunaksha Maharashtra.

Verify details of the landowner

Maha Bhunaksha provides details of the landowner, such as their name, address, etc. The land records under various ‘Village Forms’ in Maha bhunaksha are maintained by the land records department. One can find all the relevant details like gaon nakasha with survey number, village name, taluka, gat number and survey number in the city survey map.

Know the plot size

It is possible to see/check the boundaries and size of the plot using bhunaksha Maharashtra.

Integrated records

The ROR (Record of Rights) and the land map can be obtained on the bhu naksha portal. The bhunaksha Maharashtra document contains every information that you would require, such as owner details, the record of cess, rent, tenant details, liabilities, etc.

Save your time

You can view the plot’s records online, anytime and this can reduce much of your efforts.

Bhunaksha Maharashtra: Salient features

  • It is developed using free and open-source software.
  • Works in Windows and Linux.
  • It has a centralised and distributed architecture.
  • Can be used on the web and on desktop and mobile applications.
  • The plugin architecture facilitates integration with the state’s ROR / master database.
  • You can divide a plot into multiple subdivisions in the same mutation.
  • There are many ways to create dividing lines. You can also use grid and background images to draw dividing lines.
  • Vector printing of maps is possible.
  • Plot maps and village maps can be displayed and printed at any scale.
  • Multiple plots can be divided in a single operation for cutting road/canal etc.
  • Partition history and audit trail is maintained in the software.

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Bhunaksha Maharashtra: Is there any official mobile app?

Mahabhumi does not have any official mobile application for searching your Bhu Naksha document in Maharashtra. Those available on Google Playstore are from third parties and are not affiliated with the Maharashtra government in any way. Applicants should be wary of making any payment through such apps for searching Bhunaksha Maharashtra.

Bhunaksha Maharashtra: Contact information

The state coordinator for Bhunaksha Maharashtra can be reached at

Datar SP

TD, NIC, Office of SC & DLR, Pune

Email id:


Can I print a map report and bhunaksha Maharashtra?

Yes, the bhunaksha Maharashtra report can be generated for A4, A1 or A0 size paper and can be printed using a plotter.

Is bhu naksha accurate?

Yes, since Bhunaksha Maharashtra is an initiative of the Government of India, the bhu naksha is updated from time to time and is the accurate representation as per land records department of each state.

What is record of rights?

Record of right or ROR is the collection of various revenue papers regarding a plot. It contains information about revenue matters and also keeps record of the rent, cess, title and tenant details, liabilities if any, etc.

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