Bhulekh Bihar: All about land records in Bihar

In this article, we would talk at length about the land record-keeping in Bihar and how to pay land tax in the state

In an agriculture-based economy such as India, land owners are not typically liable to pay heavy taxes on farm land. However, civic bodies do charge tax on land in India in specific cases, albeit at lower rates. Land owners in Bihar also have to pay land tax accordingly. Apart from making the payment in person, by visiting the offices concerned, land owners in the state can also do the same using online channels. We touch upon various aspects of how to pay land tax or lagaan in Bihar online.

Bihar bhumi (Land in Bihar)

This land revenue department of the state department, a planning, monitoring and administrative apex-level body, oversees various land-related operations in the state. The Patna-headquartered department, through the directorate of land records and surveys, maintains and develop land records for the entire state.

Bhumi Jankari Bihar

With a view to widen its land record base and provide easy access of these records to the common man, the Revenue and Land Reforms Department in Bihar has launched an online portal,, that has a wide variety of data.

The functions of this department include:

  1. Collection of land revenue, along with road cess, education cess, health cess, etc.
  2. Maintenance and updating of land records.
  3. Acquisition of land for public purposes.
  4. Conservation of government lands.
  5. Lease of government lands.
  6. Transfer of government lands to various departments of the state government and institutions.
  7. Survey and demarcation of land.
  8. Management and control of natural resources.

Bhulekh Bihar

The land revenue department in Bihar has an online database of land records on the portal More commonly known as Bhulekh Bihar, this portal helps citizens to view and access various land records.

Launched under the central government’s National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP) scheme, the portal allows users to gain access to a wide variety of information by using serial numbers or party names.

Information you can get on Bihar Bhumi Jankari and Bihar Bhulekh portal

Here is the land-related information that a user can access, through the Bihar Bhumi Jankari and Bihar Bhulkeh portals:

  • Cadastral survey khatian,
  • Revisional survey khatian
  • Consolidation khatian
  • Revenue village map
  • Jamabandi register
  • Transmutation register
  • Transition records
  • Mauzawar Rakshit register of conversion corrigendum
  • Bhoomi endowment register
  • Gair majrua mango
  • Khas and kaiser hind bhoomi register
  • Bhoomi delimitation land endowment register
  • Land delimitation record
  • Land purchase register
  • Vassal form record register
  • Vassal form record
  • Guard file of letters/circulars/resolutions/notifications issued by the state government
  • Site settlement register and records
  • Land measurement register and records
  • Real estate register
  • Sairat register
  • Land encroachment suit register and records
  • Bhoodan
  • Land rent fixation and settlement register records
  • Mahadalit land purchase and settlement records
  • Sairat settlement register records
  • Suit register records
  • Records religious trust, Waqf Board, graveyard, crematorium land, etc.


Frequently asked queries by Bhulekh Bihar users

Different processes have to be followed to obtain different sort of information through the Bihar land revenue department. Click on the links below to proceed with understanding the process to perform various tasks:

  1. Process to file mutation.
  2. Process to view online jamabandi
  3. Process to pay online bhu-lagan
  4. Process to file land possession certificate
  5. Process of parimarjan
  6. Process to view map
  7. Process of special survey
  8. Process of mutation
  9. Tri-junction identification process
  10. FAQ of Bihar special survey
  11. MARBLE (Map and Record Based Land Entitlement)


What is parimarjan?

Parimarjan is the Hindi term for correction. Using the parimarjan facility on the Bihar Bhumijankari portal, landowners in the state can correct the mistakes in their old records. You can make an application for correction in your land records in Bihar online on this portal and can track your application using the application ID generated on the portal, after the application is successfully made. Staff from the land revenue department may get in touch with you and ask you to furnish supporting documents, to correct the mistakes.


What is the minimum value register (MVR) in Bihar?

Using the minimum value register, a user can find land rates in various parts of Bihar. You can use the MVR tool on the Bihar Bhumijankari website. The minimum value register is a register containing state-fixed prices of land across the city of Bihar. In that sense, the minimum value of land is the equivalent of the circle rate, the government-fixed value below which a property cannot be registered in government’s records.


How to access land records in Bihar

Among the online services that the Bihar government provides, under its Bhumi Jankari programme, are land and property registration, information about land and property and model deeds. All this and more information can be accessed using the official portal of the department To provide various types of information through the Bihar Bhumijankari portal, the user must keep handy the details mentioned below:

  • Village
  • Tehsil
  • Mauja
  • Owner name
  • Khata number
  • Khasra number
  • Land type
  • Land value
  • Deed number

On the Bhumijankari portal, users can, for example, search their property document by deed number. To do so, they will have to key in details, such as the serial number or deed number, registration office and year-range.


Online tax payment in Bihar

Bihar state has digitised its land records, making it easy for land owners and tax payers in Bihar to check out their land tax (lagan) liability or make the payment. They can pay their lagan online, on the official Bihar Bhumi website. However, it is important to note that the site has some complicated land revenue terms in Hindi and the user must be aware of these terms, to complete the process without any hassles.

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Here is the step-by step guide, to paying land tax or lagan online, in Bihar.

Steps to pay land tax in Bihar

Step 1: Go to the official Bihar Bhumi website,

Step 2: From among the many options, select the one that says ‘ऑनलाइन भुगतान करें’’ (pay online).


Explained here is a step-by-step guide, to pay land tax in Bihar


Step 3: You will now be redirected to a page, where you will have to key in certain details before you can proceed. These include your district name, halka, mauja, anchal, etc. From among the many options, you have the choice to proceed by providing your plot number, or khata number, or raiyat name, etc. Key in these details and click on ‘खोजे’ (search). You can also select ‘समस्त पंजी-२ को नाम के अनुसार देखें’ option and start the search. This will show you a list of the khatas.

Note that a Khata number is an account number allotted to a family and denotes the entire landholding pattern among the members. The Khata number provides you the details of the owners and their total landholding.


Explained here is a step-by-step guide, to pay land tax in Bihar


Step 4: You will now be shown all the details about your land and your land tax liability, known as lagan in Hindi.


Explained here is a step-by-step guide, to pay land tax in Bihar


Explained here is a step-by-step guide, to pay land tax in Bihar


Step 5: Now click on ‘बकाया देखे’, to find out your land tax liability. The page that will now appear, will show your past payments and outstanding lagan liability and also give you an option to pay it online. Click on the pay online button.


Explained here is a step-by-step guide, to pay land tax in Bihar


Step 6: Now fill in your name, mobile number and address, check the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ box and click on ‘भुगतान करें’.

Step 7: You will be redirected to a page, where you will have to use your net banking details, to make the payment. The user must have internet banking credentials to proceed. After filling in the required details, your land tax bill will be paid and an online receipt will be generated.

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Things to remember while paying online lagan in Bihar

  • Before you start the online payment process, keep all the land related-details ready. Also keep all the banking information at hand, to proceed with the online payment.
  • Fill in each detail with utmost caution to finish the task quickly.
  • Owing to the heavy traffic on such government websites, the loading time is typically longer. Do not refresh the page unless one task is complete.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, avoid seeking help from a third party, to execute the tasks on the online portal, especially payment-related tasks. Do it yourself.
  • Users should also be mindful of the fact that it is not ideal to seek assistance of third parties to perform various tasks on the official portal. This might result in frauds at a later stage. Those who require outside help to complete various transactions should only seek assistance from authorised persons, to do so.

Contact information of Bihar land revenue department

Department of Revenue and Land Reforms

Old Secretariat, Bailey Road, Patna – 800015

Help Line No: 06122280012



What is land tax?

Owners have to pay a tax for the ownership of a property, to the civic bodies. Under the specific state laws, the owner has to pay a bi-annual or annual property tax on all his real estate possessions - land, plot or any improvements made on these pieces of land, including buildings, shops, homes, etc.

Can I pay lagan online in Bihar?

Yes, you can pay the land tax online on the Bihar Bhumi portal.


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