A guide to paying PCMC property tax

Follow this step-by-step guide, to pay property tax in Pimpri Chinchwad online

The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is counted as one of the richest civic bodies, owing to a large number of multi-national manufacturing units that are functional in the area. The area has also gained prominence as a real estate neighborhood, as the workforce employed in these manufacturing units started buying houses in the region. As a result, a number of housing societies and townships came up in the area, for which the infrastructure is provided by the PCMC. Property owners need to pay half-yearly property tax to the corporation, which can be easily done online. The PCMC was one of the first civic bodies to collect property tax digitally. Follow this step-by-step guide, to understand how to pay the PCMC property tax.


How to pay PCMC property tax?

Step 1: Visit the PCMC India portal and click on ‘Resident’, from the top menu.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 2: Select ‘Property Tax’ option, which will take you to an external website.

Step 3: Click on ‘Property Bill’ option after which you will be redirected to a new page.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 4: You will see four options to search your property details – ‘By Property Code’, ‘Search in Marathi’, ‘Search in English’ and ‘Back to Home page’.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 5: Enter the zone number, Gat number, owner name and address, to get your property bill.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 6: Click on ‘Show’, once you are prompted to display the property details on the screen.

Step 7: Scroll down to find the ‘Make Payment’ option.

Step 8: Enter your email-id and mobile number, choose the payment option and make the payment.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


PCMC property tax e-receipt

Your e-receipt is generated right after you make the payment. If the payment is not completed, or the receipt is not generated due to connectivity or technical problems, users should check the bank account for debit information. If the bank account is debited but the receipt is not generated instantly, you can come back to check again later, in three working days. The receipt will be available below the ‘Make Payment’ option on your property details page.


How to view PCMC property tax property bill?

Step 1: Visit PCMC Property Tax portal and click on ‘Property Bill’.

Step 2: Search your property details by entering the zone number, Gat number and owner’s name.

Step 3: Click on ‘Show’ option, to view your property bill.

Step 4: Search for ‘Total Amount to Pay (Amount with Concession-Fajil Amount)’ in the bill. This is the amount you have to pay as property tax, for the April-September period.


How to calculate PCMC property tax?

It is easy to self-assess the property tax amount for your property in the PCMC area, through a calculator available on the PCMC’s official site. Here is a step-by-step procedure, to calculate your property tax:

Step 1: Visit the PCMC Property Tax-Self Assessment Portal.

Step 2: Choose the zone and scroll down if you want to calculate property tax as a resident or NRI or for commercial property.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 3: Select the sub-use type, construction type and type in the property area.


A guide to paying PCMC property tax


Step 4: Your property tax amount will be calculated.


PCMC property tax news

Recently, the PCMC reported a drop in revenue by 79% due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Collections reportedly fell from Rs 57 crores to Rs 11 crores, year-on-year, for the same period. The authority is also planning to delay the property tax hike proposal, as property owners have been demanding a waiver for this year, because of the economic hardships during COVID-19.

The Corporation had proposed a hike in property tax, to increase its revenue. Once sanctioned by the standing committee, there will be an increase of 2.5% in the tax slabs. According to the civic body, there are over 5 lakh properties in the area, which include commercial, residential and vacant plots. Since there was no hike in property tax after 2013-14, all properties established before 2007 will come under the new hike, once approved.


PCMC contact details

While the PCMC property tax payment process is simple and user-friendly, the payee can reach out to the civic body, in case of problems.

PCMC Sarathi Helpline Number: 8888 00 6666

PCMC Sarathi website: Portal Link

Users can download FAQs, mobile apps, e-book and PDF book in Marathi and English, to resolve their queries.



How do I fill my PCMC property tax online?

Visit the PCMC website and follow the above given procedure, to pay your property tax.

How to check PCMC property tax bill online?

You can view the property tax bill on the PCMC property tax website.

Is Ravet under PCMC?

Yes, Ravet falls under the PCMC's jurisdiction.

What is meant by PCMC?

PCMC stands for Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.


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