Bhu Naksha MP: How to Check Plot Map Online?

In this article, we explain how to check the MP Bhu Naksha for details of land, through the Bhulekh MP web portal launched by the Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh

The Bhulekh MP web portal provides all land-related records to Madhya Pradesh citizens online. Launched by the Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh, the Madhya Pradesh bhu naksha website, also known as Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, is quite useful for those planning to buy a plot of land or property anywhere in the state. Through this portal, you can get the Bhu map of your property in MP, application form, village list, crop details, classification report of land and the geo map or bhu naksha. You can also get all the information about land and property mutation on this web portal.

In this article, we are going to understand how to check the MP bhu naksha of your land on the website.

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What is Bhu Naksha?

Bhunaksha refers to a comprehensive solution by the National Informatics Center (NIC), Government of India to facilitate management of digitized cadastral maps. Bhunaksha or land maps are crucial documents for making a record of property ownership. 

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Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot Bhulekh map?

You can now check the bhulekh map on your computer screen. Like the DLRS in Bihar, MP land records department is responsible for the management of these land-related documents online.

Step 1: To check the bhulekh map in MP, visit Madhya Pradesh’s official online portal called MP Bhulekh at


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 2: Login by entering your details. If you do not have the login information, please click on ‘register as public user’ and enter the details, to create your login id and password.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 3: Once registered, click on ‘Land Parcel Map’ on the homepage to proceed.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map

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You will see a pop-up page with two questions.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 4: On clicking ‘yes’ to the first question – ‘Do you want to view Village-wise parcel map?’ – you will be directed to the page, where you have to enter details of the land, such as zila, tehsil and village.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 5: Based on your selection, a thematic representation of the MP bhu naksha will be displayed on your screen. The bhulekh map in MP is shown below for one location.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 6: To get an MP village map, you can enter the khasra number details for further clarity. When you enter or select a particular khasra, all the details regarding its owner/s, size of the plot and nature of the plot will be displayed.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map


Step 7: On clicking ‘Yes’ for the second question – ‘Do you want to take certified copy of parcel map?’ – you will get a certified copy of the parcel map that you can take a print out of. Note that for viewing Bhu Naksha in Madhya Pradesh, you do not need to login to the site. However, for taking a certified copy of the parcel map, you have to necessarily login.


Bhu Naksha MP: How to check plot map

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Bhu Naksha MP portal: Why should you check plot details?

Checking the plot details on bhu naksha portal is important for the following reasons:


If you are intending to buy a plot of land to construct a house, the MP bhu naksha portal can tell you whether the authorities have permitted construction in the specific plot of land. In case of illegal structures, the authorities have the power to demolish such unauthorised buildings and therefore, it is important to get the permission and details at the earliest.

Owner’s verification 

Are you buying the property from the legal owner of the land? You can ascertain this through the MP bhu naksha portal.

Size of the land

Get the exact details of the land/plot through the MP bhu naksha portal. You can know the exact size, location and boundaries of the plot.

Save time

Bhu naksha is not just available in Madhya Pradesh, authorities across the country have taken initiatives to digitise the bhu naksha records. About 22 states have captured data while 19 already have sufficient bhu naksha data online, for easy use by the citizens and land owners. This will help many who may have otherwise decided to visit the government offices. With COVID-19 around, it is better to stay at home and find solutions to all land-related issues, online.

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MP Bhu Naksha: Alternate way to check Bhu Map in MP

In states like Bihar, the land records department that maintains the bhunaksha is referred to as the Department of Land records and Survery or DLRS. In MP, it is the Land Records division, under the Revenue Department.

Step 1: Log on to or

Step 2: You can either click on ‘naksha’ on top of the homepage or click on the city wherein the property is located, on the map.




Step 3: When you choose any city, suppose Bhopal, the following message comes up:


bhu abhilekh mp


Step 4: If you wish to proceed, click on the button provided as shown in the image above.

Step 5: Choose the tehsil and click OK to proceed.


All about bhu naksha in Madhya Pradesh


Step 6: You can select the desired option from the drop down menu and type in the code to proceed. Choose Khasra/Naksha to proceed.


bhu naksha in Madhya Pradesh


Step 7: You will be led to the MP Bhulekh website with the desired result for MP bhunaksha.

Note that if it is a government land, you cannot see the ‘khatauni’. The khasra is as follows. Click on the ‘naksha’ to get the full view.


All about bhu naksha in Madhya Pradesh


MP Bhu Naksha on mobile app

The Madhya Pradesh government has also started the MP bhu naksha mobile app service for its citizens. You will also be able to easily access the Khasra, Khatauni details as well. All you need to do is download the MP Land Records- MP Bhu Abhilekh app.


mp land


Why should you use MP Bhulekh to check Bhu Naksha Map in MP?

If you have ever frequented a government office, you will understand the time taken to get your work done. Now, checking land records and the MP bhu naksha is easy and can be done through your smartphone. This will also help end corruption and bribery that local offices are infamous for.


Bhu Naksha MP: List of districts with MP Bhunaksha records online

AgarMalwa Khargone
Alirajpur Mandla
Anuppur Mandsaur
Ashok Nagar Morena
Balaghat Narsinghpur
Barwani Neemuch
Betul Niwari
Bhind Panna
Bhopal Raisen
Burhanpur Rajgarh
Chhatarpur Ratlam
Chhindwara Rewa
Damoh Sagar
Datia Satna
Dewas Sehore
Dhar Seoni
Dindori Shahdol
Guna Shajapur
Gwalior Sheopur
Harda Shivpuri
Hoshangabad Sidhi
Indore Singrouli
Jabalpur Tikamgarh
Jhabua Ujjain
Katni Umaria
Khandwa Vidisha

For any of the regions mentioned here, you can access and download the bhu naksha from the website.


MP Bhu Naksha map charges

To obtain a copy of the MPbhu map on an A4-sized paper, the charges are Rs 30 for the first page and Rs 15 for every additional page.


Khasra number and MP Bhu Naksha serial number linking

It was not mandatory to link the khasra number with the map number and hence, districts have not linked the two. For it to happen, web-based GIS applications must be linked to other departments, such as the revenue courts, bank and registration departments. In order to share the data with these departments, it is important that all the information should be up to date – that is, the khasra and bhu naksha should be up to date. This has now been made mandatory. All the previous changes that are reflected in the khasra will need to reflect in the MP bhu naksha, as well. Map rectification module, Map number / attribute update, Map number exchange, Map number update and Map clipping / update modules, are now available to facilitate this.


MP Bhu Naksha: Why is it important for sellers/buyers?

The real estate sector was plagued by instances of fraud for a very long time, which made structural reforms like the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) necessary. If you are a plot owner, a seller or a buyer, it becomes important to look for the relevant details of the property in question, on the MP bhu naksha. This helps to get rid of any confusion you may have, about the ownership or legality of the property.


MP Bhu Naksha: Latest developments

Landowners in rural Jabalpur to receive ownership rights

Under the land ownership scheme, the state government is planning to conduct a geo-survey and ascertain the real owners of the land – those who have settled in Jabalpur for generations. Over 1,500 villages will be surveyed and the revenue department has already started preparations for the survey.


MP Bhu Naksha contact information

You can reach the MP Bhu Naksha on the helpline number 18002336763 and 07554000340 between 10 am to 6 pm

Email id:



How can I get in touch with Bhu Abhilekh authorities?

You can email your concerns to

Do I need permission to download bhu naksha of my land in Bhopal?

No, the mobile application and the online website platform make it easy and simple for everyone to access and verify the bhu naksha of the land parcel they intend to buy or enquire about.

Can I download and print the MP bhu naksha?

Yes, bhu naksha can be downloaded and printed. You do not require any permission for this.


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