Stamp duty and registration charges in Madhya Pradesh 2024

Check details about the additional costs that homebuyers pay as stamp duty, registry charges in MP.

If you are purchasing a property in Madhya Pradesh, then stamp duty and registration charges in MP are the additional costs you must consider. These charges are fixed by the government based on the circle rates of the property and other factors.

What is IGRS Madhya Pradesh?

The Registration and Stamps Department of Madhya Pradesh also known as Inspector General of Registration (MPIGR) generates significant revenue by collecting the stamp duty charges from property owners. MPIGR has four regional offices – Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore and Gwalior. These offices operate under the zonal deputy registration inspector general. Over 51 registrar offices are present in the district and 234 registrar offices in the state.

Factors that influence stamp duty in MP

  • Usage and property type: Stamp duty charges are different for commercial and residential property. A commercial property’s stamp duty is more than residential property.
  • Location: These are higher in urban areas of a municipal body.
  • Amenities: A property with state-of art amenities will command higher stamp duty.
  • Age of property: Newer properties command more stamp duty than older properties.

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In a move to promote property ownership in the state, the Madhya Pradesh government, on September 7, 2020, announced a reduction in stamp duty in MP for property registration by 2%. With the reduction, the stamp duty rate in MP is now 10.5% (stamp duty of 7.5% and registry charges in MP of 3%) from the previous 12.5% (stamp duty of 9.5% and registry charges in MP of 3%).

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Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh 2024

Stamp duty in MP for male 7.5%
Stamp duty in MP for female 7.5%
Joint (Male+ Male)







Registry charges in MP 2024


Registry charges in MP
Male 3%
Female 3%

(Male+ Male)









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Stamp duty in MP on different documents

Document type Stamp duty
Stamp duty on lease deed 8% of total rent and deposit
Stamp duty on gift deed to family members 1% of the market value of a property that must exceed Rs 1,000
Stamp duty on gift deed to others 5% of a property’s market value


Reduced stamp duty and registration charges in MP: How much money can you save?

There is a sizable savings if you are looking to buy a property soon. Let us look at an example. Prior to September 2020, if you bought a property, you would have to pay Rs 12.5 lakh towards stamp duty charges, on a property worth Rs 1 crore.

Cost of property:  Rs 10,000,000

Previous stamp duty rate: Rs 12.50%

Stamp duty charges: Rs 1,250,000

Under the current scenario: 

Cost of property:  Rs 10,000,000

Current stamp duty rate: Rs 10.50%

Stamp duty charges: Rs 1,050,000

Hence, you would save Rs 2 lakh.

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Do cuts in stamp duty in MP really help?

Going by the above example, you can see through the example cited above that stamp duty cuts will definitely help improve buyer sentiments. However, buyers will find it a big relief, if the circle rates are also slashed, especially in places where there is a larger gap between the actual market value and the circle rate.

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Demands of real estate industry in MP

Industry bodies are urging the authorities to consider a reduction in registration fees as well, by 2%. If this happens, the overall burden would be 8.5% which will augur well for the property market.

Documents required for  registration of property  

  • Sale deed
  • Title deed
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Property tax receipts
  • Khata certificate
  • Sale agreement
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport size photos
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Stamp duty and registration fees proof
  • Occupancy certificate for new buildings
  • Completion certificate for under-construction buildings

How to calculate stamp duty and registration charges in Madhya Pradesh?

Explained below is the calculation of the stamp duty charges and registration charges in Madhya Pradesh.

If you have purchased a property worth Rs 60,00,000, you will have to pay the following charges:

Stamp duty in MP, which is 7.5% of property’s cost = Rs 4,50,000

Registration charges, which is 3% of property’s cost = 1,80,000

The total amount one is required to pay include Rs 6,30,000

How to check stamp duty and registration fees chart in Madhya Pradesh?


Stamp duty and registration charges in MP

Different ways to pay stamp duty in MP

You can choose to pay the stamp duty, either by going to the sub-registrar’s office and directly paying it in person, or via e-stamping or franking.

E-stamping in Madhya Pradesh

An online method of paying non-judicial stamp duty for a property to the government is known as E-stamping.

  • In MP, you can pay the stamp and registration charges online through the – Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application (SAMPADA).
  • Prior to SAMPADA, stamping and related work was very strenuous for a layman and it took days to deliver the certified documents. Now, it is faster and much easier to access. Also, documents get saved for future reference.

How to pay stamp duty in MP online?

Login to the official website of IGRS MP on .



Click on ‘e stamp verification’. First sign in by clicking on Sign In.

E-stamping sign in Madhya Pradesh

Once logged in, on the E-stamp details search, enter e-stamp id, enter captcha, select language and click on search.

E-Stamping Madhya Pradesh

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What to note when opting for e-stamping?

  • As per directions from the authorities, online payments may work only if you have chosen English as the language on the login page.
  • Details fed by you should also be in English. Also note that digital signatures are mandatory.
  • Be careful not to hit the refresh or back button until the payment is complete.

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What does an e-stamped document look like?

Details on an e-stamp will include the following:

  • Serial number or a unique identification number.
  • Date and time of issuance.
  • Amount of stamp duty paid (in words and figures).
  • Name of the purchaser and the other party.
  • Address of purchaser and other party.
  • Description of the property or subject.
  • User ID.
  • Code of service provider.
  • Digital signature, authorised barcode.
  • Security features.


MP registration charge

E-stamped document


Stamp duty in MP using Franking

You can also pay the stamp duty charges through the banks and post offices, approved and designated by the MP government..

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Stamp duty in MP: Tax benefits

Under section 80 C of the IT Act, one can get benefits of upto Rs 1.50 lakh on paying stamp duty in MP. A person can  avail this benefit while filing his IT returns. However, note that this deduction can be availed only in the year of property purchase.


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How to register complaint regarding stamp duty  in MP?

To register a complaint with respect to stamp duty in Madhya Pradesh, visit

Under ‘Important Links’ section, click on ‘Register Your Complaint’.

You will reach a new page where you should login with your Username and Password.

Once done, a complaint form will open under which you can write your complaint in detail and submit.

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Finally, the MPIGR is a very useful website when it comes to paying stamp duty and registration charges without any hassle. You can check the details and make payment anytime from anywhere, which is one of the biggest advantages. In addition to this, one can also check out other services related to stamp duty and registration in Madhya Pradesh such as access to encumbrance certificate and mutation certificates easily with just the click of a button.


Who can give licence to service providers for e-stamping service?

The senior district registrar or district registrar of the district in Madhya Pradesh, has the power to give licences to service providers.

Is e-stamping valid in MP?

Yes, after e-stamping you can also view information regarding the amount paid, party details, particulars of the transaction, etc.

Can I pay stamp duty and registration fee through challan in MP?

Yes, you can pay stamp duty and registration fee through challan, online payment and by using the credit limit of service providers in MP.


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