Stamp duty and registration charges in Agra

Here is all you need to know about stamp duty and registration charges in Agra, on property purchase

Property purchases in Aga, a city known throughout the word for the Taj Mahal, are lucrative for a variety of reasons. Apart from the fact that this city, in Uttar Pradesh, attracts a large number of tourists every year (possibly the most visited tourist location in India by foreigners), it also situated close to New Delhi, the national capital. The demand for property in Agra is high and rates have showed appreciation in the past half-a-decade in the wake of various infrastructure projects (The Agra-Lucknow Highway, the Noida-Agra Highway, the Agra Metro rail project, the Jewar Airport, etc.). Hence, those looking to buy property in Agra, should also have an understanding of the estimated associated charges, namely, the stamp duty and registration charges in Agra that one has to pay, to own properties here.


What is stamp duty?

For the uninitiated, the stamp duty is a state-determined tax that a home buyer should pay, in order to get the property title converted in his favour. Stamp duty charges vary from state to state since land is a state subject under the Indian Constitution and states have the authority to make rules in this regard.


Stamp duty


Stamp duty on property in Agra

Property buyers in Agra have to shell out 7% of the property value as the stamp duty. The Uttar Pradesh government has maintained the rates at this level even though various industry bodies have urged the state to cut charges, in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. When we say 7% of the property value, we mean that 7% of the registered value of your property has to be paid as the stamp duty. The value of a property is determined based on either the circle rates or the agreement value.


Stamp duty for women in Agra

A woman home buyer in Agra enjoys a flat rebate of Rs 10,000 on the entire stamp duty liability, if the cost of the property she is buying is Rs 10 lakhs or less. If two women have bought this property jointly, each owner can claim the rebate, not exceeding Rs 20,000. If the share of the two members in the purchase is different and not 50:50, the rebate also changes, proportionate to the individual share.


Registration charges on property in Agra

Men and women both have to pay 1% registration charge in Agra, over and above the stamp duty for property registration in Agra.

Property registration in the name ofStamp duty as percentage of the property costRegistration charge as percentage of the property cost
Woman7%, minus Rs 10,0001%
Joint (Man and woman)7%, minus Rs 10,0001%


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Stamp duty calculation in Agra

Consider a property costing Rs 10 lakhs

Example 1: Single male owner

Stamp duty = Rs 70,000 (10,00,000 x 7%)

Registration charges = Rs 10,000

Total = Rs 80,000


Example 2: Single woman ownership

Stamp duty = Rs 70,000 (10,00,000 x 7%)

Rebate = Rs 10,000

Registration charges = Rs 10,000

Total = Rs 70,000


Example 3: Joint ownership between man and woman

Stamp duty = Rs 70,000 (10,00,000 x 7%)

Rebate = Rs 10,000

Registration charges = Rs 10,000

Total = Rs 70,000


Example 4: Joint ownership between two women

Stamp duty = Rs 70,000 (10,00,000 x 7%)

Rebate = Rs 20,000

Registration charges = Rs 10,000

Total = Rs 60,000

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How to register property online in Agra via IGRS UP?

After you have prepared the conveyance deed which could be in the form of a sale deed, a gift deed or a transfer deed, visit the official website of the Stamps and Registration Department of the Uttar Pradesh government,


Stamp duty and registration charges in Agra


On the homepage, you have to click on the button ‘आवेदन करे’ towards the left side, on top. Now, you have to register as a user on the website, using details such as your district, tehsil, mobile number, etc.


Stamp duty and registration charges in Agra


Once you are a registered user on the site, you can upload all the documents, after entering the property’s details and the personal details of the buyer, the seller and the two witnesses. Once you submit your application, an application number will be generated. Once this process is complete, click on the ‘appointment of property registration’ tab to fix an appointment with the sub-registrar.

On the appointment date, visit the sub-registrar’s office (SRO) along with the seller and two witnesses and submit the physical copies of the documents for registration along with the proof of stamp duty payment. After verification, your property will be registered and the documents will be provided to you.



What is the stamp duty rate in Agra?

Property buyers in Agra have to pay 7% as stamp duty, while a flat concession of Rs 10,000 is available for women buyers.

What is the registration charge in Agra?

Property registration charges in Agra are 1%, for men and women.


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