MP Bhulekh: Online Land Records Verification and Management

Khasra number check MP and other services can be accessed on MP land record. Read more about the land record MP – MP Bhulekh here.

If you are a land owner in Madhya Pradesh, finding MP land records and documents will not be difficult, as the state government has now started an online land record portal, MP Bhulekh, under the Digital India initiative. Using MP Bhulekh, all land documents, maps and reports – land records MP can be searched online and accessed for loan purposes. Using the MP Bhulekh/ MP Bhu Abhilekh website makes it easier for buyers, as well as sellers, to search for old MP land documents and proceed with the transaction in a hassle-free manner.

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What is MP Bhulekh?

MP Bhulekh is a database of the record of rights (RoR) of MP land, land owners and ownership pattern and productive potential of all land in the state of Madhya Pradesh. To seek details on khasra number check MP/ khasra khatauni MP etc., users can visit the MP Bhulekh website.

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MP land record: Information available on  MP Bhulekh portal

With the MP Bhulekh portal, the MP land owner can access:

  • Land owner details
  • Khasra number check MP/ Khasra MP
  • Khatuni
  • Record of rights, Tenancy and Crop (RTC)
  • Bhunaksha MP – shape and size of land
  • Diversion intimation
  • Collection payments

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MP land record advantages

Prior to digitizing, one was able to access all MP land records only manually by physically visiting the Tehsildar office and submitting many forms. This was a long, time taking process that many times was also inefficient.

Using the MP Bhuabhilekh portal, the people of Madhya Pradesh will have access to all their MP land-related information easily and logically. MP Bhulekh facilitates the download of khasra khatauni MP. The MP Bhuabhilekh portal brings in transparency, thus eliminating the need for middlemen.  Finally, accessing the Bhulekh MP will save a lot of time for the people of Madhya Pradesh.

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MP land record: Features of the MP Bhulekh portal

Commissioner of land records Madhya Pradesh or MP Bhulekh has the following features:

Registration: To access MP Bhulekh seamlessly, one has to follow a quick registration process where users have to give details including user type, login id, name, address, mobile number, location, etc.

Easy navigation: The MP Bhulekh portal is designed in such a way that users can navigate easily on the website and get the information they are seeking using the various Bhulekh MP services.

Search: Users can easily search for details on Bhuabhilekh including Bhu- Naksha, Aabadi Adhikar Abhilekh, Civil court case, record room copy, RCMS order, and transaction details by clicking on the search tab on the MP Bhulekh homepage.

Reports: Users can see/generate reports on various information using the reports tab on MP Bhulekh. These include Error correction, MIS, Revenue accounting, diversion, mortgage, order compliance, Maps, Bandobast, Pakhwada, etc.

Dashboard: One can see the dashboard for diversion/land mortgage on the MP Bhulekh website easily.

Grievances: Using the grievances section on MP Bhulekh, users can report their issues and raise complaints.  Once a complaint is raised on MP Bhulekh by filling in details like name, mobile number, email ID, location, and detailed description of the issue, one can also track the status of the complaint.

Downloads: MP Bhulekh users can download whatever documents they require pertaining to their MP land record from here.

FAQs:  The FAQs section on MP Bhulekh gives detailed answers on MP land record, property registration, diversion, mortgage, order compliance, etc.

MP land record: How to view B-1/Khasra number check MP?

Step 1: Visit the MP Bhulekh Online Portal and click on ‘Search’ on the top menu.

MP Bhu Abhilekh


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Step 2: Click on the Bhu-Abhilekh option to check MP Bhulekh khasra. You will be redirected to a new page on the MPBhu/ Madhya Pradesh Bhu Abhilekh website.

MP Bhulekh

Step 3: Enter the land parcel uniq id, ULPIN number and land owner id. Select the district, tehsil and village from the drop-down menu on the MP Bhuabhilekh website. Now, you can search the records, on the basis of three filters on MP bhulekh portal– Land owner’s name, Khasra number or plot number. Enter the captcha and the results on the MP Bhu Abhilek website will be displayed on your screen.

MP Bhulekh Bhuabhilekh

Note: The document obtained on screen will be a bhuabilekh specimen copy and you will not be able to use it for legal use. The MP land record document has to be digitally signed, to be used for legal proceedings.

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MP land record: How to register as a public user?              

To register as a Bhuabhilekh public user, go to the MP Bhuabhilekh website and click on ‘ Register as a Public user’  and fill in the details including name, address, registered mobile number, and registered email id in the form that opens and press ‘ Register’.

MP land record registration as public user

MP land record: How to login on MP Bhulekh?                                                                      

To login, on the homepage of MP Bhulekh, you will see the Login option on the top right side. Enter the MP Bhulekh login id, select the department as public user, enter the password and captcha and enter submit.

MP land records login

MP land record: How to download Khasra/B-1 on MP Bhulekh online?

Step 1: Visit the MP Bhulekh online portal and register yourself as a MP Bhulekh public user and login on MP Bhulekh using username, user type, password and captcha.

MP Bhulekh login


Step 2: Click on Bhu-Abhilekh on the MP Bhulekh homepage.

Step 3: In this step, select ‘Yes’ for the query- Do you want to receive digitally signed Khasra copy of current year and previous year?

MP Bhulekh_digital download

Step 4: Select the district, tehsil, patwari and village from the drop-down menu. You can select the filter to find the MP Bhulekh naksha document on the basis of the owner’s name or Khasra number. Select the year.

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Step 5: Submit the application on MP Bhulekh and complete the payment process. Once you make the payment, the Bhuabhilekh/ land record MP copy will be generated on your screen which is the downloadable and non-specimen copy.

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MP land record: How to view diversion intimation on MP Bhulekh?

To view diversion intimation, first login on the MP Bhu abhilekh website. Then click on ‘Diversion intimation’ and you will see a pop-up box like the one below mentioned. Click on Yes and you can access the details on MP Bhulekh.

MP land records diversion intimation

MP land record: How to see Bhu Naksha MP on MP Bhulekh?

To see the MP bhu naksha, click on the land parcel map on the homepage of MP Bhulekh. You will have to answer the query on if you want to view the Bhu naksha MP or get a certified copy of the Bhu naksha MP.

Bhu Naksha MP land record

If you click on Village wise parcel map on MP Bhulekh, you will reach the following page. To get details on MP Bhulekh Naksa including the Bhu Naksha MP 2020, select the district, tehsil and village from the drop down menu option.

MP land records Bhu Naksha

You will be able to see the MP bhu naksha.

MP land records Bhu Naksha

If you want a certified copy of the village map, you will have to first login in to the MP Bhulekh website and then proceed.

MP land record: Village map purchase procedure on MP Bhulekh

First, click on the Village map purchase on the Bhulekh MP website.

On the MP Bhulekh website, the Khasra map or MP bhu Naksha will have attributes such as Khasra ID, village ID and name, Bhucode, tehsil code and name and district code. The scale of the geo-rectified Khasra map is 1:4000. One has to pay Rs 5100 per village through MP online gateway to download the Khasra map from MP Bhulekh website.

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MP land record: How to view reports on MP Bhulekh?

Visit the official MP Bhulekh portal and click on the ‘Reports’ tab. You will find options to view various reports. Click on any option, as per your requirement. 


MP Bhulekh_reports

On the next page of the MP Bhu Abhilek website, you will be required to select the date or year or information as requested on the Bhuabilekh page and proceed to view the report.

Example, Click on Error correction and select Khasra/ Map error on MP Bhulekh. It will ask you till the date you want to see the report and then click on ‘See report’.

MP land records Bhu Naksha

You will see the entire list of report as shown below with the time and date of the last update mentioned.

MP land records report

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MP Land record: How to enlist a property as mortgage on MP Bhulekh

To tag a property as Mortgage of MP Bhulekh, click on Land Mortgage on the homepage.

You will reach the following page where you have to click Yes on the option ‘ Do you want to add Land Mortgage in Land Records as Scheduled commercial bank branch manager?

The property will be added as mortgaged property in government records.

MP Bhulekh Mortgage

 MP Bhulekh Dashboard

To see the Dashboard of the various districts on the MP land record website, click on Dashboard.

MP land records dashboard

MP land record: Download important information

You can download important information related to land record Madhya Pradesh from the download tab.

Download information MP land records

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MP land record: How to file an online complaint on MP Bhulekh?

You can file a complaint online on the MP land record / Bhulekh portal- the MP land record official site for any of the grievances related to MPbhulek property documents or for correcting the details mentioned in the document. Follow this step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Visit the MP Bhulekh Online Portal (click here) and click on Grievance

MP Bhu Abhilekh


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Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page on MPbhulek. Fill the details as asked, which includes:

  • Complainant’s name
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID (optional)
  • Application type
  • District and tehsil
  • Village and khasra number
  • Complaint statement and address.

MP Grievances


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Your mobile number will be verified once the above details are filled. Submit the application on the MP land record website.

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MP land record: How to track complaint on MP Bhulekh?

To track complaint or suggestion status, visit the official MP land record portal and click on ‘Grievance’ option.


MP Bhulekh: How to check land records and property documents


Select ‘complaint/ suggestion track’ option from the options given on the left of the Bhulekh MP portal. Provide the mobile number or complaint number and click on ‘Search’.


MP Bhulekh: How to check land records and property documents

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MP Bhulekh helpline number

Users can reach out to the Madhya Pradesh Land Record and Settlement office/ MP commissioner land record office, in case of any MP land record complaints or Khasra Khatauni MP help:

Toll Free number: 1800 233 6763

Helpdesk: 0755-4291604,0755-4289968, 0755-4295303 ( can be contacted between 10 am to 6 pm)

Email: [email protected]

Address: Commissioner Land Records & Settlement,

Moti Mahal, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh-474004

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How can I check my land record in MP?

You can follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned in this article, to check land records in MP.

How can I check my khasra number MP?

Follow the steps mentioned in the article to check the khasra number on the MP land record website.

How can I contact the MP Bhulekh office?

You can call on 1800 233 6763, or send an email to [email protected]


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