Katha: Land measurement unit and area conversions

Katha is a land measurement unit popularly used in Bihar, Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh. Know more about Katha and area conversion. Here is a comprehensive list of acre to Katha conversion, Katha conversion into other units and measure of Katha in Indian states

A Katha (Kattha or Cottah) is a unit of land measurement typically used in northern and eastern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Although there is very limited use of this term, eastern India still uses it. Let us take a look at the measure of Katha in different Indian states.


Measure of Katha in Indian states

City/ StateMeasure
Bihar (whole)750  to 2,000 sq ft | 32 by 30 feet in length and breadth
Patna1,361 sq ft
Assam2,880 sq ft
West Bengal720 sq ft


Acre to Katha conversion

Acre Katha
1 acre60.51
2 acre121.02
5 acre302.54
10 acre605.08
20 acre1,210.17


Convert Katha to other units

Popular conversion metricsConversion
One acre into KathaOne acre is 60.51 Katha
One Katha into sq ftOne Katha is 720 sq ft
One Katha into sq yardOne Katha is 79.99 sq yard
One rood into KathaOne rood is 162.86 Katha
One Bigha into KathaOne Bigha is 37.38 Katha
One hectare into KathaOne hectare is 149.52 Katha
One Marla into KathaOne Marla is 80.73 Katha
One Kanal into KathaOne Kanal is 7.56 Katha
One Guntha into KathaOne Guntha is 16.28 Katha
One Katha into centOne Katha is 1.65 cent
One perch into KathaOne perch is 4.07 Katha
One are into KathaOne are is 16.09 Katha
One Katha into sq metreOne Katha is 66.88 sq metres
One Chatak into KathaOne Chatak is 6.73 Katha
One ground into KathaOne ground is 35.88 Katha


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