Bigha: All about land area measurement unit

A commonly used land area measurement unit, bigha is popularly used across northern India. Here we explain how Indian states understand bigha, area conversion into other units and commonly asked questions about bigha

What is bigha?

Bigha is a traditional unit of measurement of land. It is commonly used across northern parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal or in areas where there has been a migration from India, such as Fiji. In India, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh,  Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal use bigha as a measure. However, it is interesting to note that in all these places, there is no one standard understanding of the term.


How much is 1 bigha in Indian states

StateUnderstanding of 1 bigha
Assam14,400 sq ft
Bihar27,220 sq ft
Gujarat17,427 sq ft
Haryana27,225 sq ft
Himachal Pradesh8,712 sq ft
Jharkhand27,211 sq ft
Punjab9,070 sq ft
Rajasthan1 pucca bigha = 27,225 sq ft

1 kuchha bigha = 17,424 sq ft

Madhya Pradesh12,000 sq ft
Uttarakhand6,804 sq ft
Uttar Pradesh27,000 sq ft
West Bengal14348.29 sq ft


Difference between pucca and kuchha bigha

In the table provided above, you may have noticed that in Rajasthan, there exists both pucca (ripe) and kuchha (crude) bigha. What is the difference between the two? The two units are used, not just in Rajasthan but in parts of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, as well. While pucca or pakka bigha was comparatively, widely used, the kuchha bigha was usually used by landlords while dealing with their tenants. Both the measurements were ‘standardised’ by early landlords and varies from place to place.

Commonly asked questions on bigha conversion into other units

  1. How many bigha is in one acre?

One acre is 1.62 bigha.


  1. How many bigha in one hectare?

One hectare is 4 bigha and consequently two hectare is 8 bigha and five hectare is 20 bigha.


  1. How many sq ft in one  bigha?

One bigha is 26,910.66 sq ft.


  1. How many square yard in one bigha?

One bigha is 2,990 sq yd.


  1. How many square metre in one bigha?

One bigha is 2,500 sq mt.


  1. How many marla in one bigha?

One bigha is 0.46 marla.


  1. How many kanal in one bigha?

One bigha is 4.94 kanal.


  1. How many biswa in one bigha?

One bigha is 0.01 biswa.


  1. How many ground in one bigha?

One bigha is 1.04 ground.


  1. How many aankadam in one bigha?

One bigha is 34.73 aankadam.


  1. How many rood in one bigha?

One bigha is 0.23 rood.


  1. How many chatak in one bigha?

One bigha is 5.56 chatak.


  1. How many kottah in one bigha?

One bigha is 37.38 kottah.


  1. How many cent in one bigha?

One bigha is 61.78 cent.


  1. How many perch in one bigha?

One bigha is 9.18 perch.


  1. How many guntha in one bigha?

One bigha is 2.30 guntha


  1. How many are in one bigha?

One bigha is 2.32 are.

*Note: Some numbers may vary depending on the local understanding of bigha.


Why does bigha vary in different states?

It was only in 1778 that the French devised standard land measurement units. Prior to that, the local land measurements were popular. Natives still prefer using the age-old and familiar concept and understanding of bigha. This is true for all other locally used units of measurement, as well.


Zone-wise understanding of bigha

East India1 Bigha = 1,600 sq yd Assam and Bengal 
West India1 Bigha = 1,936 sq ydGujarat and parts of Rajasthan
Central India 1 Bigha = 1,333.33 sq yd Madhya Pradesh
North India1 Bigha = 900 to 3,025 sq ydAcross north India

Note: South India does not use bigha as a land measurement unit.


Other common area conversion factors

UnitConversion factor
1 sq ft144 square inches
1 Square Yard (sq yd)9 sq ft
1 Acre4,840 sq yd
1 Hectare10,000 sq mtr (or 2.47 acres)
1 Bigha968 sq yd
1 Bigha-Pucca3,025 sq yd
1 Biswa48.4 sq yd
1 Killa4,840 sq yd
1 Aankadam72 sq ft
1 Cent435.6 sq ft
1 Ground2,400 sq ft
1 kanal5,445 sq ft (8 Kanals = 1 acre)
1 Kuncham484 sq yd
1 Chatak180 sq ft
1 Guntha1,089 sq ft



What is a Bigha?

Bigha is a land measurement unit that is commonly used across northern India.

How many bigha in one acre?

One acre comprises of 1.62 bigha.

How many bigha in one hectare?

One hectare is equal to 4 bigha.




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