Griha Pravesh invitation card design ideas for you

Check out these simple Griha Pravesh puja and housewarming party invitation cards, messages, ideas and design samples

Hosting a housewarming ceremony requires a lot of preparation and work. One of the main tasks, is inviting family and friends for the occasion. For this, the best thing to do is to create e-invites and circulate it among your family and friends’ groups on messaging apps. These invites can be created online, without any prior knowledge of designing or software. One can also browse through professionally-designed layouts of invitation cards available on social media platforms, for inspiration. Here are some tips, to help you design a beautiful Griha Pravesh invitation card.


Griha Pravesh invitation card video designs

Invitation cards in the form of videos are sought after these days, which you can choose online from a variety of designs or even customise it according to your choice. “During this coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to share with our near and dear ones, our journey of building the house and hence made a customised invite that included the various stages from the construction, the raw house to the main door opening to all the details about the house warming function,” says Meenakshi Iyer, a resident of Bangalore who had opted for a video Griha Pravesh invitation.


Griha Pravesh invitation card design ideas for you


Griha Pravesh invitation card designs

Pick a layout of your choice. If you are conducting a puja that will be followed by meals, you can pick some traditional colours and motifs. If you are planning a party and a get-together after the puja, you can choose some jazzy or casual colours such as pink and white. Ensure that you mention the agenda and the timings on the invite. Also mention the dress code, if you expect everyone to turn up in traditional attire. You can also opt for layouts where you can add your family photo giving a personalised touch to your invite. You can also add text of your preferred language in the invitation card as shown in the sample below.


Griha Pravesh invitation card design ideas for you


Griha Pravesh invitation card design



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Griha Pravesh housewarming invitation



Griha Pravesh invitation



Griha Pravesh auspicious date



Housewarming invitation



Griha Pravesh invitation card design ideas for you



Motifs and symbols for Griha Pravesh cards

When designing Griha Pravesh cards, one can use various motifs. For traditional designs, opt for motifs of mangal kalash with coconut or rice, swastika, Ganpati, potted tulsi plant, diyas, footsteps of goddesses Lakshmi, lotus motifs, images of Satyanarayan Katha with banana leaf, etc. One can even incorporate folk art motifs, such as Warli, Phad, Kalamkari, Patta Chitra or Madhubani designs.


New trends in Griha Pravesh card designs

  • 3D Printed Griha Pravesh cards with Indian motifs are trending. For exquisite effect, add texture to your card with fabrics, Ganesha designs, house key chain, flowers, etc., to create a unique three-dimensional design.
  • Pop-up Griha Pravesh invites are now trending. Design a customised card with family portraits or actual images of your new abode.
  • A vintage style scroll invitation is something that remains evergreen.
  • Metallic hues add a regal touch and are in fashion. Metallic touches, especially rose gold colour, can add a level of sophistication to Griha Pravesh invitation cards. Use gold foil to add a hint of glamour and luxe appeal to the card.
  • Calligraphy in Devanagari is a big trend in Griha Pravesh cards and it looks spectacular.


What to write in a Griha Pravesh invitation?

Include the following points in the invitation:

  1. The main message: Inform that you have moved into or are planning to move into your new house.
  2. Thank your invitees: Mention that you could not have taken this step, without the guidance of people around you and that you need their blessings and good wishes.
  3. Request their presence: Invite them to be present with you on your big day.
  4. Mention other details: If you have planned a party or meals after the ceremony, ensure that you ask them to stay for it.
  5. Also give directions to the new house clearly, or enclose a small map.

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Griha Pravesh invitation card messages in English

Once you have decided the design, the next step is to draft the message to inform the receiver about the program.

Sample 1:

We will be pleased to have you on [date of Griha Pravesh Puja] as we introduce our new house to our loved ones. Please do not miss the ceremony, because your presence is appreciated!

Sample 2:

Dear ABC, we request you to come and shower your blessing on my family. We are moving into a new home and starting a fresh life. You and your family members are invited for the Griha Pravesh puja and housewarming party.

Sample 3:

We are going to shift into a new house on [date) but we are calling it a home this time. We have arranged a Griha Pravesh puja and housewarming party, with dinner at the night. Please come with all your family members.

Sample 4:

Dear (friend or relative’s name), your presence at our housewarming celebration (Griha Pravesh puja, followed by dinner) will make us most happy. So, please come and join us with your family members. We will be waiting for you, as your presence is vital.

Sample 5:

A house of bricks and plywood is not a home, until our loved ones step into it. Please bring your blessings for us on [date]. We have arranged a small housewarming party for you!

Sample 6:

A new house is not a home until your loved one’s step foot on it. So please be there on [date] at the housewarming party and help me make it a HOME!

Sample 7:

The biggest dream of my life has finally been fulfilled. I have finally bought a house for myself. I want you all to join me, as I celebrate the biggest achievement of my life!

Sample 8:

A small housewarming dinner party has been arranged on [date] at our new residence. Please be there and bless us all, as we start a new life at a new destination.

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Griha Pravesh invitation card messages in Hindi

If you want to put the messages in Hindi, you can customise these options, as per your requirements:

Sample 1:

अपार हर्ष के साथ सूचित कर रहा हूँ कि हमलोग [Date] को अपने नए घर में शिफ्ट कर रहे है। इस दिन शाम में गृह प्रवेश पूजा होगी और फिर प्रीतिभोज। अतः आप सपरिवार गृह प्रवेश के शुभ अवसर पर सादर आमंत्रित है। अपनी उपस्तिथि से हमारे परिवार को क्रतार्थ करें |

Sample 2:

हम पर अपना प्यार और स्नेह बरसाइये। हमारे गृह प्रवेश पर सपरिवार जरूर आईये। गृह प्रवेश पूजा में जरूर आइए। और हमार घर में चार चाँद लगाइये।

Sample 3:

गृहप्रवेश का अवसर कर रहा आपका इंतजार है, हमारी खुशियों का आधार तो आपका प्यार है। कृप्या हमारे नए घर के शुभारम्भ के अवसर पर अपने परिवार सहित जरूर से जरूर पधारे। हमें आपका इंतजार रहेगा।

Sample 4: 

बड़ी मेहनत से हमने एक घरौंदा बनाया है। इस ख़ुशी के अवसर पर आपको बुलाया है! कृपया, अपनी उपस्तिथि से हमारे परिवार को धन्य करें।


Griha Pravesh invitation card funny messages

If you want to add a pinch of humor to your invitation cards, try these messages:

Sample 1:

Come and go, or come and stay. We would love to see you either way. It would be a great pleasure for us to celebrate our housewarming ceremony with you. Kindly join us with your family!

Sample 2:

I request you to come to the happiest and craziest housewarming party you will ever see. Come to my new home on [date] and join me as I destroy the peace of my new neighborhood! 🙂

Sample 3:

My new neighbors would not like it, but who cares? We will host the craziest housewarming party ever and guess what? You are invited! 🙂

Sample 4:

Be our guest and bless us with your sweet presence and wise words, as we are about to start a new life at a new place. You are invited to our housewarming party on [Date]! 


Housewarming party invitation card wordings

Sample 1:

We have decided to throw a grand celebration party as our long-cherished dream of owning a house has been fulfilled. You are most cordially invited to our housewarming ceremony!

Sample 2:

We are moving into a new house but we are calling it a HOME this time. A housewarming party will be hosted and guess what? You are invited!

Sample 3:

We are all set to enter a new phase of our lives as we are moving to a new place. Your blessings are what we require the most. Please be our guest at the housewarming party on [date].

Sample 4:

The real fun of a housewarming party is incomplete without you. So please be with us on [date] at our new residence to have a share in our happiness!

Sample 5:

Champagne? Dessert? Music? Oh my! Bring your smiles and dancing feet to help us celebrate my new place. We’re going to be boiling milk and rice, burning sage, and doing some other fun housewarming traditions. See you then!

Sample 6:

We never anticipated the ins and outs of buying a house but now that we’ve accomplished this colossal feat, we can think of nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with you at our new place. It’s going to be a block party with the whole neighbourhood invited, so come meet some new folks!

Sample 7: 

Not even our wildest dreams could imagine that we would be standing in our new house, hands full of keys, but an empty space. Would you come to fill it up with your laughter while you nibble on tasty appetisers and enjoy our new cocktail bar!

Sample 8:

When we started this journey, we didn’t know what an obstacle course it would become, so we ask with great relief and excitement for you to come to see our new place and rejoice in the good news!

Sample 9:

My daughter has been working only for this grand day! Light up her beautiful nest by being a part of her housewarming ceremony. Join her for lunch and shower her with all your blessings in the world. 

Sample 10:

Without the right people in life who have taught you nothing but to grow, it is not possible to go into my house. Yes, my own house! Help me turn into my dream home by being present at my housewarming party on [date]. Snacks, drinks and dinner to be served. 

Sample 11:

The boxes are unpacked and the wine glasses are set. It is time for you to join the celebration at our new residence. We will be delighted to see you with your family at our place this evening at our housewarming ceremony.


Housewarming invitation during COVID-19

If you have shifted homes during the pandemic, it is advisable to avoid a large gathering and instead, opt for virtual housewarming. You can organise a virtual tour for your friends and family, or in smaller groups, to attend to people personally. Here are some samples to invite people for a virtual housewarming:

Sample 1

Come see our new nest at our Virtual Housewarming on [Date, Day, Time]. We are going to host the party online and we would be glad to see you there on video chat. Here is the link [Hyperlink this with online chat invite]

Sample 2

We have moved! Please join us for our Housewarming Party on [Date, Day, Time]. You can join via video chat through the link given below. See you then.


Griha Pravesh invitation card box

Envelopes of the Griha Pravesh invitations can be stylish, designed in contour flaps, metallic, or sparkling materials embossed with kundan and golden strings. A new trend involves placing the invitation card in a box made from wood, metal or glass that doubles-up as a gift box, which can be used later for storing jewellery, mouth fresheners, etc. Regal looking card boxes are ornate as they are enhanced with laser art, velvet, mirror, lace, crystals, semi-precious stones, zari, Swarovski and enamel work. Customised card boxes, which resemble dainty briefcases with monogram illustrations, caricatures and personalised embossed ribbons, etc.,are popular. One can also send goodies such as laddus, dry fruits, or chocolates in the boxes, along with the invitations.


Eco-friendly Griha Pravesh invitation

The ‘go green’ mantra is now seen even in the invitation card materials. One can opt for exquisite handmade paper from banana fibre, agro waste, jute, bamboo, straw, even elephant pooh (smell free) and plantable seed paper. Email invitations or invitations sent via WhatsApp is a way to save paper. One can create e-cards with the help of an illustrator, graphic artist or a Photoshop creative card.


How to create Griha Pravesh invitations online?

There are a number of online designing tools that allow users, who have minimal or basic knowledge of designing, to create invitation cards online. You can choose templates and edit the colour combinations, text and font, to personalise it accordingly. Here are some tips to help you design invitation cards online:

  1. If you want to add a personalised touch to your Griha Pravesh card, you can add a picture of your new home in the background. You can also use a family photo, if you are making an informal invitation card.
  2. Choose the colour combination you have used in your home, to make it more relatable and to give a sneak peek to your guests.
  3. Use a legible font. Do not use an excessively stylish font that makes it difficult to interpret.
  4. If you are planning to send out the invites digitally, make sure you use the PNG format. If you want to hand out these invites physically, you need to download these invites in PDF format.
  5. Do not add too many effects or filters if you are creating a formal Griha Pravesh/housewarming invitation card.



How do you invite someone to a new home ceremony?

You can invite family and friends for a Griha Pravesh or housewarming ceremony by sending invitations via post or email or messaging services like WhatsApp.

What do you say in a housewarming invitation?

The invitation should clearly mention the occasion (i.e., the housewarming ceremony, the date and time of the ceremony and the address).

What should we do for Griha Pravesh?

Firstly, check with your astrologer for an auspicious date and time for the Griha Pravesh puja. Ensure that the house is cleaned and decorated and that you are ready to move in to the house on the day of the housewarming.

What are the different shapes for Griha Pravesh invitation card?

Griha Pravesh invitation cards can be designed in any shape, such as rectangle, square, oval, kalash, leaf, house and so on.

What is the ideal background colour for Griha Pravesh cards?

Use auspicious colours, such as red, orange, yellow, green, beige and gold. Avoid black as the background colour, as it is not considered auspicious. Do not mix too many colours.

How can one embellish the Griha Pravesh card?

Use golden threads, gemstones, crystals, coloured stones, or tiny mirror pieces, to embellish the card and add sparkle.

(With inputs from Purnima Goswami Sharma)


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