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Convert Ares to Cent

One Ares is equal to 2.471293231 Cent
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About Ares

Ares or Are is a measuring unit of area in a metric system. It is abbreviated as ‘a’. Hectare is its multiple and is the principal unit of land measurement for most of the world. Are was the basic unit of the area when the metric system was first decreed in France in 1795. When the International System of Units (SI) was adopted in 1960, Ares was replaced by the square metre but the International Bureau of Weights and Measures continues to use hectare as a common unit. The hectare, which is widely used in agriculture and land measurement, is equal to 100 Ares. Are is commonly used in European countries for measuring land areas. It is particularly prevalent in real estate and agriculture contexts. The metric prefix deca- represents 10 Ares, but it is not commonly used.

Conversion of an Are into other units

Converting an are into any other measuring unit is easy and requires simple mathematical calculations. As are is a global unit, hence it can be easily converted into cent, feet, sq. metres, acres, hectares, and sq. yards. The calculation process can be done easily using the calculator.

Unit of areaConversion units
1 Are2.47 cent
1 Are0.024 acre
1 Are0.01 hectare
1 Are100 sq. metre
1 Are119.6 sq. yard
1 Are2.47 decimal
1 Are1076.39 sq. ft.
1 Are0.44 ground
1 Are0.039 bigha
1 Are15.81 lessa

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Hectares, acres, square meters and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India. While Bigha and Marla are commonly used in the North, terms such as Cent, Guntha and Ground belong to the South. Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State.

How much is Ares in Cent terms?

One Ares is equal to 2.47158843299999997356 Cent.

How much is Cent in Ares terms?

One Cent is equal to 0.40459810648417937617 Ares. Click here to convert
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