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Convert Ground to Cent

One Ground is equal to 5.510956065 Cent
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About Ground

Ground is one of the land measurement units locally popular in south India. Along with ground, cent, ankanam and guntha are the popular land measurement units in the southern parts of India. Considered the oldest unit of area measurement, one ground is commonly taken as 2400 square foot. On the other hand, one acre is equal to 18.15 grounds. 1 cent is equal to 0.18 ground.

Before the 20th century when the international units of land measurement started gaining popularity in India, half a ground space was used to build small individual homes in Tier-II, Tier-III cities. This unit has largely been replaced by the usage of more common land measurement units and the globally accepted measurement units now.

Often used in Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, 1 ground is also considered equal to about 203 square meters in Mumbai. In Kerala, it is equal to about 222.967 square meters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Hectares, acres, square meters and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India. While Bigha and Marla are commonly used in the North, terms such as Cent, Guntha and Ground belong to the South. Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State.

How much is Ground in Cent terms?

One Ground is equal to 5.51095606500000023686 Cent.

How much is Cent in Ground terms?

One Cent is equal to 0.18145671790000000856 Ground. Click here to convert
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