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3 BHK Flats for sale in Gultekdi
3 BHK Flats for sale in Pune
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5 3 BHK Flats for sale in P & T Colony, Gultekdi, Pune

Atur Salisbury Towers (2121 sq.ft)
4.3 Cr - 4.85 Cr
Gultekdi, Pune
Marvel Claro (2690 sq.ft)
3.77 Cr - 5.22 Cr
Gultekdi, Pune
3 BHK Apartment (1350 sq.ft)
1.35 Cr
Mantri Estate, P & T Colony, Gultekdi, Pune
SV Icon Residency (1300 sq.ft)
1.3 Cr
Gultekdi, Pune
Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society (1350 sq.ft)
1.7 Cr - 4.4 Cr
Gultekdi, Pune
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2021
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3 BHK Flats for sale in P & T Colony, Gultekdi, Pune

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Looking for 3 BHK Property in P & T Colony? Choose from 2+ New Projects, 3+ Resale Properties and 1+ 3 BHK Flats from Owners in P & T Colony. ✓100% Verified Properties.Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Atur Salisbury Towers
₹4.3 Cr - 4.85 Cr
EMI starts at ₹2.13 Lacs
By Atur India
3, 4 BHK Apartments
Possession Starts
Dec, 2021
Avg. Price
₹20.25 K/sq.ft
Atur Salisbury Towers is a residential project by Atur India located at Camp in Pune. The key amenities of the project include . Owing to its location, facilities such as schools, hospitals, ATMs, and markets are available at a close distance from Atur Salisbury Towers. An extensive network of public transports in the close vicinity makes the project accessible.Collapse
Gallery Cover Pic of Marvel Claro
₹3.77 Cr - 5.22 Cr
EMI starts at ₹1.87 Lacs
By Marvel Realtors
3 BHK Apartment, Penthouse
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹14.00 K/sq.ft
Aesthetics within the residences that are also functional go a long way in adding to their appeal, and Marvel Claro is the one that would surpass the expectations of all who aspire to live the lives of the modern day royals. With a décor that is elegant and smoothening, there is no scope for extravagance that may make things look superficial. With facilities and features that are top-of-the-line and due consideration that is given to even the minutest of inputs within these abodes, there is sense tagging along with grace that makes these residences feels even more welcoming. The c...Collapse
Gallery Cover Image of 1350 Sq.ft 3 BHK Apartment for buy in Mantri Estate, Gultekdi for 13500000
₹1.35 Cr
EMI starts at ₹67.02 K
Build Up Area
1350 sq.ft
Avg. Price
₹10.00 K/sq.ft
A 3 BHK Apartment for sale in Gultekdi, Pune. Posted by Owner, No brokerage involved. This beautifully designed 3 BHK unit with all the modern-day comforts is one of Gultekdi's most desired properties. Contact now for more information. This 3 BHK unit is on floor 1. There are 3 floors in this property. The price of this Apartment is Rs 1.35 Cr. Maintenance charges come to Rs 1500. Each unit has a built-up area of 1400 Square feet. The carpet area is 1325 Square feet. There are 3 bedrooms. There is provision for 3 bathroom. This residential property is near The Bishops School, Hutchings High Sc...Collapse
Laukik Gandhi
Gallery Cover Pic of SV Icon Residency
₹1.3 Cr
EMI starts at ₹64.54 K
3 BHK Apartment
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹10.00 K/sq.ft
SV Chaphalkar and Co presents a housing project located in Gultekdi, Pune. The project comes equipped with all the basic facilities necessary to meet daily requirements of the modern urban lifestyle of its residents, including . In SV Icon Residency, the interiors are thoughtfully designed to provide adequate space, light and ventilation to the residential units. Gultekdi is well-connected to other parts of the city via an extensive road.Collapse
SV Chaphalkar and Co
Gallery Cover Pic of Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society
₹1.7 Cr - 4.4 Cr
EMI starts at ₹84.23 K
2, 3, 4 BHK Apartments
Possession Status
Ready to Move
Avg. Price
₹12.57 K/sq.ft
Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society is a project by Goel Ganga Developments in Pune. It is a Ready to Move project. Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society offers some of the most conveniently designed Apartment. Located in Gultekdi, it is a residential project. Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society offers some of the most exclusive 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK. As per the area plan, units are in the size range of 1350.0 - 3500.0 sq.ft.. Launched in January 2003, Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society is slated for possession in Dec, 2005. The address of Goel Ganga Shaan Ganga Society is Iravati Karve Marg, Salisbury Park, Kondhwa...Collapse
Goel Ganga Developments

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