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Happy Home Seekers
The slice view for #TataValueHomes is awesome. Beautifully crafted engineering product. Great pitch for #SoftwareEngineers
Lohith Paripati
Drool worthy ur site truly is. Data sciences blew my mind. Showing ph no. to moving out while searching is masterclass!!
Sandeep Hotta
Thank you @Housing! Your customer service team was very supportive in helping me sell my property.
Abhinay Manbansh
Got a call from @Housing whether I got the flat or not. Great work with the website and service guys. #bangalore
Mr. F
@Housing ur data science is pretty impressive!!
Ankur Shah
Twelve in the case of housing.com, but these quant jocks have built something that is leaps ahead of everyone else in the industry.
The search results are filtered by how many rooms are available per property, and there are photos for each listing as well.
Co-founders of housing.com needed a simple tool to find housing after they graduated. So they built one.
The killer feature is the 3D models of new projects that the Housing team has developed.