Trending ceiling colour design ideas for your home

Here are some gorgeous and elegant roof colour design ideas to spice up your living area, bedroom ceilings, and more.

It’s certainly not often that we look up at our ceilings, but their contribution to bringing out the desired aesthetics of your home is not to be undermined. It’s time to leave behind the mundane fifth wall and use them as your canvas to bring your home to the next level. From lavish designs to subtle yet sweet pops of colours, elegant chic to neon, a statement ceiling might just be what you need for that extra “oomph factor”. Without further ado, here are a few gorgeous and elegant roof colour designs to spice up your living area, bedroom ceilings, and more.

Top ceiling colour design ideas for home

Here are some incredible ceiling colour designs to take inspiration from. 

Wallpapers for the bold roof colour design

Wallpapers are meant to be used on walls, but why not roof colour designs too? Take inspiration from this unique yet chic design to bring out the theme of the room, with just one wall. Florals, traditional, geometric patterns or neon, whatever your taste might be, it’s time to stop holding back.


Source: Pinterest

Soft pastels ceiling colour design for the dreamers 

If you’re not much of a risk-taker, no worries. You can use soft pastel hues, such as a dusty peach, warm blue or a soothing pink, to create a flattering glow and a cosy yet elegant bedroom ceiling. If you’re one with an artistic flair, frescos are a good medium for bringing your creativity to your roof colour design. You can also take inspiration from this elegant greek inspired mini-fresco to add a touch of floral reverie to your interiors.

Soft pastels

Source: Pinterest

Colour blocking roof colour design for the perfect statement ceilings

If you’re not a big fan of prints or florals in general, but you still want a pop of colour, colour blocks are the way to go for your ceiling colour design. This unique statement piece is sure to turn several eyes, without being too overwhelming. Make sure to match the bedroom ceiling colour with the interior decor.

colour block

Source: Pinterest

European style geometric wood for rustic chic roof colour design

If you’re aiming for a more three-dimensional roof colour design, geometric wooden beams are perfect for you. Arrange a couple of long planks of wood and integrate them with creative lighting fixtures to achieve a rusted, natural chic ceiling colour design. Additionally, you can paint the ceiling a complementary colour (with regards to the interiors) as a finishing touch.

geometric wood

Source: Pinterest

Custom ceiling colour design trims for a more subtle look

If installing a fixture into the ceiling seems too much for you, we’ve got the perfect alternative. These ceiling colour design trims integrate seamlessly, making it look like a part of the ceiling itself. Thus, it adds a unique element and a three-dimensional look, while being subtle. You can leave it unpainted as a muted roof colour design, or paint them to bring out the patterns. Whether you want to visually expand the room, or tone it down, these trims would be a perfect choice for ceiling colour designs.

customised pattern

Source: Kimsixfix

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Stencil bedroom ceiling with a pop of colour

Stencils on the bedroom ceiling is an ingenious idea to bring your imagination to life. Want a galaxy themed ceiling colour design for your kids? Maybe something simple yet sophisticated? Or what about a simple geometric pattern as an interesting way to spruce up your living room? By making use of a simple geometric stencil, or an intricate stencil pattern, your ceilings are bound to liven up with a much-needed pop of colour.

Stencil ceiling

Source: Pinterest


Lacquer or gloss ceiling colour design for a glamorous touch

If you’re fond of the glaze, gloss ceiling colour design is the way. The gloss makes the room look bigger and more energetic. Paint your ceiling into vibrant or muted shades of lacquer to bring about a sheen to it. Pair it with a gorgeous ceiling ornament, such as a chandelier, to complete the look. It’s eye-catching, light-catching, and everything in between roof colour design. 

gloss ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Best home colour combination design ideas for the ceiling

Here are some amazing colour combinations you can choose for your home’s ceiling. 

Pink and yellow roof paint design

Source: Pinterest


The amazing combination of pink and yellow on the ceiling can lift the mood and vibe of any room of your house. Whether you want to add a playful touch to your interiors or brighten the overall look of a space, this combo is the perfect choice. 


Sapphire and mustard colour design for ceiling

ceiling colour design

Source: Pinterest


This bold colour scheme is another great choice for the ceiling, particularly in the kid’s room. This unique colour combination is incredible for boosting the energy levels of a space. Furnishing the space with contrasting furniture and decor can add a touch of style to any room. 


Peach and green home colour design for ceiling

ceiling colour design

Source: Pinterest


Peach is one of the most popular colours for ceiling designs, especially as it oozes serenity and warmth. Accenting it with a touch of green can make your ceiling come alive. This fantastic colour combination can work amazingly well for any room of your house. 


Blue and pink ceiling colour design

ceiling colour design

Source: Pinterest


Another interesting and attractive colour combination for the ceiling is pink and blue. There are plenty of ways you can experiment with this combination. Whether you choose to match pale blue and baby pink or light pink with royal blue or some other shades, the result is always spectacular. 


Yellow and blue roof colour design

ceiling colour design

Source: Pinterest


This elegant and appealing colour combination is always a safe bet. Whether you are looking to redo your living room or decorating the kid’s room, this colour scheme will set the space apart and draw the eye of anyone who comes in. You can choose from a variety of hues of both colours to choose the best combo as per your tastes and style. 


White and red house colour design for ceiling

ceiling colour design

Source Pinterest


White and red is a very eye-catchy colour combination for your home’s ceiling. Most suitable for the bedroom or the living room, it adds a touch of mystery and luxury to a space. For those opting for this colour scheme, there is no shortage of design options to choose from. You can choose to paint the entire ceiling red with a touch of white accents. You can also keep the ceiling white and add beautiful designs in red. 


White, green, and blue roof paint design

ceiling colour design

Source: Pinterest


There is no better combination than that of green, blue, and white to give the look and feel of the great outdoors. This colour scheme on a room’s ceiling is the perfect way of giving the space a sense of openness and vitality. 



How can I get a luxurious looking false ceiling on a budget?

You can have an aesthetically pleasing false ceiling at an affordable cost by making use of inexpensive materials like faux wood and POP. Choose shades like rich brown and cream to give it a luxurious look.

Is it a good idea to install a false ceiling?

Yes, in addition to improving your home’s aesthetics, a false ceiling also serves as a barrier against sound and maintains the peace of your room.



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