Badlapur property market: An overview

Badlapur is a small town located in the Thane district of Maharashtra

Situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra, the small town of Badlapur constitutes 4 small villages – i.e., Katrap, Kulgaon, Badlapur and Manjarli. Badlapur has much to offer in terms of tourism and over the years, has grown into a significantly well-developed region having its own residential community. Offering scenic beauty and being situated close to Mumbai, Badlapur is a popular weekend getaway and picnic spot for the people of Mumbai and neighbouring cities. It offers quiet and peaceful surroundings with comparatively cooler temperatures. Badlapur is famous for the Temple of Kondeshwar, Gajanan Maharaj Temple and Moolgaon Khandoba Temple. Other popular tourist attractions in Badlapur include various water parks and resorts, Barrage and Barvi Dam and Badlapur Fort. Several horse breeds are also known to be present in Badlapur.

The town is divided into eastern and western region as the railway line runs in between it. The market is located in the western half while the eastern half houses the town deity, also known as ‘Gaondevi’. Prominent areas located close to Badlapur are Sonivali, Belavali, Manjarli and Katrap.


Connectivity with nearby Badlapur localities

Badlapur offers good connectivity to neighbouring towns and cities and especially to Mumbai and Pune through well-developed roads and railways. The nearest railway station of Kalyan serves as a junction connecting it to many major cities across India. Local trains ply frequently between Badlapur and Mumbai.  Bus services are offered by NT with direct buses plying between Badlapur and Vashi and Badlapur and Belapur.

  • The railway station nearest to Badlapur is 3.1 kilometres away.
  • The airport is approximately 50 kilometres away from the eastern half and 65 kilometres away from the western half, connected via the Eastern Highway.


Schools in Badlapur and other social amenities

Popular and well-known schools in Badlapur include Panna English High School, Don Bosco English High School and Blossom Convent School. There are some reliable and reputed hospitals as well in the area, which include Kimaya Hospital, Dube Hospital and Dhanvantari Hospital.


Physical infrastructure in Badlapur

In order to reduce traffic congestion in the town and with the aim of further development, the RDA authorities have proposed a monorail track that shall be built at an elevated height of 25 ft carrying around 120-200 passengers per car. In terms of residential projects and development, builders in Badlapur are in the process of completing 31 projects that are presently under construction.


Price trends in Badlapur

Rapid development and upcoming projects in Badlapur have given a positive boost to the Badlapur real estate. There has been a price surge of almost 30% in the value of top apartments in Badlapur. Real estate data reveal that the latest price trends in Badlapur west is Rs 2,300 per sq ft (minimum) and Rs 4,500 per sq ft (maximum). In the eastern half, the minimum price is Rs 3,100 per sq ft and maximum is Rs 2,700 per sq ft.


Reasons to invest in Badlapur

Owing to the peaceful surroundings, serving as a popular getaway spot and being a tourist destination, Badlapur and nearby Badlapur localities are promising areas to invest in property. Various water parks and resorts are also located here and owning property here opens up opportunities for better returns in future. Both, the eastern and western halves of Badlapur have affordable housing options, with well-designed and well-planned properties currently under-construction and those that are expected to transform the residential status and skyline of this small town.

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