Delhi CM seeks list of bottlenecks causing road traffic woes

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, has asked the transport department to prepare a list of bottlenecks in the city, so that a systematic plan can be evolved to address the issue of traffic congestion

Concerned over traffic congestion in Delhi, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has written to the chief secretary, asking him to direct the transport department to prepare a list of bottlenecks on the city’s roads by August 5, 2017. In his note to the chief secretary MM Kutty, Kejriwal said due to traffic congestion and jams, reaching office, college or home on time has become a ‘daily challenge’.

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“In the past, the approach has been haphazard and random, to say the least. The state of affairs cannot be allowed to remain as it is at the moment. We need systematic and planned efforts, to ease the burden on the commuter,” he said. The chief minister said the reasons for traffic congestion in several parts of Delhi, could be due to encroachments, poor traffic management, bad road design and poor enforcement of laws, among others.

“These bottlenecks lead to traffic snarls, particularly during peak hours. The transport secretary should make a list of these bottlenecks across the city. Feedback from the Delhi Police and public, should also be taken to prepare this list,” Kejriwal said. He also said once the list was ready, the authorities would need to find a solution to each bottleneck.


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