Diya decoration ideas for a sparkling effect this Diwali News has curated this decorated diya guide for diwali diya decoration

There is no imagining the festival of Diwali without the decorated diya patterns lighting and adorning the entire home. While you may have come up with your own diwali diya decoration ideas, there is no harm in getting some inspiration, especially through a pictorial guide. It is with that intent that we have curated this guide for diwali diya decoration.

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Diya decoration ideas: Terracotta designer diwali diya plate

A large decorated diya is one way to impress your guests and light up your home during any festive occasion. This could be the pièce de résistance of your Diwali decor theme.


9 diya decoration ideas for a sparkling effect


Decorated diya: Colourful Terracotta designer diwali diya plate

Want to make your accent Diwali decoration piece more vibrant? Then, go for this multicolored hand-painted terracotta diyas.



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Diya decoration ideas: Pair your Diwali diya with flower

There is no beating a décor arrangement that is visually appealing and pleases the olfactory senses. A decorated diya arrangement that incorporates use of fresh marigold flowers is just perfect.



Christmas style diya designs

We live in a global village. That makes it only appropriate that we get inspired from Christmas home decor concept. This Diwali, you could opt for candles burning in lanterns on your window sill and a festive garland string at home to modernise your Diwali diya decoration.



Decorated diya: Pair your Diwali diya with a rangoli

Just like decorated diyas, no Diwali festivity is complete without rangoli. Yoru decorated diyas can be part of your Diwali diya decoration theme. Incorporation of decorated diyas makes your rangoli even more charming and attractive.



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Floating diya decoration idea

Invest in a fancy urn, fill it with fresh water and use decorated diyas to light you your Diwali.



For floating lights, you could also go for comparatively smaller pots other than large urns. Check out the image below for inspiration.



Decorated diya: Tea lights

Tea lights are those decorated diyas that make your everyday special. All you have to is just light them up, and get creative with their placement.



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diya: Tea light on ornamental tray

Tea lights in an ornamental tray could be highly visually appealing. These are a safe option too for modern compact homes.



Decorated diya: Floating tea light

Why not take out those ice-cream bowls, fill them with water and rose petals and float your tea light in these vessels in a series? This could turn out actually quite sublime.




Add some spark to your indoor plants


Pair your diyas with Rangoli

a circular arrangement of candles on a floor


Create a mini diya corner from kitchen ingredient


Hanging diya


The upper-fixer Diya decoration





The fire-on-water concept Diya decor


Lighting up the corners

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