Pergola design ideas to amp up beauty of outdoor space

Find some of the best pergola designs that you can use to transform any space.

Pergolas are a great way to add style and character to your outdoor space. They offer a variety of design options, from traditional to modern, and create a stunning focal point for your garden or patio. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy al fresco dining or just want to add a little extra privacy to your backyard, there are plenty of beautiful pergola designs to choose from. We will be highlighting some of the best pergola designs that you can use to transform your home.

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What is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of vertical posts or pillars that support a framework of cross beams and rafters. It typically has an open roof and is used for shade, decoration, or as a support for climbing plants. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to a house or other building and can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or stone. They are often used in gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces to provide a shaded area for relaxation or entertaining.


Wood pergola design 

Pergola design ideas

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A  wood pergola is a garden structure typically made from wood posts and beams with a lattice or open roof. It serves as a shaded outdoor living space that can be used for dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing. Wood pergolas can come in a variety of styles and designs, from traditional to modern. They can also be custom-built to fit a specific area in your outdoor space.

Adding a wood pergola to your backyard can add both visual appeal and functional space to your outdoor living area. It provides a shaded area for relaxation and entertainment while also enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

Pergola design with plant hangers 

Pergola design ideas

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This pergola design is perfect for those who love to incorporate greenery into their outdoor spaces. The built-in plant hangers allow for easy hanging of flower pots and planters, adding a pop of colour and natural beauty to your deck or patio. This pergola is great for providing shade and privacy while enjoying the outdoors. It also provides a focal point for decoration and a cool, shaded spot for entertaining. It can also be used to enclose a hot tub or provide shade for a dining area.


Freestanding pergola design 

Pergola design ideas

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A freestanding pergola is a type of pergola that is not attached to a structure, such as a house or a deck. It can be placed anywhere in the backyard or garden and is a great option for creating an outdoor dining or seating area. Freestanding pergolas can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl. And can be customised with different finishes, colours, and styles to match the aesthetic of your outdoor space. They also offer the added benefit of flexibility as they can be easily moved or removed if desired.


Lattice-work pergola design 

Pergola design ideas

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A pergola is a structure that is built in an outdoor space, often in a garden or backyard. It typically consists of vertical posts or columns that support a series of beams and rafters, which form an open lattice or grid. Lattice pergolas can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing shade, creating a focal point in a garden, or as a support structure for climbing plants.


Box pergola design 

Pergola design ideas

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This type of pergola features a simple and modern design, with a rectangular shape and a solid roof structure. The clean lines and lack of intricate details make it a great option for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor space without overwhelming it. The pergola can be used to create a shaded area for dining or lounging or as a backdrop for climbing plants. It can also be customised with lighting and other features to create a unique and personalised outdoor space.

Sleek pergola design 

brown wooden fence near green plants during daytime

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Freestanding wood pergola design 

photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights

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Minimalistic wood pergola design

a couple of chairs sitting under a wooden gazebo

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Beach-side pergola design

white patio umbrella near body of water during daytime

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Pergola with plant hangers design

green trees and plants during daytime

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Pergola design with lighting

white concrete buildin g

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Classic-style pergola design

green plants on brown soil

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Pathway pergola design

brown wooden bench on green grass field

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Wood pergola with intricate lattice work

white table with four chairs

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Metal pergola design

A metal pergola can be an ideal choice to bring sophistication to your outdoor space and requires minimum maintenance. The intricate designs and patterns and the black colour theme look appealing.

pergola design

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Pergola with louvered roof design

Create an elegant outdoor space with a metal pergola designed with louvered roofs. The design comes with the mechanism to open, close and pivot depending on the need.

pergola design

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How to choose pergola design for home?

Before embarking on a pergola project for your home, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Orientation: Determine the ideal orientation for your pergola—whether it should face north, south, east, or west.
  • Materials: Explore various materials for your pergola, ranging from hardwood and plywood to metals, prefabricated materials, fabric, and glass.
  • Budget: Consider your budget, keeping in mind that labor and materials are the two major expenses. Resourcefulness, smart planning, DIY skills, and creativity can be valuable assets when working with a limited budget.
  • Contractor vs. DIY: Decide whether the pergola will be a do-it-yourself project or if you’ll hire a contractor. Prefab pergola kits are also a viable alternative.
  • Building Codes: Determine who will design the pergola, keeping in mind that most outdoor structures require approval from a building inspector or planning commissioner. Familiarize yourself with local government guidelines on setbacks and height restrictions.
  • Zoning Laws: Check if you need approvals from city, county, or regional zoning laws. Be aware that this process may take time, so staying on top of it is crucial for timely project completion. Committees may meet sporadically, and applications can experience delays.
  • Attached or Standalone: Decide whether you want the pergola attached to your deck or standing alone in the yard, surrounded by landscaping.



How does a pergola serve its purpose?

Pergolas increase the amount of time you can spend outside and extend your living space. With proper design and orientation, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable.

How large should a pergola be?

Some of the most popular pergola sizes are 16 x 16, 16 x 20, and 20 x 20. It is possible to cover an entire patio in these larger sizes or create a comfortable area next to a swimming pool or lake with the larger sizes.

What is the idea of a pergola?

Pergolas are designed to provide shade in an outdoor space like patio. They also provide support to climbing plants and enhance the overall appeal of the outdoor space.

How much does it cost to build a pergola in India?

A wooden pergola in India cost around Rs 500 to Rs 800 per square foot (sqft).

Why is pergola so expensive?

The cost of building a pergola can be expensive owing to factors like the quality of wood or the material chosen.

Why is it called pergola?

The term ‘pergola’ is derived from a Latin word ‘pergula’, which means projected eave or part of a roof that protrudes from the wall.

What is another name for a pergola?

Pergola is also referred to by other terms such as roof, canopy, awning, pavilion, etc.

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