Property sales made easy with Housing Assist

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for brokers, developers and sellers to carry out their business. However, there are many other ways to reach a prospective buyer. One such option is the Housing Assist app by

Unprecedented times call for exceptional ways. Estimates show that the real estate sector will take a big hit owing to the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact will be visible in the near future. Nevertheless, prospective home buyers are researching and preparing for better times, to put in their money. This ‘wait and watch’ mode is also not new for real estate buyers. Most home buyers take a few months to a year’s time, to finalise on their homes. Sellers and real estate agents can make the most of this time, when prospective buyers are at home, with family and decision makers. Here’s how we can help you.

A real estate purchase can be put-off for a while but not for long. Being a tangible asset, property purchases could pick up again, after a few months. As a seller or real estate agent, you will need to prepare for it. Do you have the tools to be visible?’s app called Housing Assist is available on Android and iOS. This could be one of your go-to tools to sell your property faster.


What is the Housing Assist app?

It is the simplest way to rent or sell your property. You can advertise properties for free and respond in real-time, to the target audience. The database boasts of over 80 lakh high-intent buyers. Selling a home has become easier, because Housing Assist ensures that you get to see verified and genuine leads every time. Moreover, not just real estate agents but home owners and developers can also use the app, to sell properties with ease.


How to use Housing Assist?

Step 1: Download ‘Housing Assist’ on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Verify your contact details.

Step 3: Choose the city where your property is located.

Step 4: Give Housing Assist the required permissions.

Step 5: You will now arrive on the dashboard page.

Step 6: Add buy/rent listings and get set!


Property sales made easy with Housing Assist


Any leads that you receive will be automatically displayed in the ‘Leads’ section. Similarly, you can view all your listings in one place. You can manage your profile, as well. Depending upon your preference, you can use the Basic, Premium or Premium Plus package, for enhanced features such as 360-degree online tour, verified owner tags, unique tags on property, top positions, expert photography, increased visibility, etc.


How to list properties on Housing Assist?


Property sales made easy with Housing Assist


  • List the house, flat or property in three easy steps on the Housing Assist App.
  • Add all the properties you wish to sell, edit and add accurate details, to ensure quality of listing. Error-free and correct details boost your rank in the search page and ensure genuine inquiries.
  • Our expert filter options help you navigate through all your listed properties and helps you find the right leads.
  • You can control your property’s advertisement in real time. If the listed property is rented or sold, you can delete your property listing.
  • You can retrieve these deleted listings anytime in future, reactivate and re-post it within one minute.


Manage leads with ease

  • Housing Assist helps you go through the requirements of a prospective lead and shortlist relevant properties, before a scheduled meeting with the client.
  • Housing Assist helps you focus on priority leads and helps you to sell the house quickly and close deals faster.
  • Receive instant alerts on leads for your listed property.
  • Contact leads with just a single click on your screen!


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What features can I get with the basic version of the Housing Assist app?

The basic version of the Housing Assist App ensures greater visibility of your listed property - 60 days validity, unlimited leads and expert photography.

What unique features can I access with the Housing Assist Premium package?

The Premium Plus package entitles you to 90 days of validity, as well as top slots for your listed property, unique tag on property, verified owner tags, 360-degree online tour of the property, email promotion and more.

What is the starting price of Housing Assist upgrade?

Please download the app on your device to get more information about the present prices. For queries, write to


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